Pepper lay on the bed, wondering what he did wrong. He couldn't blame himself, because that would admit defeat, he couldn't blame Nick, because he had a point back there, he could blame the Brickster, but that didn't feel right. The only person he could blame it on was his father.
They were very close, he and his dad, but Pepper was always in the dark about his dad's real job. He always said he worked for the government, like the mailman Ed Mail, but deeper. His domestic job was working at the Brickolini's pizzeria, but that wasn't an excuse of him not telling much about his job. When Pepper's mother, Sandy Roni, died, on September 3rd 1993, his dad started drifting further away from him. By then, Pepper hardly knew his dad, but even so, when he disappeared on that fateful day of July 9th 1995, he was devastated. If he knew what real occupation his father had, he may have been able to help. But Pepper was powerless in that respect. fifteen years had passed since then, and Pepper had many adventures; in 2001 he stopped the Brickster from destroying the Constructopedia, in 2002 he was the star of an action movie, in 2007 he had a massive adventure, travelling to many places including, but not limited to, Ninja Valley, Mars, the Pirate bay, Planet U, and Sandy Bay. Now was 2010. He had just begun a new adventure, with new paths ahead. Every time he went on these adventures, he always hoped to learn more about his father. But, sadly, he came just about as close as the LIPD did fifteen years ago. An absolute zilch. But maybe this time would be different, he could possibly find out more information this time. Pepper is too optimistic for his own good, though. He hoped that every time he went out on these journeys. But Pepper thought that this time will, and he means will, be different. He will take matters into his own hands this time! Pepper jumped off the bed and speed dialed Sky Lane's number.

A few minutes later, Pepper gathered Jenny, Jimmy, Jerry, and Sky to his house…

"So here's the plan, we go to the flight records at the airport and find the plane the Brickster was on! I saw it's ID: LI-1995."

"That reminds me of something…" Sky said.

"Never mind, we need to act fast! Who's got the police's permission?"

"I did!" Jimmy said.

"Right then, what's stoppin' us now from going now?"

"I dunno, you?" Jerry said.

"Very funny (!)" Pepper remarked, "Let's go!"

They go to the airport and, as expected, were stopped from going into the record room.

"Hold it right there, kiddies, where do you think you're going?" asked a security guard.

"To the flight record room." Pepper said flatly.

"This is a restricted area from civilians, you going flying?"

"Yeah, to Miami."

"Well, you're gonna miss your flight!"

"No way, we still have an hour before it takes off!"

"Pepper," Jenny whispered "How do you know that the plane is going to Miami?"

"'Cause," Pepper replied "The plane was in the middle of being refueled, and the closes place to refuel is Miami."

"Oh." Jenny said.

"What're you whispering about?" The security guard asked.

"Nanaurbeezwax!" Pepper shot off.

"Oh, well then…" The security guard said, taken aback, "I suppose the reason for you being here is also none of my bee's wax!" he said, doing the 'air quote thing'.

"Well, we have permission from the police to look at your flight records." Sky said.

"Really, Where's the proof!?"

"The proof is with me!" Captain Nick Brick walked up to Pepper's Posse, "He giving you a hard time?" he asked

"Mm hmm." Pepper nodded.

"I'm sorry, Nick…-" Nick cut him off in mid sentence.

"That's Captain to you!"

"Captain, sorry, I was just doing my job."

"I understand." Nick said.

"Why are you here, Nick?" Pepper asked.

"I… thought I'd be useful…"

"You wanted to see Laura again, didn't you?"

"I… yes…" Nick said, feeling defeated.

"Don't feel bad, you're just missing your sister, that's all." Pepper said, showing sympathy.

"All right… well, what is standing around here in aid of? We'd better hurry."

They looked at the records but found no reference to the plane with the ID LI-1995.
They're efforts were in vain; they couldn't it. But they still had to gamble that the plane had to land at Miami airport. They boarded their flight, and flew to Miami, Pepper hoping that he could find more information about his father's fate…