It was dark, and Pepper was walking down a street in LEGO Island city, and it was raining, hard! Pepper pulled his hood up over head a bit more, to attempt to get out of the rain. Abruptly, lightning struck a nearby field and from the flash, Pepper could make out the outline of a person. The lightning flashed again, and he saw that between flashes the figure seemed to get closer and closer.

"Who are you?" Pepper calls out into the darkness. No answer. Pepper cautiously makes his way down the street. When he heard it, a faint click, barely noticeable against the torrent of rain.

"I would stop there, if I were you." Said a familiar voice.

"Brickster!" Pepper yelled in surprise, and slowly turned around, "I thought you were on penitentiary Epsilon-64-Beta!"

"I was, and I escaped, and I came for revenge." He reviled the sound that made the "click", a small pistol, he fired.


"-OOOOOO!" he jerked up in his bed. He saw that the shutters were open and were banging against the wall, whilst a storm was blazing outside.

"Oh, it was just a dream. That's a relief."

He went to close and lock the shutters and he went back to bed. He couldn't sleep so he went downstairs to watch TV. Maybe he could watch the Late Show to take his mind off that horrible dream.

You see, Pepper has been having nightmares of late, after he defeated the Brickster the last time he and the whole world just, to put it metaphorically, went "Ahhhhh", because their main cause of trouble was put on a desolate asteroid in the middle of The Belt. But the nightmares didn't start there, they started just 3 months ago, he went to a psychologist, which didn't help, he tried self-help tapes, didn't work, he tried going to a meditating camp, to no avail. He was troubled, maybe his brickjitzu senses were telling him that something wasn't right, or maybe it was just late-night pizzas. Either way, something had to give. He sighed, and turned the television on…