Aloha, how y'all doing? It's been awhile since I've posted a story. A sad case of missing motivation has a tendency to do that to a fellow and I'm no exception. Also, what ever writing energies I've been mustering has been directed towards Team Dragon that's really put my own writings on the back burner. I've been involved in their Tortured Soul story and the oneshot Demon School of Hard Knocks.

Moving along, this is my Detective-themed entry for SweetestIrony's GohanVidel Week 5.0. Out of all of those entries, this was the one that I first had thoughts of continuing. Having ideas for it right off the bat helped. However, when I held the vote for continuing my GV Week 5 entries, it came in dead last. That saddened me, but since I had ideas for it, I pushed it up to the top of my to-write list. I'll get around to the others ones eventually, don't worry, but until then, enjoy this little story.

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Gohan was screwed. Not just any kind of screwed though; he was royally screwed.

Climbing the steps into his office building, the young man sighed in resignation. And the week had held so much promise too. He had just gotten his rent money for the office and had paid off the landlord for the continued use of said office for the next six months. Then he had landed more work, a murder of a young lady who had the unfortunate luck of being on the wrong side of town. Though tragic for the young lady, it was a boon for him.

That was until all signs of the perpetrator for the murder pointed directly at him: Son Gohan, Private Detective Extraordinaire. Okay, he added that last bit to it, but it was still a nice sounding title.

So once it was believed he was a murderer, he had been promptly thrown in jail until he could make bail; that pretty much cost him the rest of the money he had, plus some more, making him very broke at the moment. With every cop staring at him as if he were a leper, Gohan quickly left the station and made his way to his office/home.

Coming to his office door, his name proudly displayed on the tinted glass front, he found the door opened ajar. That was to be expected unfortunately. It was most likely the cops had invited themselves in and searched the place for any evidence that would further link him to the murder.

And as he softly pushed the door open, the hinges squeaking in protest, Gohan saw the place was a mess. Papers were scattered about the floor, his personal affects lying on his desk or on the floor around it. Pictures and diplomas he had accumulated over the years hung from the wall at odd angles. The filing cabinets looked as if someone had gutted them out as most of their contents—the papers mentioned previously—were out and about and the drawers themselves were either tossed haphazardly on the ground, or were hanging out of the cabinets either half way or barely hanging on. Yes, he had been expecting to see this.

What he hadn't expected to see though, was the young woman sitting in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

Blinking in confusion, Gohan couldn't help but scrutinize the lady. She was dressed smartly in a white blouse unbuttoned at the top two holes and a tight black skirt, the skirt reaching down to just below her knee. Her suit jacket was folded on the back of the chair next to her, also black in color. An open brief case sat on the chair as well. As for her non-clothed features, she was a short woman if his eyes weren't deceiving him. Black hair that was tied into a bun, blue eyes that were covered by thin-rimmed glasses, she was definitely attractive, he had to admit. Sitting with her legs crossed and a manila folder in her lap, a hand writing something in it with a pen; she was definitely a woman that could turn heads.

It was such a shame that he could barely communicate with lovely women at all.

Well correction, he could talk with them when it concerned a case. He could always focus his mind on such things. It was just in other settings he made a fool out of himself. And it would be just his luck that this young lady wanted to talk about something other than a case.

It wasn't very long after he had stumbled upon the woman that she looked up, staring at him intently. Gohan couldn't help but sense a negative vibe coming from her, but perhaps it was for the best. It reduced the likelihood of flirting and him embarrassing himself.

"Are you Det. Son Gohan?" she asked, her voice doing its best to remain neutral. Nodding his head in confirmation, she then sighed to herself before setting her folder and pen on his desk. Standing up, she walked to him, her high-heeled shoes clacking on the floor. Holding her hand out to him, albeit reluctantly he couldn't help noticing, she then said "I'm Videl Satan. I work for the Public Defender's office and was chosen to represent you in your murder case."

So she was his court appointed lawyer. Well that made one thing easier for him. Picking out lawyers was always a drag for him. Accepting her hand with his own, he gave her a professional shake and let go. "Uhh, hi Mrs. Satan, pleasure to meet you."

The hardening of her face was all the reaction he got from her, indicating the pleasure was only one sided. Once again, that negative feeling was wafting off of her, though this time Gohan got the feeling it was directed at him. "It's Ms. Satan. Now, we have some business we need to discuss and the sooner we get it done, the sooner I can leave you to…clean up."

Gohan's hand found its way to the back of his head, scratching it; it was a nervous tic he received from his father from who knows how long ago. "Sure." Walking to his desk, he sat in his chair, leaning back in it as he resisted the compulsion to straighten up his desk. "What can I do for you?"

Sitting back in the chair she had previously vacated, Ms. Satan picked up her folder and pen once more and placed the folder back on her recrossed legs, her pen ready to write. "I need your version of how you were implicated in the murder of the victim Erasa Rubba. I'll also need your alibi that proves your 'innocence.'"

Gohan stared at the lady, his eyes narrowing. "You think I killed her, don't you." No need for a question mark there; when it came to making deductions, he was the best in the business.

Gohan watched as Ms. Satan closed her eyes, her face becoming strained, most likely from anger. Opening her eyes again, she focused on the detective. "That doesn't matter, I just need your alibi," she said in strained patience.

Gohan just observed her actions and body language. It was pretty obvious she believed him to be the killer of Ms. Erasa. Though why would she think so and why would she be so bothered by his presence? It was entirely possible she just didn't like him from the moment she saw him. That sort of thing though, occurred throughout a conversation. She wasn't pleased to see him, much less be here, from the very start and probably the moment she heard his name from her boss, so it had to be some other reason. Was it possible she knew the victim? If so, how well? Most likely they were more than acquaintances…

Gohan sighed as he began rubbing his temples with his left hand. "I'm afraid I can't tell you anything. You shouldn't even be here due to your conflict of interest."

That seemed to catch the young lawyer off guard. "W-what are you talking about?"

Yep, his deduction was spot on. "You knew the victim at some point, more than just a passing acquaintance with an occasional greeting I'd assume. Most likely you were a friend with her and you want any sort of justice possible for her murder."

Ms. Satan seemed taken back by the explanation. She recovered quickly though, boring her eyes into him. "Yes, you're correct that I knew Erasa. We lived next door to each other in the same apartment complex and were good friends. And you're right that I want justice for her. But right now, my job is to make sure you receive your day in court with adequate representation."

Gohan cocked an eyebrow. "Once again, you have a conflict of interest, which should immediately dismiss you from representing me. It's one thing to develop a conflict during the case, but it's something else to start out with one. Why not one of the other lawyers at the PD's?"

Ms. Satan looked away for a moment before she muttered. "No one else wanted the case. I got stuck with it by default."

Oh great, he was in so much shit, not even the normally lazy PD office wanted his case. They usually took any case they could get and tried to get it in and out of court as quickly as possible…

Wait a second. The courts didn't just send lawyers, you had to request one. Okay, what was this girl's plot? She was up to something. "Who do you work for, really? The PD doesn't just send lawyers to what ever case that comes along."

Ms Satan stared at him for quite awhile. "You're no ordinary detective, are you?" she finally said.

"I have to know how the system works too, Lady. Now start talking."

"Alright then, the truth: I do work for the PD, but with a high profile case like this, I knew some big law firm would scoop it up for publicity the moment they heard of it. That's not how I want the last images of my friend to be used, as stunts for attention. Plus, the best way to figure out the truth behind her murder is to be involved with it and not find out through the sensational twits from the newspapers. And with everything pointing to you as the perp, I wanted to meet you face-to-face so I know for a fact whom the scum was that killed my friend."

Gohan leaned back into his chair, staring at the lady. "Alright then, take a look. Do I look like a guy that would kill an innocent woman?"

She had a very quick response. "Yes."

Caught off guard, Gohan jerked backwards in surprise, leaning the chair too far back and causing it to tip over. With a loud crash, the detective fell to the ground, lying in a heap of body parts and chair. Dazed, it took awhile for Gohan to recover his faculties, just in time to see Ms. Satan standing in front of his desk, leaning over it to look at him curiously. There didn't seem to be a bit of concern for his welfare in her expression.

"I think I'm starting to have second thoughts," he heard her murmur before sitting back down again. Waiting for him to get back up and pick his chair back up, she said "If you are indeed as innocent as you claim, do you have an alibi?"

Reseating himself, Gohan answered "The victim's death occurred approximately eight days ago. At that time, I was finishing up a case at the Westingham Estate. I had been there for the previous three days and didn't leave until the morning I was informed of Ms. Erasa's death. That morning, I had barely walked into my office when her mother entered and hired me."

Ms. Satan was writing the story down, the notes being shorthand. "And Era—Ms. Erasa's mother and the people at the Westingham Estate can confirm your story?"

Gohan nodded his confirmation.

"Do you have another residence or any means of contacting you?"

"I'll be staying in this office for the most part. If you wish to see me, you or your replacement can come here. But I have been hired to solve this case and I will do just that."

Ms. Satan blinked for a moment. "Replacement? Solve the case?"

"Yes, I'm assuming that it's only a matter of time until someone figures out you shouldn't be representing me. When that is realized, you'll be taken off the case and that will be the end of our association."

Ms. Satan's eyes narrowed at that, her face becoming slightly flushed in anger. "We'll see if that comes to pass. In the meantime, I will guarantee you that you'll have your day in court with the proper level of representation. But if I do confirm you're my friend's killer, I won't hesitate to stab you in the back."

"Said like a true lawyer."

Gohan had to lean to one side as his desk lamp was thrown at his head. The shattering of the window behind him told him he was gonna have to pony up more money to fix his window and buy a new lamp. "I hope you're paying for that."

Ms. Satan was closing her briefcase at that time, clicking the locks in place. A bulging vein was pulsing on her forehead. Perhaps he had gone a little too far with those last couple of remarks. But what could he say, when he was serious he tended to go a bit overboard with how he talked to people. "I will find Ms. Erasa's killer," he said in way of apology.

"Assuming you aren't the killer yourself, of course," she retorted.

Okay, he deserved that one admittedly. "Until we meet again," he offered in farewell.

"It'll only come too soon," Ms. Videl said as she turned her back on him and left. Watching her exit, Gohan instinctively reached for a side drawer that was thankfully somewhat closed. Opening it and reaching his hand in, he brought out a large ball of cotton. Pulling off a couple pieces, he stuffed them into his nose. A woman's swinging backside would do that to him on occasions.

In his line of work, it was always best to be prepared.

In hindsight, making Videl Gohan's lawyer wasn't the best use of her. Maybe if she came as an intern or assistant out of the blue, it would have worked better. It's just something else I need to consider when writing these mystery stories.