A Twin uneven pony tailed girl with her dragon serpent partner alongside, presenting the star insignia marked on the jacket, she ventures into the realm of humans, A place she thinks as a vast waste land only the other way around than decapitated buildings or tiled floors. The place of high skyscrapers soaring high with a population of people that harvest the strong of emotions, a place that actually grows lush green pastures and a land of where an ocean resides.
A realm where her and her dear counterpart resonated with one mind, one body and one soul, only left to remember her mission to save them. Accelerating Adrenaline rushes through the blood with fierce battles with her Arch Nemesis and new not to be underestimated enemies from the human world.

Of course she is not able to do it alone which she refuse to accept and insist that she can. Anything happens for a reason, but they also happen because of wrong decisions..
Left forgotten with now an unkown past, attitude changes and her heart changes. But will a certain person from the world of humans actually help her regain the one true self she one day wishes to show again?

Blood shed battles! Pouring emotions and heavy duty new Adventures, epic wars with the learning knowledge of just how the Real world works once again, meeting new difficulties along the way and a struggle to accept herself. Will she be able to save her long lost friends and prevent their succumbed darkness from plunging the world into another wasteland?

There is a fight to settle and a world to save. But also a thing she must learn accept.

Accept who? Accept what?

Trust, Honor, Justice, Friends.


This is just the beginning, the reality.

Story is AU with 'some' information taken from the OVA and Manga.



Rated: T

All BRS Characters belongs to Huke
Hiroshi Belongs to Kuyoma and so are the ideas within the story of Akarui Hoshi.

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