Author's Note: This is for Queen, who just had a birthday. The best birthday gifts are fluffy ones. Enjoy.

Commander Fox Meets a Zeltron

She walked by everyday with her spotted Muut.

Commander Fox was accustomed to seeing Coruscanti elite strutting by with their pampered pets of assorted shapes and sizes. The Senate Rotunda, and the entire Senate District, was in a popular part of town, filled with some of the best restaurants and caf houses in the sector. It was a popular place to walk just to be seen.

The commander could just as easily assign the more mundane aspects of guard duty to members of his squad, but he preferred to still put in long guard shifts himself. He couldn't keep an eye on things when he was just sitting on his shebs in an office someplace shuffling duty rosters. Kriff. That bored him even more than standing around guarding senators all day.

So, he took a hands-on approach to all aspects of the Coruscanti Guard. Right now, he was focused on all aspects of the ensure the Senate Rotunda were secure, so he was spending the week pulling guard shifts himself.

Day after day, he'd been noticing the tall blond woman and her Muut.

The creature was a bit different than the other pampered pets that pranced by with their owners; the colorings on the animal matched his armor. Since he was trained to sweep for details, his keen eye immediately noticed the Muut's harness and lead were perfectly coordinated to match the creature. It was then that he started to pay closer to attention to the woman who walked the Muut. She wore a burgundy coat and boots to match with the animal's harness, so she was wearing his colors.

He began to watch for her everyday, and felt a bit of anticipation when he spotted her amongst the crowd coming toward him. All too quickly she would pass him by and then disappear within the throng of people again.

Some days, when she was approaching, he would fantasize that she was coming to see him. It was a nice thought and he found himself thinking of her long after she'd disappeared from view again.

After the first week was over, Fox decided that Senate Rotunda security measures were not complete. He voluntarily extended his duty shift there for another week so that he could continue his security observations.

At night, when he needed to stroke his decee and take care of things, he found his head filled with visions of the blonde haired woman. He'd lie alone in his quarters and imagine it was her taking him in hand.

He had millions of brothers, and lived in a city of one trillion people, but Commander Fox was lonely.

# # #

Fox subtly shifted his weight from one to the other, and yawned behind his helmet. OK, granted he didn't actually have much to contribute to his report after a week. The freakin' building was about as secure as he could make it. But, the Commander didn't have actually have a lot of supervision, since the Diplomatic Escort Group just loosely reported into Chancellor Palpatine's office. He filed reports on a regular basis, went where he was told when they needed extra security for certain diplomatic events, and everyone seemed please with his job performance. It was good, enough, he supposed, if boring as the Garden of Peace on Yularin. He yawned again, and subtly shifted his weight from foot to foot, trying not to make it appear too obvious that he was feeling asleep where he stood.

Wait! What's that I spy with my genetically enhanced eyes?

He smiled behind his T-visor and straightened his spine. His favorite distraction, and her perfectly coordinated Muut, were coming down the street now.

Little did Commander Fox know that this particular day would prove to be a lot more exciting than he could have possibly anticipated.

# # #

Just as the perfectly coordinated pair was passing in front of him, a much larger Muut approached from the other direction. Growling and snarling, the beast assumed an aggressive pose and reared up. Muuts were popular as pets, but were also used as guard animals. Some citizens chose to purchase larger versions of the breed, and when poorly trained, the creatures could be difficult to handle.

The immediate crowd reared back in surprise, fearing the aggressive animal.

The burgundy spotted Muut froze in place, staring at the other animal jumping and snarling. Then, it leaned its' body to assume a defensive posture, clearly ready to defend its' owner, but not provoke an attack.

As Fox cocked his head to the side, watching to see how it played out, the larger Muut suddenly leapt toward the blonde woman and her pet.

Now, the clone commander could have simply drawn his blaster and shot the creature dead. He knew he was an accurate enough shot to take the beast down and not hit any of the nearby civilians, as numerous as they were. But, he'd probably still catch some flack for from some overwrought civilian group or another for discharging his blaster in the midst of a crowded street. There were always those yakking and complaining and going on when the CSF got in a good shot at somebody. They'd probably see shooting a Muut as excessive force or some such bishwag.

So, he charged in and with lightning fast reflexes seized both creatures by the nape of the neck. The aggressive Muut was large enough that its' flailing claws caught Fox in the side. His armor deflected most of the damage, but he grunted in pain as he felt some of the nails strike between his plates and slice through his bodysuit. To his relief, both owners immediately rushed in to grab and subdue their animals.

The owner of the large Muut grasped the animal's harness and immediately took off into the crowd, likely afraid of some sort of repercussions for what just happened. Fox didn't pursue. He think there were any laws against Muut fights, and he wasn't CSF.

Seeing that the excitement was over, the crowd quickly dispersed, muttering amongst themselves. Fox stepped back and resumed his post. It technically against regs for him to even leave his post and get involved in civilian matters. He was supposed to call in CSF for all civilian affairs, and just handle the protection of senators, government buildings, and visiting bigwigs. But, anyway, he'd just reacted on instinct. What was done was done.

Now that his adrenaline was ebbing, he noticed the sharp stinging in his side. He put his gloved between his armored plates, and noticed it came away red. He sighed.

Suppose I'll have to put some bacta on that later. Or, maybe even call it a day. I could call Jjeck. His shift is almost-

All of a sudden, an unfamiliar voice interrupted his musings.

"Oh my stars! Are you OK?"

He glanced up to see the well-dressed Coruscanti woman, the one who wore his colors, staring down at his blood-covered glove. Fox gazed up at her from under his visors, getting a close-up view of her for the first time.

She was positively breathtaking.

Emerald eyes gazed with deep concern into his own and he noticed her skin had a dusky overtone to it, hinting of some exotic heritage, likely not quite fully human. The clone commander was so busy staring at her that it took him a long moment to process that she had asked him a question.

"Oh… ah… yeah. Just.. ah… uh… scratch. Nothing serious," Fox said, swiping at his side, to show her it was no cause for alarm. His hand came away completely covered in blood again.

"Nothing serious?" She leaned in close to him, and peered at his side.

He caught a whiff of her. Jasmine. Lavender. And, many other exotic spices all mixed together. She was such a sensuous delight that he was starting to feel light-headed. He swayed slightly on his feet.

She grabbed him by the elbow. "Oh, you need to come with me."

He stared at her in confusion, "I do?"

"Yes. I live close to here. I'm training to be a nurse. I can take care of that for you. Muut scratches can infect badly."

"I shouldn't leave my post."

"Your blood is dripping down your leg," the woman calmly pointed out.

"Oh." Fox stared down. She was right. A trail of crimson blood was trickling down and blending in with his crimson armor. "I'm sure it will stop soon." He started to argue.

She folded her arms, and they both watched as the blood dribbled down.

"Er…" he laughed a bit self-consciously, "yeah, OK. I guess you're right. Well, I need to call for backup. Can you… wait a few minutes?"

She nodded, "It's the least I can do. You saved my Queenie."


Fox glanced over at the spotted Muut, standing patiently by her side, watching them both intently. "Er, hello, Queenie." He wasn't sure of the proper etiquette when greeting such a creature, but figured it was best to err on the side of politeness.

The woman seemed to find this amusing, because she emitted a deep throaty laugh that Fox found did strange things to his stomach. Or, maybe it was the Muut scratches.

He quickly called another member of the guard to take over the rest of his shift. "Jjeck, you mind coming on to your shift early? I have to… take care of some things. Er, it's time-sensitive."

Jjeck, being the type of brother you could always count on, appeared in sight within minutes. Once his brother neared, Fox gave a wave of acknowledgement. He didn't wait until Jjeck had gotten close enough that he could see the blood trailing down his leg.

Then, he said to the woman: "Let's go. I don't want to have to explain this whole thing. Which way?"

She led the way, and he just managed to slip into the crowd before Jjeck could catch a clear glimpse of him, and begin asking a lot of questions. The main question Fox didn't want to have to answer was why wasn't he just having one of the clone medics patch up his scratches.

Well, duh.

Jjeck was a good brother, but he definitely wouldn't understand.