Summary: Donna's thoughts near the end of JE showing she had known it was ending.

Disclaimer: I don't think any hissy fit I could throw would ever make these characters mine.

A/N: written in response to the Travellers' Tales prompt #65 – 'assemble' at doctor_donna

A/N2: I went downstairs to hopefully be inspired for a different fic entirely and this came out.



Donna had suspected it from the very first moment they walked back inside the TARDIS after the Doctor was shot. There had been no comforting hug or a touch on the hand from him; he was no longer allowed to do more than show friendly concern.

It had made her accept her death despite her protests as the TARDIS plunged, she would later realise.

That realisation came when the Doctor began to assemble the Children of Time around the console, because Rose was placed firmly between the two Doctors and there was no place for her. Of course she had laughed it off, refusing to let her personal misgivings affect her joy at rescuing the Earth and everyone on it. Inside she had resolved to weep about it later, if she would ever get the chance. All she knew for certain was that she was doomed.

Her temporary position had been closed.