"EVERYONE GET ON THE GROUND AND NOBODY GETS HURT!" The man screamed to the crowd, the frightened men, women, and children immediately complying. The clicking of guns filled Ciel's ears, the barrel of one pointing directly towards him as he fell back against the wall, legs weak and threatening to give out from beneath him. The scene was one that seemed familiar to him, though he only allowed himself a fraction of a second before that thought passed and his focus turned towards the slim finger resting on the trigger.

"I won't end here. Not like this!"

"You're finished, Ciel Phantomhive," the man, ski mask clad face, laughed, finger pulling the trigger as the loud bang was heard, followed by the ear piercing screams of the captives. The only thing Ciel registered, however, was the thump of his heart as pain washed over him, darkness pulling him in until everything was black, a color that, though once frightening, became one of comfort.

It was over.

Ciel smelt like a demon.

Not truly like a demon, Sebastian mentally noted as they stepped through the back door of the large mansion, but like he had been in the area where another demon had previously been, and the lingering scent of another monster from hell clung to the young CEO's uniform like a disgusting cologne.

Though no human could recognize the scent, Sebastian could, and it put him on edge.

Of course he knew there were other demons around, just not this close to his Young Master. Why hadn't he sensed another demonic presence earlier? Were his instincts and senses really that out of tune?

"We're going out, Sebastian," Ciel said, walking through the kitchen and tossing his coat on the counter. "I have a few errands I need to run. I'll change and then we can go."

Sebastian snapped his head towards his master, raising an eyebrow in question. "Are you sure that is wise, Young Master? Have you not been feeling unwell the past few days?"

"I'm fine now, and even if I wasn't, these things need to get done. We leave for Brighton on Saturday, I'll fill you in later," he said, turning and walking out of the kitchen without another word or glance back. End of discussion. Sebastian rolled his eyes. Yes he would be explained to later, just like how his master has yet to explain what his other jobs consisted of or who his other employer was. It was all very infuriating, to be honest, being kept in the dark like this. How can a butler protect his faster to the fullest without knowing what he needed protection from?

His thoughts trailed back to the scent of demon that found its way onto his master's clothes, and his eyebrows furrowed in concern. If his master was able to get that close to a demon without him knowing, then he was in danger. Sebastian had to find this other demon fast, before it tried to do something it regretted. The fact that Ciel had another demon scent on him that wasn't his own already made him furious. But by the way the young CEO was acting, he had no idea he had been in the presence of another one of his kind, which Sebastian supposed was a good thing, meaning that this other demon had no intention of touching his master at the moment. Maybe it allowed itself to make its presence known to Sebastian on purpose. Maybe it wanted him to know of its existence?

"Come Sebastian, let's go," Ciel said from the doorway of the kitchen, clad in a dark navy blue jacket with a grey sweatshirt underneath, black jeans, gloves, and a hat. The boy stepped past him, back towards the back door. "The driver should already be waiting for us," he said, opening the door and stepping outside. Sebastian smiled and nodded obediently, checking his pockets to make sure he had the much needed inhaler that the boy would undoubtedly forget, and some extra medicine. He straightened out his own black jacket and followed him out, closing and locking the door behind them.

"And to where does the Young Master wish to go?" he asked, opening the sleek black car door for the boy before sliding in himself.

Ciel propped his arm up on the side of the car, resting his chin in his hand. Truly he didn't really feel like going out in public today, he just wanted to stay home and relax, but things like this couldn't be put off for very long. "One of my toy shops requests my appearance for some standard checking procedure before the holidays, and then…" he trailed off, a grimace on his face, "…I have to do some Christmas shopping."

Sebastian blinked in surprise before letting out a chuckle, a gloved hand covering his mouth politely as he tried to hold the giggles back. Ciel growled. "Stop laughing!"

"I'm sorry, Young Master, but I always pictured you as the Scrooge of Christmas," he smiled, earning another growl from the boy across from him.

"You what?!" he barked, crossing his arms and glowering. "I'll have you know I am a VERY generous person."

He chuckled again, giving a slight bow and a large smile. "Yes, yes, my apologies My Lord, you just took me by surprise." He opened his mouth to speak further, but stopped himself.

Ciel rolled his eyes as the car started, arms remained crossed as his cheeks tinted with embarrassment, turning his gaze out the window. "Whatever," he mumbled, letting out a sigh which made Sebastian smile in amusement. The car continued on in silence after that, the only sounds from Ciel's occasional sigh and the rumbling of the motor of the car.

Ciel allowed this time to closely examine his butler, chancing a sneak peak every few minutes. Sebastian's gaze seemed to be focused outside as well, looking out the window opposite of the young CEO.

Sebastian's face was lean and strong, sharp cheekbones curving down his slim, pale face, his mouth curved in a soft smile as his raven black hair lightly hung around his face, the tips brushing against the smooth looking skin, contrasting against the whiteness of his face. His blood red eyes seemed focused on their surroundings, the intensity of the color far outshining his own aunt, as they seemed to even rival rubies that glittered in the morning sun.

Ciel held no doubt that the man was a demon like he had claimed he was, especially on their first day of meeting simply by all the amazing things he had been able to do since working for him. By seeing Sebastian's inhumanely beautiful face, he had to wonder why he even doubted him in the first place. However, he shook his head free of that last thought before his cheeks went red again, having thought that the taller male, his butler, was beautiful.

But still, if he was just an ordinary person, with no awareness to other worldly creatures, he would simply assume Sebastian was a normal person. This left him to wonder, however… did all demons look like humans?

"Sebastian," Ciel said, startled by the sound of his own voice, not having quite expected to voice out his question. The demon turned to look at him, however, and he decided to just continue. "Do all demons look human?" he asked, not sure whether this was a smart or dumb question to ask.

Sebastian's eyes widened in surprise for a brief moment before he settled into his smile again, letting out a chuckle. "We can fit any form we choose." His gloved hands reached up and absentmindedly brushed off some lint from the long black coat he wore, leaning back ever so slightly in the chair as he continued speaking. "Is it not wise to blend in with your prey to prevent being noticed?"

Ciel blinked at this, leaning back in his seat as well as he raised an eyebrow in question. "So you don't really look human?" he asked, slightly confused.

Sebastian chuckled again, something that was becoming irritating to the boy. "Not at all. You can consider my human form a disguise, something to make you more comfortable around me."

Ciel thought for a moment. "Then what do you really look like?"

"I cannot show you."

He huffed. "Why not? I'm just curious."

Sebastian leaned towards him, his arms resting on his lap as his crimson eyes gazed deep into Ciel's cerulean ones. The action made Ciel nervous, but despite that he couldn't help but frown as a brief, half a second thought about how pretty Sebastian's eyes truly were flashed in his head and he did his best not to look away or show intimidation. "Young Master," Sebastian started smoothly, simply a good six inches from the CEO's face, "my true form has driven an angel mad just from the sight of it. It is terribly horrendous, and if you value your sanity then you would be wise to never ask to see it again."

Sebastian smirked at the blue-eyed boy's reaction, said orbs widening in disbelief. It was true; he hadn't spoken a word of falsehood. During his battle with the angel Ash, or Angela when he was a woman, he had not only converted to his true form for the battle, but won, all in a matter of ten seconds because of how horrible he looked. No insult was taken, however, because demons liked to be the most terrifying thing to their prey.

The boy had nothing to say to that, simply leaning back further to put more distance between them, arms crossing tighter across his chest as he felt his face heat up again, probably from annoyance. Luckily, the car stopped, putting an end to the conversation anyways. Ciel opened the door, not bothering to wait for Sebastian to do it for him, and jumped out of the car and into the freezing London streets. The streets were slick but crowded, it seemed, more so than during the Common Wealth games. Such was Christmas in London.

"Where to first, My Lord?" Sebastian asked, stepping up beside Ciel as the large black car they were in drove off into the traffic of the streets. Ciel was surprised in didn't take them twice as long to get here.

"Shopping first," he said, looking around before looking back at Sebastian, making sure he was by his side before he began walking down the sidewalk. Sebastian knew this, knew Ciel waited for him to get as close as possible before he started to walk, as if Sebastian was his comfort toy, something that relaxed him and made him feel safe. Of course, Sebastian laughed at that notion, seeing the irony in taking comfort in a demon, but because it was his Young Master he preferred him than anyone else Ciel could possibly find comfort in, despite how pathetic it was.

"And does My Lord know what and who he is shopping for?"

Ciel shot a glare at him, rolling his eyes as he continued walking, boots crunching on the sheet of snow under their feet. "Of course, idiot. Eliza, my aunt, maybe something for the servants…" he trailed off, shooting the demon butler another sideways glance before looking back straight ahead, always being careful of his surroundings to avoid the sure-to-come panic attacks he was extremely prone to getting.

Of course, he didn't want to give it away that he was trying to find something to buy for the demon either.

Sebastian didn't notice how his master trailed off, seeming to hurry to end the conversation. Or if he did, he chose not to question it, smiling instead.

"Ah, I see, Miss Eliza." Of course, he knew who Eliza was, or had been, he should say. So she'd been reincarnated too? Or was she a descendent of Elizabeth Midford?

And then Sebastian, having never really noticed it before, questioned how it was really possible that all of these people from his previous Young Master's life had managed to reincarnate or have a descendent that was related to this Ciel Phantomhive in almost the exact way they were over one hundred years ago.

"Have you seen Eliza?" Ciel questioned, snapping his head to look up at the demon. When had that happened?

"You've mentioned her before," Sebastian said smoothly, partially lying, somewhat telling the truth. "I've heard mumble something about her around the house a few times or while I was taking you home from school."

Ciel bought it, quite easily seeing as it was something he was very likely to do. "Then you should understand what a pain she is. Hounding me every day to spend time with her, go to her house, trying to get me to wear things she buys for me," he growled, casting a few glances in shop windows as they walked, "and not to mention she's always having a fit over my health. She's annoying."

Sebastian smirked, clearly amused. "Is it bad to have a friend to worry about you?" he asked, earning a pause before a shrug from the boy.

"…She could worry about someone worth her time and effort. Clearly, I'm not."

"I think it is the people who tell you not to worry about them, that you should worry about more," Sebastian replied, indifferent to what his master had said. "You know, Young Master, my previous master had troubles with a girl just like this Eliza girl. Only they were engaged to be married, so there was nothing he could really do about it."

Ciel looked back up, raising an eyebrow. "Really? How did he handle it?" he asked, and Sebastian could do nothing but chuckle.

"Well, usually he gave into her wishes. But then he stopped."


"He died."

Ciel regretted asking.

After the awkward silence that followed, Ciel decided to focus all his energies onto Christmas shopping, the absolute bane of his existence. Sebastian was absolutely no help(not that he expected the very male demon to be able to tell which two shades of pink went better with red shoes while he was picking out some clothes for Eliza, or which kind of make-up left your skin less oily for Mey-Rin), but after that things went smoothly, though he pointedly decided to refrain from making anymore questions or comments about Sebastian's previous master. Not just for the sake of not listening to how Sebastian had killed his previous master, but for something else. The subject felt…touchy. And though Sebastian showed no outward sign of feeling upset, angry, or stiff when it came to the topic of the mysterious person, Ciel could just swear he felt a hint of remorse… or regret?

But by that damn smile the demon seemed to wear all the time, he could just be wrong.

They were currently in a small café, just beside the hat shop where they purchased Finny's new sun hat, the other one having a few holes from what Ciel had seen the other day. And he still hadn't found one thing for Sebastian. Not that he really needed to shop for the demon… What could he get Sebastian that the demon couldn't already get for himself, after all? Or that would mean anything to him? But still… he was shopping for all of his servants, it would be rude to just ignore one. And Sebastian's done so much for him. Would it be strange to get a demon a present?

"You have had such a determined look on your face all day, Young Master. Dare I say it was… cute," Sebastian teased, bringing the CEO back to reality just in time to snap at his butler.

"Hush up, I've been looking for something," he growled, crossing his arms, his tea cup still in hand.

"Oh?" Sebastian asked, hands resting on the table. He hadn't ordered anything for himself, and when Ciel questioned it he just merely said he didn't have a taste for human food. "You had not said you were shopping for something specific. I could have easily found it for you."

Ciel glared. "I'm sure you could have found anything I sent you to search for, but even I don't know what I'm looking for. Wouldn't do you much good," he bit, getting annoyed at the demon's smugness, even if he wasn't intending to be. He then let out a huff as he turned to look out the window and at the busy street, pedestrians walking by laughing and talking like it's the happiest day in the world. Ciel hated them. He hated people who could smile that easily, like the world wasn't as cruel and evil as it actually was.

But he quickly stopped that train of thought, not wanting to put himself in a sour mood, but before he turned back towards his table and away from the darkening world outside the café, something, or someone caught Ciel's eye.

It was a man, standing on the corner across the street, short brown hair and glasses, a dark, charcoal black suit buttoned up, white dress shirt with a ribbon tied neatly around his neck, the two strands of fabric tucked neatly into his jacket. Despite the cold, he wore no coat, only black gloves. The thing that caught Ciel's attention, however, were the emerald eyes that were staring directly at him, locked with his own ocean blue ones.

The man's expression was blank, though Ciel could have sworn he saw a hint of surprise just a moment before, and he couldn't help but stare back, neither male breaking the gaze, almost as if they were in their own little world.

Ciel knew that man. He couldn't say how or where but he knew he's seen him before.

"Young Master!" Sebastian said, just loud enough to get Ciel's attention. Ciel snapped his head back, letting out a shriek of surprise as his hand was sat in hot tea that seemed to be all over the table now, the cup that was in his hands seconds before lying on its side near Sebastian, seeming to have rolled after being dropped. "You dropped your cup. What happened?" he asked worriedly.

No, he wasn't really worried, just confused. The young CEO seemed to freeze, his tea cup just falling out of his hand, and he hadn't seemed to notice. Sebastian didn't sense a panic attack or anything, so he could only wonder what on Earth had distracted his master so much that he would completely lose touch with reality?

"S-Sorry… thought I saw something," Ciel stammered, face bright red from embarrassment at what had just happened. How could he have not noticed he just spilt his tea everywhere?

Sebastian sighed, standing up and moving to sit beside the boy, a napkin in his hand. "It is quite alright," he said, his free hand gripping Ciel's chin and turning his head towards him. Ciel's eyes were wide with confusion at the gesture before Sebastian smiled and wiped at his cheek. "Tea splattered on your face, Young Master. It looked ridiculous."

It was an insult, or something along the lines of one, Ciel figured, but there was no malice in Sebastian's words so he didn't notice. He only stared at how close the demon was to his face and whether he should be feeling more uncomfortable than he was. "Now let me see your hand," Sebastian ordered, picking up Ciel's hand as well.

Sebastian's gloved hands were warm, despite the intense cold outside, the warmth spreading even through the napkin as the butler proceeded to wipe the cooling tea off his skin, something Ciel could have easily done himself but now didn't even think he could take his hand out of Sebastian's after the taller male finished.

However, he managed to do so, quickly grabbing his coat and throwing some money on the table on a non wetspot, turning to leave the café. "Let's go," he said hurriedly, nearly leaving the demon behind. The man across the street was completely forgotten, unlike the scene that just happened at their table in front of who-knows how many people. Ciel's heart was thumping loudly in his chest, his face probably a nice shade of red by now, as he tried to forget his embarrassment. But he could have yelled at Sebastian, could have taken his hand away at any time and do the job himself, but he didn't. So he supposed he was truly to blame.

Sebastian didn't know what had happened to his master to make him drop his tea and not even realize it, or to make him so incredibly nervous that he practically ran out of the café. The boy had been in a daze all day, it seemed, and Sebastian wouldn't be lying if now he was starting to feel a touch of worry. Was something wrong?

As expected, Ciel was waiting for Sebastian after he stepped outside, the demon striding right into place at the younger male's side, a disgustingly perfect fit. The sidewalks were far less crowded now, the sunlight having been stored away until tomorrow and the night time chill urging people to go inside for the night. It was the perfect time for Sebastian to question his master.

"My Lord, you ran out of there in a hurry. Is something the matter?" he asked, putting less emphasis on his curiosity so he didn't fool the boy into thinking he actually cared. It was a butler's duty to know of any problem his charge is facing, is it not?

"No," Ciel instantly replied, walking a few daring steps ahead of Sebastian in the hopes of avoiding a conversation. He just felt strange, embarrassed, guilty, and queasy, and figured maybe he should head to his shop as quickly as possible so he could go home, shower, and go to bed. Sebastian reached out, placing a gloved hand on Ciel's shoulder to slow him down, to which the latter did.

"Something is wrong, and I want to know what," he said sternly, ruby eyes looking down at the boy, making Ciel feel like a small child who was about to be punished.

But he wouldn't give Sebastian that satisfaction.

"Nothing, now unless you want to be out all night let's get moving. The car should be here soon—" he started when Sebastian turned him around by the shoulder, using his teeth to peel a spotless white glove off and placed the palm on Ciel's forehead.

"You do feel a little warm," he said to himself. "It was not very smart of me to let you be out in such weather for so long, was it?" he sighed, removing his hand.

"I-I feel fine!" Ciel growled, his face heating up even more from the unnecessary contact. "I'm not a child and you aren't my mum!..." he fell silent and Sebastian stood there, his usual smile gone and a serious look on his face. Ciel rolled his eyes and turned away, Sebastian letting his grip on his shoulder fall as he watched him. "Let's just go. You're right, I think I'm sick today. I don't know why I bothered coming out here."

Sebastian, for once, didn't really know what to think, simply because he didn't know what his master was thinking. This was Ciel Phantomhive, but not the previous Ciel. This one was different, and despite the similarities between the two, he didn't know how this boy thought. And his emotions were so scattered, Sebastian couldn't tell what he was feeling either. And despite how he should have just let the boy pout and wallow in whatever was wrong with him, Sebastian did want to help. He hated this boy even more for it, wanted to just rip his soul out right then and there for putting him through all this trouble, but he wouldn't and it didn't change the fact that he wanted to do something to make the boy feel better, at least a little.

"Young Master," he started, the boy in front not bothering to acknowledge him with a sound or gesture, which was just fine with Sebastian. Talking to a brick wall would have been better than this. "Forgive me if I have done something wrong, I was unaware of it."

This made Ciel stop walking, turn, and face his demon, eyes narrowed. "Don't be an idiot, you've done nothing wrong," he said glaring, his features cold for a few seconds before softening up and sighing. He reached his hand up and rubbed at his temples. "I… this time of year is always weird for me, so many happy, unsuspecting people around me while I stand in crowded streets or cafés, feeling more alone than when I do while by myself."

And then when Sebastian talks to me, calls for me, or touches me, I remember I'm not alone anymore, and I'm not used to that, I guess.

"I prefer to be alone, simply for the fact that everyone seems to die before me and I hate it, hate everyone… but still. Loneliness is a very conflicting feeling to have."

As Sebastian stood there listening, the black car pulled up beside the two, the driver stepping out and opening the door for Ciel and Sebastian before quickly walking back to his door and climbing in. The two didn't move for a few more seconds, however, until Sebastian smiled and reached up, placing his hand over his heart and getting down on one knee before Ciel, just like he's done many times before to the past carnation and this boy. "I swear, as long as I exist, I live to serve you. Someone forever by your side, to protect you, to always speak the truth, and to never die before you. You will never be alone as long as I am alive, My Young Lord."

Ciel watched him, eyes wide in shock as Sebastian stood back up, smiled, and gently pushed him to the car. "Now we mustn't let you catch a chill, being out for too long could trigger your asthma."

Ciel, still speechless despite having heard the words come out of Sebastian's lips many times before, merely nodded as he climbed into the car, the demon sliding in after him and closing the door. Ciel looked at Sebastian who was now sitting on the seat beside him instead of across from him. "Just… one more stop. The toy shop that wanted me to visit…" he mumbled, averting his gaze from Sebastian, afraid of what his face would tell him. There was no doubt Sebastian could hear his heart racing, the beats frantic and loud like a bass drum played by a toddler.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow before nodding, deciding that one more stop wouldn't hurt, and the car took off in the direction of the shop, neither one of the males saying anything. The silence was awkward but no more so than the silence that followed earlier after Sebastian mentioned the death of his previous master, so Ciel was glad for that. He was probably the only one who felt that there was heavy tension in the car to begin with, Sebastian sitting there with his usual, calm smile on his face like nothing happened. He glared. "I'm not weak you know."

Sebastian looked at him, slightly surprised, and Ciel continued. "What I told you back there… it doesn't make me weak so don't start looking down upon me even more because of it. Nothing's changed."

Now Sebastian was more surprised, but he found himself smiling yet again, something that made the boy growl. "I never said you were weak," he chuckled.

"But I'm sure you were thinking it."


Ciel sighed and scowled at Sebastian, crossing his arms and legs and looking over at him. "Like I said earlier, loneliness is just a feeling. And I no longer give in to feelings, because they get you no where in life." He looked away, breaking the gaze he held with Sebastian to look straight ahead. "Pain, grief, sadness, loneliness, hatred…even happiness, they're feelings that will keep you down if you succumb to them." He huffed. "Don't think I'm weak. I will never succumb to feelings and create a doorway to hurt." He looked back and smirked. "I don't need you. I'm simply using you while you offer your services."

Yes. Ciel Phantomhive was shining through, always when Sebastian doubted or least expected him to. He smiled, knowing that it was something his true master would say, and he nodded in approval. He could smell the soul, the darkness radiating off its white surface, simmering in determination and strength.

"I would expect nothing less of you, My Lord. Use me however you deem fit, for what I had previously said was no lie; I am yours."

The car pulled into the large parking lot of the toy store, the large, supersized building bearing the Phantom Toy's logo across the front, lights from the inside shining through the many windows along the walls. Ciel raised an eyebrow in question, eyeing the cars that still remained in the parking lot, even though the store should have closed an hour ago. The store's hours must have been extended without his knowledge.

The car drove around to the back of the store, where the manager's office and one of the smaller supply room's entrance stood, a single brown door nearly hidden by the dark shadows. Ciel turned to Sebastian. "Go around to the front and check to see if there are any people still in the store. I'm just going to pick up some statement papers and talk to the manager."

Sebastian frowned for a second, something not feeling quite right. "Are you sure you do not want me to go with you?"he asked, and Ciel shook his head.

"Faster this way. Only take a few minutes."

The demon thought for a second, smiling and nodding. "Alright," he agreed, and Ciel stepped out of the car while it pulled around to the front to park. Ciel suddenly felt nervous as well, for reasons he suspected were because of Sebastian not being by his side. It was stupid, he knew, giving Sebastian this whole speech about not needing him, yet his body seemed to disagree with him, not that he'd ever admit it.

Annoyed, he reached into his pocket and grabbed his key, grabbing the knob to unlock the door, finding his hand turned the knob and the door opened, already being unlocked.

"Odd…" He mumbled, opening it the rest of the way, expecting a light so he could see, but only darkness greeted him.

And a whimper.

He thought he missed it, as he stepped inside the black room, feeling the wall for a light switch, but as the door slammed shut without him touching it, and the light flickered on without his doing, revealing about twenty people, men, women, and children, huddled together in the far corner of the room, sobs escaping as they were caught by the boy, he definitely knew he heard a cry.

He stood there, eyes wide in shock as he tried to comprehend what he was seeing. "W-why…" he started, at a loss for words. Why were all these people in here? Why were the lights off?

"What's going on?" Ciel called over to the people across the large room, his voice echoing off the concrete floor.

"They're hostages," came a voice from behind Ciel, the boy whirling around to see a man, clad in a black shirt, black jeans, and a black ski mask. "Boss said you'd be here, but we were beginning to doubt it." He laughed. "We were about to start killing hostages waiting for you."

Ciel still didn't understand what was going on.

"Y-you're robbing the place…?" he asked, his hands clenching at his sides, mind running a mile a minute as he hoped for all he was worth that Sebastian would get here.

"Not robbing. We don't want your money, our boss wants you."

Something clicked. "A-Arnold Trancy…"

"Worked with us. And failed." He laughed again. "Won't happen twice."

His heart rate was speeding up. His breathing felt labored too, sweat beading on his forehead from the exertion. No, he couldn't be having a panic attack now!


A woman from the group must have screamed to alert him, because when Ciel flashed around there was another tall, obviously female by the chest and hips, clad in all black as well, face hidden by another ski mask. She, however, said nothing, but the action of her appearing with a large gun unsettled the group of hostages as some shot up to run away, others screaming in fright or crying out.

"EVERYONE GET ON THE GROUND AND NOBODY GETS HURT!" The man screamed to the crowd, the frightened men, women, and children immediately complying. The clicking of guns filled Ciel's ears, the barrel of one pointing directly towards him as he fell back against the wall, legs weak and threatening to give out from beneath him. The scene was one that seemed familiar to him, though he only allowed himself a fraction of a second before that thought passed and his focus turned towards the slim finger resting on the trigger.

"I won't end here. Not like this!"

"You're finished, Ciel Phantomhive," the man, ski mask clad face, laughed, finger pulling the trigger as the loud bang was heard, followed by the ear piercing screams of the captives. The only thing Ciel registered, however, was the thump of his heart as pain washed over him, darkness pulling him in until everything was black, a color that, though once frightening, became one of comfort.

It was over.

Or was it?

"Are you alright, my Lord?"


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