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It had started at birth.

The separation between them was inevitable.

Cesare was always being praised for his intelligence, his decision-making (which, when you think about it, should have been Juan's skill).

Juan was praised for his fighting and his riding, really not much else.

And their father never helped the chasm growing between them.

In Cesare's mind they were played against each other, just to see who would win. Just to see who was more…worthy…of their father's love.

In Juan's mind he was his father's favorite and anything else was blasphemy. But that wasn't entirely true. Anytime he as much as saw his brother talking to his father, it stung a bit. And that's how he came to end up in whorehouses close to daily.

Cesare thought he was better suited for being Juan, and Juan was happy where he was.

Cesare was mildly annoyed by the fact that they had to go through this, that they had to suffer for even being acknowledged as a part of the family when all Lucrezia had to do was sit and look pretty.

But, as he learned later, she endured quite a bit. He still would have rather been in her place.

Juan didn't really think about things like that, because Juan didn't really think. He took things as they came, with no forethought until the last minute.

His strategies came out of the blue and were most likely not his, at least that's what Cesare thought.

Give Cesare a few minutes with Micholetto and he would have a brilliant strategy.

Or so he thought, Juan thought him incapable of any such thing.

They fought so much.

Sometimes one of them crossed the line, and sometimes they were fighting for their father's love.

Either way, their relationship had the potential to be the downfall of the Borgias.

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