Hello everyone! This is my first Hetalia fic that's probably only going to be 2 or 3 chapters long. I got the idea from watching youtube videos of Americans trying a favourite Aussie spread: the infamous vegemite! So, read, enjoy, tell me your thoughts and post your opinions about vegemite in the review section!

The grin should've been his first clue. After the World Meeting, Australia approached him, his angry-looking koala clinging to his shoulder and a wide smile plastered on his face.

"America, mate, how's it going?" the younger nation greeted him loudly, clapping him on the shoulder. America laughed.

"Hey Oz! Long time no see, dude!"

"Bloody oath!" the brunette agreed. A mischievous glint entered his eyes as he leaned in towards America. "By the way, I heard that you're pretty adventurous, never back down from a dare, right?"

"Of course! A hero never gives up in the face of danger!" America heatedly proclaimed, raising his arm and clenching his fist for emphasis.

"That's the spirit!" Australia laughed. "Cuz I've got a challenge just for you!" America perked at this.

"Is it, like, super dangerous and totally cool?" he asked enthusiastically, practically jumping on the spot. Australia scratched at the band-aid across his nose, his lips twisting into a smirk.

"Something like that. I've been asking around, but no one else is willing to give it a go." That might've been his second clue, if America was a more analytical thinker. As it was, all he heard was, 'You have the chance to do something the others are too afraid of,' and had made up his mind.

"Ha, no problem! I can handle anything! So tell me, what do I have to do?" Australia held up a finger.

"You have to eat a sandwich."


"You lost me."

"It's simple, mate. All you have to do is eat an entire sandwich. Easy, right?"

"Dude, I do that like a hundred times a day!" America exclaimed, feeling cheated of a grand opportunity to prove himself.

"Ah, but there's a catch," Australia told him, his grin turning a tad sharper. "It has to be a vegemite sandwich." The blonde blinked.

"Vegemite? What's that?"

"It's a favourite spread of mine. So? Are you up for the challenge?"

"Of course!"

"Great! I'll come over to your place tomorrow. See you then!" And as Australia left, if America had been a little more observant of his surroundings, he may have seen New Zealand standing close by, shaking his head, a smile on his face.