Black Rock Shooter
Akarui Hoshi

Chapter 3: Hiroshi's Apartment

Hiroshi had a few panicked breaths and blinked rapidly before getting out of the girl's hold, the girl who just 'saved' him. He shook his head, a few particles of little glass shards jumping out of his hair. He was so. Worried?

He turned back and looked at the girl before him; he gave a sigh of relief when he noticed that she was still breathing, but with difficulty.

Hiroshi leaned in towards the girl and put his hand lightly on her right cheek, tapping softly. "Um.. M-Miss?" He said. No answer as expected, just trouble breathing. Without notice, his eyes began to treacherously examine the girl. Dressed in a way.. Her body was battle scared, one on her right lower waist and one from her upper left side of the stomach. Her cheek had four deep scratches and dry blood, still a fresh wound. He then began to notice that she was actually quite… Pretty.

Ron, the serpent snake like creature; crawled out from the car's broken windshield, grunting as he pulled himself out forcefully with an outstretched body. He successfully got out with one last pull, falling back with a quiet "Uff!" He let go of the sword for a little while, going back up he saw someone looking over his partner.

In annoyance, he whipped his tail onto the boy's head.

"Ow!" Hiroshi gasped; he sat back and rubbed his head, seeing an angry snake.

"Pervert. Get away from my partner or I'll show you my tentacle Fury!" Ron said, his tail rolling in a small circle like it was a fist, threateningly showing it. Hiroshi, instead of running away like a person should do when he sees a weird creature. He leaned in slightly to take in a closer look with curious eyes, still rubbing the back of his head. "Is this for real?" He asked.

"Do I look like a fake to you Mr. Sarcastic?!" Replied Ron, looking up and down at himself and back to him.

"It can't be." Said Hiroshi, not believing what he was seeing right now.

"Oh you think the 'fall' was a dream? You think 'her' saving you were a dream? You think 'I'm' a dream who just slapped your head hard?" He asked, sarcastically raising his voice at each question.

"I believe, I believe." Replied Hiroshi.

"Now move aside before I make you!" The boy did as he said and moved to the right, following his gaze at the snake who went near to his partner.

"You don't have to be so cocky you know. Mr. sarcastic yourself." Hiroshi said, whispering the last sentence.

"Shut up! I am Rock's weapon!" Replied Ron in a snap, his pride boosting inside of him.

"Rock's weapon?" Hiroshi looked back at the unconscious girl; it was not for long until Ron smacked him again. "Oi! Enough staring." He said. "Go home."

Hiroshi rubbed his head again. "Look. Maybe I can help you."

"We don't need any help, boy."

Hiroshi raised an eyebrow. "Don't tell me you're just going to stay here." Said Hiroshi.

"In a matter of fact we are." Ron answered.

"The police will be here soon once the owner of the car instantly sees you."

"I'll take her out of here."

"How?" Hiroshi asked, crossing his arms.

"I don't know!" Ron was getting tempered, a red vein popping up. "I am one hundred percent sure you at least need my guide.

"And you are zero percent wrong, and I am one hundred and 'one' percent I know what to do." Insisted Ron.

"Oh? Do you even know which way you should take? Do you know which leads to which without getting suspicious to people and notorious to gangs?"


"Yes. Fraternities, clans, you name it. Your helpless dude, a weapon cannot fight by himself." Hiroshi added in. "Besides. Miss Rock is badly injured.."

Ron opened his mouth to argue, but he knows there was no use and the boy was right. Even by daylight there are people who would go here and there, to and fro. Thugs these days hide within the alleyways, especially the drunkards. Rock is weak, and thus, Hiroshi was right about him not fighting without his Master wielder. Without her, he is nothing but a useless snake.

"And I owe her for saving my life." Hiroshi added.

Ron murmured, cannot be believing he was somehow.. 'Lectured,' by some mere boy. "Fine.." He said in defeat. "You win this time boy.. BUT TELL ANYONE OR EVEN CALL OR MAYBE EVEN TRY TO SCAM US I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL-"
"Don't worry." Said Hiroshi. "I promise, you can trust on me."

"Pff.." Ron continued to murmur. Hiroshi then began to dust off the remaining shards of glass from Rock's body. Getting off the destroyed car, he put his right arm under her back and his left under her legs. Lifting Rock from the obstacle, he held her delicately on his arms and hugged her close, making Rock's head lay on his elbow and resting on his chest. Ron picked the sword back from the ground, holding it around his tail he made it disappear through light, its remains being absorbed by Ron. "Until her next summon."

Hiroshi walked on the road, going on a path where people don't walk very much on the area. 'hmph, people in this generation sucks.' He thought. 'They mustn't even dare to hurt a young lady…' while he was thinking, he held Rock closer as if she was indeed a delicate one.

Before Rock has gotten close to him before his near death experience, the first thing he has noticed was her eyes.

The Desperation.

The Sorrow.

It was pretty clear behind those crystal orbs, hypnotizing in its wake; it always has this feeling inside you where you could possibly feel the guilt, but for what?

Hiroshi was getting curious, but he was not sure if he would get the answers, like it would ever happen anyway. Shaking the thoughts out of his mind for a little while, he concentrated on the way to his Apartment.

Minutes that seemed like an hour past, Hiroshi finally arrived at his Apartment. He panted slightly as he still held Rock close while Ron followed him at the back, careful not to let others see them. He was quite surprised and glad at the same time that Rock was actually very light, despite her wielding that huge cannon for who knows when.

He used the flight of stairs, still unable to accept the fact that there was no damn elevator installed in the building, but satisfied enough that he lived on the third floor. He walked past a corridor, reaching at the end of the hallway; he turned left to his door.

Ron cocked his head to the side, noticing Hiroshi standing rather awkwardly.

"Well?" He asked.

Hiroshi still stood, his face showing that he has maybe forgotten something.

That however, is true. "The key.. I must have left it in my backpack.. In.. The train.." The boy replied, ever so ashamed that he should left it in his pocket.

"For a smart boy like you, you sure can be stupid." Is what Ron can say in a situation like this, "Then let's break the door down!"

"No! You can't do that!" Said Hiroshi with a shocked expression. "People might expect a thing and they might come in-!"

"Bah just step aside!" Ron cut him off and began to step back, and suddenly, he charged towards the door head on, smashing onto the wooden thing. The door only made a huge bam. Ron's head slid down, giving a small. "Ouch.."

Hiroshi looked over at the serpent. "That failed."

Ron went back up with pride.. And a red vein. He stepped back further until his tail touched the wall behind him, with strength he pushed himself and charged towards the door the second time. Successfully knocking the whole thing down, his charge making him go all the way inside.

Suddenly, a door flung open next to his room, a person at an early age of forty with PJ's came out with a bat on his hand. "A robbery!" He exclaimed, tightly lifting his bat close to him, looking left and right. He searched the area with fearless eyes, only finding his neighbor, Hiroshi.

"Hiroshi? What on earth are you doing?!" He questioned, settling his bat down.

Hiroshi panicked, looking at his sides, thinking if he might have seen Ron, but fortunately, he was not there. Except that Rock was still on his arms.

"Oh and who might that be?" The old man asked, pointing at the pale girl that Hiroshi was holding with an eyebrow raised, having a teasingly faint smirk on his lips.

"Eh..?" Hiroshi looked down; a sudden cold chill of embarrassment running across his spine. "I-Its N-Not-!"

"Haha, Hirsohi you naughty boy." The old man laughed. "Isn't it too early for you to have-"

"No!" Hirsohi said out loud with a completely red face. "None of that!"

"Haha! Is Lust coming all up inside you, you can't help but to break the door down?!"The old man continued to laugh. "Oho~ what did you do to her Letting her wear that kind of clothing?" He teased, a tear almost coming out as he clutched his stomach from the unbearable laughter. Hiroshi was just standing there groaning quietly with a red face, the biggest humiliation happening right this instant. The man stepped back from his room. "Ahh you have to be lucky no one is here except me, you can have all the fun you can have!" He said, winking at Hiroshi and quickly shutting the door.

"WHAT?!" Hiroshi said out loud. "We are NOT. Doing. IT!" Frowning, he went inside his room, still hearing the man laugh. "Shut up!"

He continued to his bedroom, pushing the door with his back. He stood before his one decked bed; he bowed and gently laid Rock on the soft mattress, resting her head on the pillow. Sighing as he straightened his back.

He then heard a loud boom of laughter behind his back. "HAHAHA!"

"DAMN FUNNY" He said out loud. Hiroshi jumped, shushing him, but Ron continued to laugh. Hiroshi had mini red veins popping out of his head, stomping to the broken door and ignoring the snake. Lifting the wooden object, he put it back to its rightful place. Hoping it wouldn't fall; he cautiously left his hands away from the door, eyeing it closely as he stepped back.

Ron was trying to catch his breath after his long and loud laugh. "Ah it's been long since I've laughed like that~" He said, using his tail to wipe out a fake tear. Hiroshi looked back, looking across the small room to his bedroom at Ron.

"Long time?"

Ron nodded. "Yup."

Hiroshi walked over to a cupboard from his small place, grabbing a medic kit. "Exactly, how long?" He asked, pulling the kit out and closing the cupboard. Ron was silenced for a while, glancing at his partner with a worried face. "Oh its long.." He finally said without looking away from Rock. Hiroshi went in the room, taking a small chair and sitting beside the bed where Rock laid. Opening the kit, he took whatever there is just to treat the girl's wounds. Ron hovered beside Hiroshi, taking a look at the kit; he was questioned to why Hiroshi was looking that way, a sign on his face that he looked sad too, about what though?

"I suppose, we are on the same page." Hiroshi said as he began to remove Rock's jacket while holding her up. Settling her back down and hanging her jacket on the chair he was sitting on. "What do you mean on the same page?" Ron finally asked. Hiroshi then began to wipe away the dry blood carefully on Rock's cheek with a slightly wet towel, having no expression to the question.

"Let's say, I too haven't laughed for quite some time now.." Replied Hiroshi.

"Oh your such a sadist~" Teased Ron. Hiroshi continued to caress the wounds, wiping down to her neck, the pale girl was now breathing normally, but made small expressions of pain when Hiroshi wiped over some scratches.

"No friends, No laugh. Equals, alone."

'Yep, sadist.' Ron quietly chuckled at the thought. 'Just like Rock..'

"I didn't quite introduce myself nicely." Hiroshi said. "You can call me just by my name, 'Hiroshi'."

"Heh, can't actually believe I am talking to a human like him." Snickered Ron. "Anyway, I'm Ron. Rock's weapon as I have mentioned before.

Hiroshi then extended his free hand at Ron. "Nice to meet you." He greeted, giving a small smile. Ron stared quizzically at Hirohi's hand. "Oh Right.. You got no-"Before he could finish his sentence Ron wrapped his tail around it.

"YEAH, NICE TO MEET YOU TOO…" Ron replied, giving out a forced smile, he did not want to hear about having no 'Hand' thing; he would have given Hiroshi a noggin by then.

"Ehe.. Yeah.." Hiroshi said, shaking slowly. After the greeting and knowing more about themselves, Hiroshi began to ask questions about what happen back on the train, bandaging Rock's body around her stomach and shoulder carefully with a white cloth, a little bit surprised to how soft her skin was.

"Like I would tell." Ron scoffed with a dastardly evil smirk.

"Please?" asked Hiroshi.

"Alright alright I'll tell you, darn boy. But, I would like to talk over there." He said, pointing at the corner of the room beside a window which curtains are closed.

"Sure." Hiroshi replied, standing up from his seat. "Why though?" Ron then flew over to the corner, gesturing Hiroshi just to get there. When the boy reached the corner, Ron began to tell his story.

To be continued on the next Part.

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