Chapter I

I have a story for all human ears to hear, so here goes. At least fifty-one years ago a very close friend of mine died, but this is a story best told from the start. I am no ordinary person, I am a demon. One of the four Ancestral descendant, it's rumored that there is a fifth descendant, but I don't know what to think of that. Anyways, there was originally five Ancestors. Harmond, the monk, he never really took off his hood unless it was torn off in battle, or on rare occassions he chose to. His head was shaved bald and his eyes were a bright green. His descendant was a girl named Riane, she had blonde hair and blue eyes just like her human mother. Rumondo, the warrior, had gone missing in action on September 13, 2004. He had slick golden brown hair and brown eyes. His descendant was a male named Stephen, Stephen had golden brown hair like his father and dark brown eyes like his human mother. Lester, the assassin, had matte black hair and blue eyes. His descendant was a female named Lucy, Lucy was an actual pure blood descendant like me, she had matte black hair like her father and deep blue eyes like the ocean. She was a fine beauty. Theo, the thief, my father Ancestor. He had deep brown hair and brown eyes. Kayla, the leader, my mother Ancestor. She had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Theo and Kayla had a male descendant, Miguel. I have hair like my father and eyes like my mother. But I should probably get back to the story, I rolled onto my back on the floor and stared up at the ceiling of the room. I got up and walked to the window, the town was quiet this morning, I watched the sun rise up over the hills. The mist hung over the lake like a blanket, the breeze was cool as I walked outside into the daylight. I stood at the lake shore and stared out across it, the sweet smell of pine filled my nostrils and the breeze blew through my hair. A sudden impact sent me and another object into the cool lake water, I swam up and saw my friend Lucy swimming just a few strokes away. She started laughing at me and I soon joined in, she swam up to me and I looked to her. Lucy was someone I'd known for decades, and we were very close. She brushed her hand over my cheek, our faces were inches away from eachother.

" Yo Miguel, what's for breakfast?" Stephen shouted from the house window. I sighed and looked to the house,

" It's a surprise!" I shouted back. Lucy and I swam to shore as Riane walked up to us,

" You two look so cute when you're both wet." she said and we laughed. She hand us towels to dry off with and we walked up to the house. I walked into the kitchen and made french toast for everyone. I wasn't very good at cooking much but it was good enough for them. We sat around the table and talked, Stephen told another one of his dirty jokes and Riane threw a bun at him, he flinched and laughed. Riane smiled then grabbed another bun to throw at him when a knock at the door stopped our little morning breakfast. I got up and walked to the door, a man stood on the other side with his arms behind him. I knew one thing for certain, people don't usually come to the door with their hands behind them unless they plan on either popping something out in a surprise. But with me and my friends it's not always a good surprise, I opened the door and the man took out a crossbow, I shut the door fast and hard before he fired a shot from his bow. I yelled to my friends to run out, I felt the door get kicked. I ran up the stairs and heard the door smash open as the man came crashing through. I waited as he walked through the halls,

" I know you're here little demon." he said, I jumped down onto the floor as he spun around and fired a shot. I moved as it passed my face and lodged in the wall behind me. I grabbed a metal vase and tossed it at him, the man fell back and his crossbow slid across the floor. I grabbed him by the ankle and threw him at the wall his metal spike was lodged in. I heard him yell out as the other sharp end of the spike stabbed into his back, he dropped to the floor and tried reaching for the spike. I picked up his weapon and fired it at him, spikes landed in his chest and arms as he fell to the floor, dead. I stood over him and dropped the crossbow, I dragged him into the bushes behind the house. I buried him then looked for my friends. A few hours later we were all back in the house safe and sound, for the time being.

" So what now Miguel? What do we do? There'll be more of them coming." Stephen said and I nodded.

" Yes, I know. Everyone pack up, we are going for a little trip. And I promise you this won't be a fun one." I said as I started towards my room.

" Why was the demon hunter using a crossbow? That is really old fashioned." Riane commented. I stopped and looked to them.

" I don't know but we have to go soon otherwise more will be coming. I don't want to hang around when that happens." I said, they nodded and ran to their rooms. I stood outside my bedroom door, the demon hunters have found us and we were all in trouble if they found us. I opened my door and gathered the basic necessities. I packed them in a bag and ran out to the back of the house, my friends joined me with their backpacks.

" So where are we going now?" Riane asked as I looked to the house. I turned to the group and heitated before I spoke.

" Now we go to the school." I replied and everyone looked at me. The school I was refering to was not an ordinary school, it allowed all kinds of 'mythical' and 'supernatural' beings. Lucy nodded as the others sighed.

" I thought the school was burned down?" Stephen asked and I turned to face him.

" It was but they built a new one in a different area. More secure than the last place." I responded as he stood confused.

" It will take a couple hours, maybe a day or two to get there." I continued as my friends looked to eachother. They looked to me and nodded,

" We're all going." Lucy said and I smiled. Lucy had the strange ability of making people agree on one thing, I nodded and turned to the road beyond the house. We ran to the street and made it as one of the farmers were passing by. The group and I waved to get his attention, the farmer slowed his horse down to a stop and looked at the four of us with suspiscious eyes.

" And what're you buncha youngin's doing with bags like them there ones on your back. It's not a school day, so the only other option you's got is to be runnin' 'way from home." the farmer said, his voice sounded rustic and creaky.

" Yes sir, we're running away. But only to a place with a bigger school." I said and the farmer looked to me with surprised eyes.

" You boy, have a rich tone to your voice. I guess I could help ya's for a fee." the farmer said. I pulled out some money from my jacket and handed it to the farmer. The farmer snatched the money from my hand,

" Which ways you kids headed?" the farmer asked and I pointed west.

" Just take us as far west as you can." I said and the farmer nodded. He got the horses going as my group sat down in the back with the piles of hay. I sat with Lucy as we rode off into the west. The farmer whistled as he drove the cart down the old dirt path, he lacked an actual tune but he could whistle pretty good. A few hours later we stopped in a small town with bustling business.

" Well this is as far 's I'm goin'. I'm gonna be unloadin' my hay at the food store, so you kids 'll be stuck in this town for 'while unless you want to come back with me." the farmer said and I shook my head.

" No sir, we are not going back." I said. The farmer shrugged and stopped at the food store. Me and my group jumped off the back of the cart and walked around the town. I saw a sheriff sitting on the porch of the Police Station, the man eyed our group with suspiscion. Riane looked around the town as people swarmed around the buildings in the manner that moths do with fire. We all looked around the places as the day went by, I was looking for someone heading west in the direction of the school.

" Hey Miguel, have you found anyone yet?" Riane asked and I shook my head. Everyone I seemed to ask was heading north, south or east.

" No, we'll have to hike it to the school tomorrow." I replied and they nodded. We walked by the Sheriff's office once again and the man watched us with the eyes of a hawk. The stores were slowly begining to close as the sun went down over the horizon. I saw a place that was seen in many places, apparently so did Lucy.

" Look! We can stay there for the night. Please Miguel?" she asked and I pretended to think for a moment.

" Yeah okay." I said. We headed up to the door and I saw a woman peeking through a curtain, her eyes seemed strange, but then again I only caught a glimpse before she closed the curtain. I opened the door for my friends and three women stood on the other side of the door.

" Welcome, please come in." the eldest said. She appeared to be in her sixties, the second seemed around the age of thirty-six to thirty-seven. The third appeared to be around the same age. Their eyes had a strange glow, a slight tinge of purple. The eldest sat down on a chair by a good sized round table, her wiry frame seemed to contradict the wide oak legs of the chair. There was a few other seats dotted around the place, a couch by a rectangular table, a few chairs in different corners of the room. I sat down on the couch with Lucy as Stephen and Riane sat on chairs by the couch. The younger women went into the back kitchen as the elder women looked to the group of four children.

" So what brings young demons like you four out in the middle of nowhere." she said, her voice was almost rustic and certainly contained a fair bit of a squeak to it. My friends looked at me surprised, I tried my best to look unperturbed by the comment.

" How do you know what we are ma'am?" I asked and she smiled. Her lips almost cracked with the strain.

" My dear child, have you not realized? Well then, I will have to explain." she said casually.

" I am not human either. In fact neither are my two daughters, we can see through the disguises of any supernatural or mythical being. It is a gift granted to us by the demons themselves. I see all four of your true forms right now." the elder said and my friends calmed down somewhat. If this woman was one of the hunters we were screwed.

" Do not worry my daughters and I have no intentions of harming any living beings. Supernatural, mythical or human. In fact we look after the ones that need it." she continued as the two younger ladies walked out with cups.

" Pardon me for not asking, would any of you care for some coffee?" the old woman asked. I looked to my group and their faces seemed puzzled,

" It's Dutch Double Chocolate." she said and Riane reached for the cup that was handed to her, along with Stephen who carefully set his down on his lap. Lucy thanked the young woman for the drink and I nodded to the woman that handed me a cup. Dutch Double Chocolate is the favourite coffee of a demon.

" So how do you know so much of the supernatural and mythical beings?" I asked and the elderly woman smiled once again.

" Well with our 'true vision' comes our knowledge of your kind and more." she said. I nodded, the fact that these women had such knowledge was kind of strange. I saw a ring on the elderly womans finger as she reached for her cup of tea.

" You're married?" I asked and she nodded. Her daughters sat down around the table with her,

" Yes my husband is the senior sheriff down at the office. He's a good man, not much stuff goes bad in this town so he doesn't need to do much." the woman said as I took a whiff of the sweet smelling tea. I sipped on the hot liquid and listened as the woman continued her conversation.

" If you four need rooms to stay in I'll be glad to help you out. We got some rooms in the attic and the basement whichever you want." the old woman commented. I nodded as I took a small sip of my tea.

" Thank you. We'll use the basement rooms." I said taking some money out of my jacket. The elderly woman put her hands up,

" No no, don't worry about money. You four can stay for free. I can tell you all need a good nights rest." she stated. I thanked her and lead the group down to the basement rooms. The old lady stood up as I was about to go down the stairs.

" What's your name child?" she asked and I turned to her.

" Miguel, my name is Miguel" I said and she nodded.

" I'm Neena, but others call me Nanna." she smiled, I nodded.

" Thank you Neena. What you are doing is most generous of you." I said and the woman waved her hand.

" Think nothing of it. I know what you will go through will be hard for you to live with." she said and I nodded as though I understood and walked downstairs to my friends. The womans words confused me big time but I didn't let them linger for long in my thoughts. Riane was pushing Stephen playfully onto the bed and he smiled,

" Oh, so is that what you want to do." he said smugly. Riane looked to him in shock with wide eyes like a fish. I walked to Lucy as she was laying down on the bed, I sat on the edge and ran my left hand along her shoulder.

" You okay Lu?" I said. Lu was my nickname for her, she rolled over to look at me and I saw a glimmer of something in her eyes.

" Yeah, just tired. What about you Mue?" she said returning the nickname calling. She decided that my middle name was Mue, once before she called me Muel, but that was when I was being stubborn.

" Yeah I'm fine. Are you okay with going to the school?" I asked and she was silent for a moment. I got a nod and she gave a small grin. I laid down beside her and held her close in my arms. She cuddled up to me, her head rubbing up against my chest. I listened to Riane and Stephen fooling around just beside us, they must have seen me and Lucy cuddling because they started giving comments. I didn't care, me and Lucy were happy together. Not soon after did Riane and Stephen leave us alone to play a famous demon game. I held Lucy as she slept and watched Riane play what demons call 'Overpower Shots.' The game basically involves hitting eachother harder than your opponent. I fell asleep with Lucy while Stephen and Riane caused pain to eachother.

I woke up and felt Lucy moving around in my arms, she seemed to be having a dream. I put my leftindex and middle finger to her temple, I entered into her dream and looked around to see something, anything. I was standing in complete shadow, no light except for what surrounded me, I turned to see Lucy sitting with her knees up to her chest. I ran to her and knelt down,

" Lucy what's wrong?" I asked and she seemed surprised to see me.

" Miguel? Is that you?" she asked and I nodded. I startled as she hugged me,

" Miguel it is you." she said and I hugged her back.

" So what is this place? Why do you seem so afraid?" I asked and she shrunk back.

" This is the nightmare I've had for three days straight. I'm afraid cause I know there's something in the shadows. Its been moving around alot." she said and as if on cue I heard a rustle from beside us. I looked in its direction then back to Lucy,

" What is it?" I asked and she shrugged.

" Don't know. I hear that noise a few times then everything goes black. Like I was killed or something." she said. Her eyes went wide and I turned to look behind me. I couldn't hardly believe it. Every demon is afraid of two things, the least fearful one is pink trees, which is pointless because they don't even exist, right. The huge fear is the demon 'father', Lucifous Lucifer. You can guess which one stood before me and Lucy. That's right the pink trees... Just kidding it was Lucifous. And he didn't look like having some coffee, but he didn't look intent on killing us either.

" Children?" he said surprised and I remained standing ready to fight. Lucifous stepped closer and I stepped back to block Lucy.

" Children!" Lucifous said happily. I looked and his angry look was gone.

" Is that any way to treat your father. Come here and give me a hug." he said opening his arms wide. I walked up to him wearily, I felt his embrace, it was cold enough to feel hot but also hot enough to feel cold. If that was even possible. Lucy hugged him next and our 'father' embraced her warmly. His long horns curved twice above his head. A flame burned between his horns and his eyes were black like the shadows of the place we were in. He had a ponytail at the back of his head where all his hair was. I looked to see the sharp, curved nails on his hands.

" What are you doing here father?" I asked and he looked to me.

" Just came to talk." he said and Lucy walked back beside me.

" I have seen that you two are getting close, if you want to breed that is fine with me, it makes more demons to run along the surface of the Earth." he said and I felt my mouth dry at his choice of word, 'breed' is something more or less used for animals.

" But anyways, how have you kids been?" he continued and Lucy shrugged.

" I would be better if I had some energy left for my abilities." Lucy said,

" I'm fine father, just low on energy as well." I said and our 'father' nodded.

" Well you wouldn't be if you guys took down your disguises once in awhile." he said. I looked to Lucy and she returned my gaze,

" We don't know how." Lucy said and I nodded in agreement. Our father sighed, he put his hands up, palms facing us, he waved them to close in a silent clap. Suddenly Lucy and I stood in our demon form, only problem was, we were bare naked.

" Whoops." Lucifous said as he waved his index and middle fingers to both of us. Lucy and I were quickly covered with clothing. I looked to Lucy, her dark blue horns curved towards the back of her head. Her black eyes had blue, glowing pentagrams in the center of each eye. Her dark blue bat wings were folded up against her back. Her cat like tail swinging from side to side, her legs were bent like the hind legs of a wild cat and spotted like a cheetahs. Her feet looked like the large paws of a leapord, it had been a long time since I'd seen her demon form let alone mine. Lucifous put mirrors up in front of us and I looked into mine. I looked to my long curved horns, they were curved one and a half times above my head. I looked into my eyes and a red, glowing pentagram shone in the center of my eyes. I saw my black feathered wings and unfurled them. They were wide out and almost reached Lucy, I brought them back in to my back. I turned my attention to my long slender tail that swayed behind me. I looked at my legs and they bent like the hind legs of a bull. The fur that covered the hooves was long and hovered an inch off the floor. I walked around and as I did the clops of my hooves were strange. I stood back in front of the mirror and noticed my nails weren't the human color anymore, in fact they weren't even nails they were claws, sharp, black claws. I looked at my hands and then to Lucy as she noticed her nails had turned to claws as well. Except her's were not black but quite the opposite, her claw's were white.

" Have you two seen yourselves for long enough?" Lucifous said and we nodded. I took a quick check at my face again, my horns were black, curved and sharp. I stood in front of Lucifous as he took down the mirrors. Lucy looked to me and quickly examined me. Her eyes staring at me like coals from a fire. I smiled to her and she smiled back,

" So, what kind of mayhem have you two stirred up on the planet?" Lucifous asked and I shrugged.

" Not much, we've just been causing minor problems. Like droughts, floods, famine, rise in criminal activity, and my personal favourite, plagues." I responded. Lucifous smiled.

" That's good. And what about you Lucy?" Lucifous asked. I saw Lucy shrug,

" Just putting people in major pain and giving them problems with their bodily systems." she retorted and I smiled. Lucy was always braver to give Lucifous the smart mouth attitude. Maybe because Lucifous was her father or more appropriately her grandfather. I smiled but quickly hid it behind my hand, I regained my composure and stood straight. I watched as Lucifous waved his hand and brought up a set of chairs and a table. We all sat down and talked about our business and how we've been living on the surface of planet Earth. Lucifous seemed interested on how much the humans had advanced from his days. His tongue flicked out of his mouth every so often and I tried not to count the times and how long it stuck out. I listened to Lucy as she talked about how the humans had started making guns with more firepower. I saw Lucifous smile at that,

" Humans are so good at making weapons of destruction." he said and I nodded. Humans were not known for being the peace mongerers. Lucifous sighed and stood up, he got rid of the table and chairs as Lucy and I followed his example.

" Watch over the humans, they'll advance quite a bit more in time. Trust me. I'll bet in a couple years they'll have made aerial vehicles and vehicles that are faster than a horse. They may even make something that can go into space." Lucifous said and I nodded. It wasn't uncommon for humans to make things easier for themselves so they could be lazy. I watched as Lucifous walked towards a door that seemed to open and reveal a space of black smoke and red flames.

" It was nice talking to you kids, it has certainly been awhile." he said and I nodded.

" I'll see you two later." he said as he backed into the door and seemed to float above the flames. The door closed as he vanished into the black smoke. I stood with Lucy as things suddenly went dark.

I opened my eyes, I was back in the bed of the basement with Lucy laying beside me. She turned over to face me, her eyes were like her demon form, then I noticed something. We were in our demon form. I sat up and looked in a mirror across from the bed, I saw myself with horns and all.

" Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man. If humans see us like this we'll be in major trouble." I said and Lucy nodded. I saw Riane and Stephen in the other bed. They were squirming and writhing like they were in pain. I watched as they changed slowly into their demon forms. Their horns slowly started to grow from their heads. Stephen had horns like a steer. His eyes opened to reveal a glowing, silver pentagram in his eyes. Riane's horns were like a rams, they curved over her ears. Her eyes opened to reveal gold, glowing pentagram eyes. They stopped writhing and their legs were both different, Riane had the legs of a monkey. Stephen had the legs of a bear, very furry. I stood and waited as they slept quietly for a few moments. Lucy and I sat on the edge of the bed when they woke up. I looked to the expressions on their faces. Stephen was shocked to see himself in demon form, Riane looked confused to see her hands with claws.

" What happened?" Stephen asked to no one in particular. I stood up and he fell of the bed when he startled. Riane moved back on her hands then looked closer to me. She raised an eyebrow.

" Miguel you look big, your horns are massive." she said and I ran my hand over one of my horns. Stephen stood up and I felt Lucy come up behind me and grab my hand in hers.