The next installment! I kinda feel bad for what I make America go through, heh.

The next time America saw Australia was at the next World Meeting. The laid back nation wasn't paying attention to anything being said, instead leaning back in his chair and playing with a large, black spider. When he glanced up he caught America's eye. He smirked, shot a furtive glance at Germany - who was currently speaking, trying to keep some kind of order - and rolled his eyes. America couldn't help but smile back.

After the meeting, Australia sought America out. He found him at the buffet table stuffing his face with his beloved hamburgers.

"America!" he called out. Said nation looked up and grinned, waving him over.

"Hey Oz! It's good to see you again!" America's words were muffled through the hamburgers, but the younger nation seemed to understand him easily enough.

"No hard feelings about the vegemite, right mate?" Australia asked, smiling sheepishly. America waved him off.

"No way dude! I mean, it was pretty funny looking back on it." The two nations laughed, Australia remembering the look on America's face when he took that first bite.

"Anyway, mate, I felt a little bad about it so I wanted to make it up to you," Australia continued. "How 'bout you come to my house and we can go on a little camping trip, eh?"

"Sure dude!" America replied immediately. "That sounds awesome!" Australia grinned, clapping America on the shoulder.

"Great! We can go looking for drop bears as well!"

"Drop bears?"