Commander Fox Meets a Zeltron

Chapter 6

She felt Fox still in her arms, and she could feel the effect her words had on him. His grip on her tightened, and he sucked in his breath. He nodded, released her, and took a step back.

He began to remove his armor, piece-by-piece, keeping eye contact with Linge the entire time. He could see now that she was enjoying watching him undress, and she felt as if she was getting some sort of private strip-show with a most amazing male specimen. Fox had a shy smile, but she could sense his enjoyment as she took off his clothes for her. This was thoroughly enjoyable for both of them, and he took his time removing piece after piece, and carefully setting it aside. She was both anxious for him to be done, and also enjoying every single moment of the experience.

When he slid off his codpiece and revealed his engorged manhood, Linge's eyes widened.

Holonovel indeed! He was fully ready for her that much was certain.

And, his member was as impressive as the rest of his musculature. She couldn't help but stare at it. Linge felt Fox's gaze on her, and she met his eyes. He had a questioning look in his eyes, as if wondering if this essential male part of him was acceptable to her.

Linge laughed, which startled Fox. He froze.

He obviously was not expecting that reaction. A frown line furrowed between his brows.

She realized her mistake immediately, and stepped forward immediately to close the distance between them to reassure him.

"No, Fox," she put a hand on his chest, and she saw him shiver from the simple skin-to-skin contact, "I wasn't laughing at you." His beautiful honey-brown eyes were full of questions. "I was laughing because I was thinking of how fortunate I am. You are incredible."

She looked down his body slowly, taking in his well-defined chest, his muscular arms and legs and his swollen manhood. "Your body is so beautiful that it makes me desire you greatly… in the way that a woman desires a man. My laughter was because I was thinking: 'Linge? How did you ever get so lucky?'"

Fox's eyes shot up in surprise, "You think I'm beautiful?"

Linge nodded, "You are Fox. You're positively stunning."

The soldier still looked like he was having difficulties believing it.

Linge sighed. "Finish, please. And, then, I will just have to show you how attractive I find you then, won't I?"

Fox still looked confused, but he removed the rest of his armor, carefully stacking it on the floor in a neat pile.

Linge sighed in satisfaction. She leaned forward, and planted a kiss in the first spot she could easily reach- the middle of his chest. He was so tall that was about how high her head came up to when they were standing face-to-face. She kissed his chest, and he groaned. He tasted slightly salty, and she followed up by lapping him with her tongue. She continued her trail of kisses over until she had flicked her tongue up and taken one of his nipples into her mouth. His whole body stilled in shock, and he gripped the top of her head. "Linge!" he groaned. She continued to suckle. And, then she moved on and did the same to his other nipple. She moved on and began a leisurely trail downward, feeling his member twitching against her belly. She licked and sucked around the lean trail of his rock hard abdomen and then placed both of her hands on either side of his hips. His manhood was huge and straining directly in front of her. Fox was staring down at her with wide eyes.

"Linge," he groaned, staring at her. He began to tremble. She knelt down, getting comfortable, and blew air gently onto the tip of his engorged member. "Ah!" Even that simple action was enough to send Fox back a few inches. Linge gripped him more tightly on his hips, holding him steadily in place. She gripped him by the base of his shaft, and took him into her mouth.


Fox's shaking stopped, and his eyes closed as if he were savoring the moment. Linge began sliding her lips up and down his shaft, and quickly realized that never before had she gained such pleasure from doing this activity. She wanted to continue but the soldier tapped her on the shoulder.

"Linge," he groaned. He was shaking his head.

She stopped, and looked up at him questioningly.

"If we continue, I won't be able to…" he gasped, and she could see if he was having difficulties speaking. Perspiration had broken out on his brow. "I want… It's my first time and… I want us to…" he took a deep breath, struggling to maintain control… "…hoping we could… together."

Linge nodded, understanding what the soldier was trying to say. She straightened up. He captured her lips in a blazing kiss. He crushed her to him as if trying to thank her for what she had just done with the one kiss alone. He pulled her tight against his body, and she found herself desperately rubbing herself up against him, grinding her pelvis against his groin.

"Fox," she groaned, feeling an overwhelming need.

The clone looked around.

Linge laughed, but this time Fox was no longer startled by the sound. He just cocked his head to the side and patiently waited for her to explain. "Are you looking for the bed, soldier?" He nodded, with a grin. She pointed to an intricately painted, arched doorway at the back of the living room. She shrieked as she swept off her feet in his muscular embrace and he literally carried her to the bedroom.

"Ah, there's the bed," Fox said, depositing her in the middle of her unmade double bed, and immediately lying down next to her. He propped himself up on one elbow.

"Excuse the mess," Linge said, looking around embarrassed around the unpicked up clothes and shoes she'd left around in her hurry to leave for work that morning. "I wasn't exactly planning on company this evening."

Fox's eyebrows lifted, "You think I'm looking at that at a time like this?"

Linge laughed.

"However…" a thoughtful tone entered the clone's voice, as he gazed at Linge, "I do have one complaint."

Linge looked up at him curiously.

The clone pointed to her tight-fitting pants, "You are still wearing those, while I am in my vatting suit."

Linge had to think about the expression 'vatting suit' for a moment, and then recognition dawned as she remembered he was a clone. She smiled. "Vatting suit. I like that. Well, you certainly look good it. How about you help get me into my lifeday suit and we both give each other a gift we'll never forget?"

The clone commander grinned and with amazing dexterity divested Linge of her pants. He hesitated a bit nervously when it came to removing her undergarments, as if the enormity of what they were about to do was finally hitting him.

"It's OK," Linge reassured, when he hesitated, his hands on either side of the waistband of her black-laced underwear.

"I know," he said, taking a deep breath. "It's just…" he tucked his head down to his chin for a moment, "… I've…" he looked into her eyes, and she could see that naked honesty revealed once again, "…fantasized about a moment like this for so long that I'm having difficulties accepting that this is reality and not just another fantasy that I conjured up some late night alone."

Linge thought about that for a moment, trying to imagine the reality of his soldier's existence. She touched the side of his face gently, "Would it help you if you just thought of this as another one of your fantasies? Would that make it easier?"

Fox immediately shook his head, "No. I like this being real. Just like it is. Everything about you, Linge," and once again, his naked honesty brought tears to her eyes, "its better than any fantasy that I could have come up with."

Linge couldn't wait any longer, so she ripped the black lace garment off herself and tossed it aside.

"Those are good tears, right?" Fox clarified, seeing the tears on her face. He gave the flying undergarment a passing glance with the flick of his eyes as it went flying off the side of the bed.

"Yes, Fox, good tears," she clarified, swiping at them backhandedly, as she straddled his chest. She didn't pull him into her body, not yet, but she could feel his enormous manhood brushing up against her. The desire to make them one so was strong it was difficult to resist much longer. She leaned down and pressed her lips down to his and showed him with a kiss how much his words had affected her.

The clone reached a hand up and began kneading her buttocks, exploring the area that was finally unbared to his touch. She groaned as his fingers teased the naked flesh and rose up, inviting him to explore the more intimate flesh within. He took the hint, and clumsily, he begin searching her inner depths. She reached a hand down, and began showing him how and where to insert a finger inside of her. He immediately grasped the concept, and she moaned as his finger slid in and out of her. When his other hand began reaching down to explore, she guided his hand and showed him the other mysteries of the female anatomy. She introduced Fox to the tiny little nub that when rubbed just the right way could bring a female to a fever pitch of mad pleasure.

The soldiers' eyes widened, and he grinned, as he made these new discoveries. Then, he simply watched her intensely, carefully observing her reactions as he maneuvered his fingers. He took great satisfaction in his newly discovered powers and soon Linge's moisture was around his hand. Fox realized, with a great sense of male pride, that he had made her this way. He might be a virgin, but he was bringing her great pleasure. He could see it in the way she was rocking up and down on his hand and the look of intense concentration on her face. Before he became an officer, and had his own room, he remembered his brothers would have that same look when he'd happen upon one of them stroking themselves, and they especially looked that way right before they…

"Fox!" Linge cried out, and Fox felt great waves of spasms clenching around his fingers. Her whole body shuddered and a look of intense bliss crossed her face before she shuddered and collapsed across his chest. She lay still panting, and unmoving. He knew without being told that he'd just accomplished something very important as a man. The clone could feel the beautiful woman's heart beating rapidly against his chest, and he'd never felt so alive before. Granted, he was still somewhat in agony himself because his manhood was straining and demanding release.

But, wow, to see what he'd just done for Linge was incredible. After a moment, Linge looked up at him, and smiled. "That, Commander Fox, was nothing short of downright amazing." She leaned up and gave him a long slow lingering kiss that heated his blood.

"Are you ready?" she said in a low sultry tone that made him feel nervous and edgy at the same time.

He almost wanted to ask: 'Ready for what?' But, he immediately reconsidered, and thought that would be a stupid question at a time like this. So, he just nodded, too tense to speak.

She reached over to the night table, and he gave her a questioning look. She pulled out a small silver packet. "Coruscanti's finest." She handed him the synth condom.

Fox laughed, "I'm supposed to be Coruscanti's finest."

He unwrapped the condom, and then stared at it for a moment, and then down at his swollen length. Linge immediately saw his dilemma.

"Don't know how to put one on?"

Fox sighed, and shook his head, "Not exactly something they covered in our flash training."

Linge shook her head, and whistled, "Making men as gorgeous as you, and not teaching them how to put on a synth-condom. That seems like an accident waiting to happen."

"I don't think they ever anticipated any of us clones ever… uh…oh…" Fox decided he didn't want to talk about that right now. Linge was sliding the synth-condom onto him, and the feeling of her fingers applying the latex over his swollen shaft was intensely pleasurable. He groaned and lay back as she carefully slid it down.

"Hey," she tapped him on the shoulder, "are you watching how this is done?"

"No," he admitted, "I'm enjoying it too much."

She laughed, "Well, next time, I am going to make you put it on yourself."

He looked up then, "There's going to be a next time?"

She frowned, "What? You thought this was going to be a one-night stand?"

He cocked his head to the side, "A one night… I'm not sure I know what that is…"

Linge laughed again, realizing there was no duplicity in Fox, no intention to use or deceive. He was ignorant of the ways of Coruscant, and the manipulative things people did to one another in the megapolis. "I'm trying to tell you that I like you, Fox. I enjoy your company, and I hope we can spend more time together like this… Or, well, even just having caf… or dinner, or taking a walk… or…"

Fox froze, and then his eyes widened as he understood what she was trying to say, "Are you saying you want to be my girlfriend?"

Linge smiled, "Yes. I guess you could call it that." Suddenly, the Coruscanti woman was the one who looked uncertain.

The soldier looked very thoughtful, in his intense way, as he thought it through. "I'm sure that I wouldn't be allowed such a thing, and it would be breaking all kinds of regulations."

Linge looked disappointed and downcast, "I understand. So, then, I guess this truly is just one night-"

"But, yes!" Fox gripped both of her hands in his, even though one of her hands was still on his crotch, "Blast all the regulations! I broke about twenty of them just helping you, then, coming here tonight, and, then, deciding to stay… But, yes!"

The Coruscanti woman broke out into a huge smile. She tossed the empty synth condom wrapper into a nearby refuse can. "OK, well, then, next time, I guess I'll just have to show you how to put it on all over again, then, huh? Because… I get the feeling we'll be doing this a lot, soldier boy."

She leaned down and captured his lips with hers. His kiss had a new intensity to it now, a possessive sort of hunger, and a new confidence. He gripped the back of her head, as if he was insatiable and could not get enough of her. Linge shifted back slightly on his chest, until she was in just the right position on his lap. She rose up onto her knees, and took his manhood into one hand. Inch-by-inch she slowly began lowering herself down onto it. It was so agonizingly slowly that Fox thought he was going to pass out. He felt more sweat beginning to roll down his brow.

"Linge," he groaned. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore, and he bucked his hips upwards and impaled himself fully inside of the beautiful Coruscanti woman. He gasped as he felt himself fully encased within a woman for the first time. Having her lips around him earlier had been so intense that he'd nearly spilled his seed. But, that was nothing compared to the feeling of having her body clenched around him.

He grabbed her buttocks and used the strong muscles of his arms to rock her up and down and establish a rhythm between them. "I plan on breaking regulations on a regular basis so that we can do this a lot." The soldier vowed in a breathless tone, finding it difficult to even speak as he bucked up against the beautiful woman in his arms.

Linge laughed, and used her internal muscles to squeeze him tighter. The action caused him to groan and begin to pump even faster. "That's good. Because I don't think I'm going to be able to get enough of you, my handsome soldier."

The clone commander found himself rocking up wildly on the bed because he was driven so wildly with need. Linge rocked her hips hard against the clone commander, taking him as deeply inside of her as possible. She could feel herself peaking again, and the friction of his rock hard member sliding in and out of her was simply delicious. She couldn't get enough of him. "Fox!" she moaned, trying to communicate her need for him.

The clone immediately responded, gripping her buttocks, and thrusting harder up against her, impaling her deeply with his swollen shaft. She could feel that he was penetrating her more intimately than her womb had ever been touched before, but it was bringing her to heights of pleasure like she'd never experienced.

"Yes! Fox, that's it! More!" The soldier seemed only too eager to respond and his hips eagerly kept pace with hers thrusting wildly and deeply inside of her body. Her bed began creaking from the vigorous rocking of their wildly entangled bodies, and Linge briefly wondered if the frame would hold up until the strain. She would have to look into investing into a reinforced transparisteel frame if she were going to be dating the luscious Coruscanti guard commander.

"Ahhhhhhh! Foxxxxxx!" Linge cried out as she felt herself peaking, even harder and more deeply than when he'd been fingering her earlier that evening. Her womb began clenching around his manhood, spasming intimately. His response was almost immediate, since the soldier had been right on the edge.

He cried out, and shuddered, his whole body jerking violently for a moment, and he gripped the Coruscanti woman to hold her stable. "Linge!" he gasped, in both confusion, and wonder, as if unsure for a moment what was happening to him.

Then, his violent shudders ceased, and he was still. His eyes closed, and the only sound that could be heard in the room was their harsh breathing. The entire room smelled like sweat, sex, jasmine and lavender.

"Hey, you still alive down there?" Linge teased.

"Kriff," Fox groaned, and he peered one eye open and looked up at Linge. He looked dazed.

She laughed at his expression.

"I imagined many things in my fantasies," Fox admitted in a tired voice, opening up his other eye so he could gaze at her fully, "but I never imagined it would be like… this….Phwoar." He stared up at her in amazed wonder.

She leaned down to brush her lips across his, careful in her positioning so that their bodies did not separate. "I would be interested in hearing some of these fantasies of yours. Maybe we could try some of them out."

The soldier flushed and turned red. "Oh, I don't know about that. Many of them are not… uh… appropriate discussion material."

Linge laughed again, "Really? Oh… now I'm even more curious." She squeezed her internal muscles, and Fox immediately gasped.


"I just might have to torture the information out of you unless you tell me."

"Won't work. I've been trained to resist all forms of torture," Fox said matter-of-factly.

Linge looked a bit taken aback by this piece of information. "Oh." She pursed her lips thoughtfully, and then noticed Fox was staring at her lips. She smiled. "What if I suck the information out of you?"

He raised his eyebrows up in surprise, and then smiled with satisfaction, "Oh… well… that could work." He put his elbows behind his head, and looked up at Linge, the picture of male contentment and satisfaction. "I think I could truly grow to like this having a girl thing."

Linge nodded and smiled. "Good." She leaned down and brushed her lips across his, then athletically stretched back until she could see the chrono on the side table. "Ah… it's still early yet. Not sure what time you have to be back?"

Fox shrugged, then groaned, as it caused them to move intimately together "Theoretically, we have a curfew. But, then again…" his voice trailed off.

"You're the commander," Linge filled in with a smile.

"Yeah, something like that. I will need to make it back before morning."

"Mmmmm… that does give us a lot of time. So…" the part-Zeltron looked thoughtful, "Commander Fox, have you ever heard of something called The Bantha Position?"

# # #

A/N: Ah, that's it. The end. Hope you enjoyed Commander Fox's little adventure. I sure enjoyed it. :)