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Charles didn't move. Lehnsherr fixed him with a stare that read… Really? Do you still insist on playing this game? After a moment his shoulders sagged and he shrugged his robe off with an unhappy sigh, letting it puddle on the floor behind him. Lehnsherr's cruel smirk returned. He crooked a finger and beckoned Charles over.

Reluctantly, Charles did as he'd been told and dropped to his knees between the other man's feet.

"Good boy. That wasn't so difficult was it?" Charles snorted quietly. Erik chose to ignore it. "Now, hook your fingers underneath the waistband and pull down my pants." He leaned back a little, raising his arms to rest upon the back of the couch and waited.

Resigned now to his fate and to his task Charles did as instructed, tugging firmly at the black silk until it could go no further and Lehnsherr had to lift his hips to assist, then tugging it all the way down.

Charles stared hard at the other man's exposed cock and for a moment, forgot to breath. It was uncut like his own, and huge, far bigger than any of the cocks he'd been forced to service earlier in the day, bigger even than Shaw, though he wondered now if Shaw had just seemed big because he'd been Charles' first and because he'd been so cruel. Suddenly all the memories he had fought so hard to repress came flooding back. He sucked in a panicked breath and almost choked on it.

"I, I can't." He spluttered, tears welling unbidden in his eyes. "I can't. Ican'tIcan'tIcan't."

"Charles look at me." Lehnsherr ordered. Charles lifted his gaze, looking up at the other man through his lashes, surprised by the apparent concern that softened his usually sharp features. "I'm not him." He whispered softly, unexpectedly so and Charles found it disturbingly soothing.

"I'm sorry." He murmured, a single tear rolling down his cheek. "I can't, I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me." He dropped his gaze and tried not to let his despair overwhelm him. He startled slightly when a gentle hand brushed his cheek, wiping away the tear then cupping his chin and tilting his face upwards.

"I said I'm not him." Lehnsherr said again. "I won't do to you what he did. But you will do as I ask, there is no question about that. Do you understand?"

"I…" Charles blinked a couple of times, then he sighed and at last he answered… "Yes Sir."

Erik frowned.

"Inside these rooms, and only inside these rooms, you will call me Erik unless instructed otherwise."

Charles blinked again.

"Erik." He whispered.

"That's better. Shall we continue?"

Once again Charles found himself staring at the man's cock, thick and hard and standing erect in a bed of ginger curls. Still besieged by memories and still very much afraid, Charles repeated over and over in his mind… not him, not Shaw, not him. He took a deep breath in preparation and dipped his head.

"Wait. Take it in your hand first, stroke it, learn how it feels." Letting out the breath he'd been holding, Charles did as he was told. His hand was shaking as he reached for Lehnsherr's dick and wrapped his fingers around the base. He willed himself to relax. Of all the things he had been made to do, this was undoubtedly the least awful. There was worse to come, he knew that of course, but this was something he could do. He'd done it to himself often enough to know what felt good and if he did it well maybe he'd get lucky and the man would cum before he had to do anything else.

Slowly, he dragged his hand from base to tip, giving a gentle twist of his wrist at the top before dragging it down again, pulling the foreskin back to expose the glans. He did this once, twice, three times, pausing after the third to adjust his grip. Before he could resume his stroking though, Lehnsherr gave another command.

"Enough. Now use your tongue, lick the head." Charles licked the head, getting his first taste of Erik Lehnsherr and finding himself unexpectedly not as repulsed by it as he had been by those other men. He licked again. "Good. Now take it in your mouth and swirl your tongue around it." He froze briefly, not sure he could make himself go any further. Given the choice he'd have preferred to keep licking but of course he had no choice, and never would again. Biting back a small sob, he leant forward and sucked the tip of Lehnsherr's cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around as he'd been told. The foreskin was still drawn back and Charles could feel every vein, every bump, every ridge. Above him Lehnsherr hummed quietly, though not so quietly that Charles couldn't hear. Feeling brave, he rolled his tongue into a point and pressed it into the slit. Lehnsherr made a soft, gasping noise and his cock twitched. He liked that Charles thought with a sense of pride He repeated the action. Erik's gasp became a moan that sent a strange sort of thrill through Charles. It was a heady feeling to know that he could make a man like Lehnsherr moan like that with so little effort and he began to wonder what else he could do to make him moan.

Surprised and embarrassed by the direction his thoughts had taken he blushed furiously and tried to pull back but a hand at the back of his head, carding gently through his hair, stopped him.

"Don't stop." The man said. "You're doing good. Really good." To his shame, Charles let out a moan of his own, Erik's praise oddly gratifying and oddly welcome. He realised suddenly and shockingly that he wanted Erik's praise. He didn't understand why he wanted it but he did, desperately. He wanted to hear the man tell him how good he was, he wanted to hear the man moan and gasp and know that he was the cause and it had nothing to do with self preservation. If Erik didn't own him, if Erik didn't now control every aspect of his life, if Erik wasn't in a position to hurt him in every way it was possible for a person to be hurt he would still want those things and he hated himself for it. It was wrong, it was sick and twisted after everything he'd suffered to feel any kind of desire for the man responsible. He was sick and twisted. But hadn't he known that all along? Hadn't he know from the moment Erik had demanded that first kiss? Hadn't he known when he'd begged to be allowed to cum? Hadn't he known when he'd had to fight every urge he'd had to go back and beg for more?

He resumed his task, steadying himself with his free hand on Erik's thigh and working his tongue with shameful enthusiasm.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Good boy." Erik groaned, tipping his head back against the couch and letting his eyes slip shut. "You're so good at this."

Thank you Sir. Erik.

The hand cupping the back of his head fell away, causing Charles to whine unhappily in protest at the lost. Tears sprang to his eyes, falling freely and his breath hitched as he fought unsuccessfully to control his emotions.

Erik's eyes flew open and he stared down at the boy between his legs. He was crying. The soft snuffling sounds and the shaking of his shoulders were unmistakable signs

"Stop." He ordered. "Look up at me."

Charles did as he was bid. Ashamed to let the other man see him this way and yet unable to disobey.

"You're crying." Erik continued. "For me."

Charles blinked a couple of times, caught his bottom lip between his teeth and nodded slowly, begging silently.

Touch me again, please.

"You're so pretty when you cry for me." Erik murmured. "So beautiful."

The hand returned, cupping the side of his face and tucking a strand of sweat damp hair behind his ear. Charles sobbed with relief, unconsciously leaning into the touch. Erik smiled.

"So fucking beautiful. You have no idea." His other hand drifted up to gently cup the other side of Charles' face, his thumb caressing the outer shell of his ear. For a moment he just stared, utterly entranced, breath caught in his throat. Then he shook his head. "Suck me." He said at last. "Suck my cock, take as much of it as you can and don't stop until you can feel it in your throat."

Charles didn't waste another second now that he knew he wanted this. No amount of self loathing could stop him. Later when he was alone he'd be filled with anger and hate and resentment, Of that he was quite sure. Later he'd wish, not for the first time, that he was dead, that he'd never recovered from Shaw's assault. But right here right now all he could think about was Erik and how very desperately he wanted to please him.

He took Erik in his mouth again, sealing his lips around the hot, hard flesh and hollowing his cheeks. Erik groaned loudly. Charles moaned in response and sank down on the cock, not stopping when it hit the back of his throat even as he gagged and retched around it, trying to take more, to be as good as he could be. Only when the fingers tangled in his hair tightened and pulled did he stop.

"Slow down, relax. It takes a while to learn to deep throat. That's not what I want from you, not now." Charles wasn't sure if he was relieved or disappointed. "Just take what feels comfortable okay? I want you to enjoy this."

He swallowed slowly this time, stopping an inch or so shy of the base and listening to the deep, heavy breaths of the man above him. He moaned softly, sliding his lips back up the shaft and swirling his tongue before sinking back down.

"Jesus that feels so good."

Charles continued to bob up and down, thrilling at every sound, every twitch, every jerk of Erik's body, his own body responding in kind. He was hard, harder than he thought possible. He hadn't expected that, hadn't expected to want more than Erik's praise, hadn't expected his own submission to turn him on like this.

Above him, Erik's breathing grew rougher, his moans louder. The cock in his mouth felt impossibly heavy on his tongue and Erik's grip on his hair grew tighter, painfully.

"Fuck Charles… your mouth… I…" He yanked Charles head backwards, pulling him off his cock and panted. "I'm gonna cum. Just this once I'm going to let you choose where you want it. Mouth, face or chest?"

"I, uhm…"

"Choose quickly, I'm not gonna last."

It should have been an easy decision. He'd swallowed so much cum already today that he thought of another mouthful or another load matting his hair and stinging his eyes should have been more than he could bare and yet…

"Mouth." He answered in a rush. Maybe Erik could wash away the taste of all the others and allow him, if only for a little while, to pretend there hadn't been anyone before him. "Cum in my mouth."

Erik, nodded, shoved his cock between Charles' eager lips again and seconds later he was coming hard and fast and hot down Charles' throat. Charles swallowed the first few spurts easily, that which he couldn't swallow straight away, he held in his mouth until he could, hoping the taste would linger on his tongue long enough to, well just hoping it would linger.

When Erik finally pulled out he collapsed back against the couch, still breathing heavily. Charles remained on his knees in front of him, waiting for his next instruction.

"Stand up." Erik told him. He stood up, a deep flush creeping across his chest and up his neck as he realised Erik's attention had been drawn to the erection tenting the front of his shorts. The man smirked, the same cruel smirk that Charles had grown used to and humiliatingly it did nothing to dull his arousal. "Well well. I thought you said you didn't want me."

Tongue tied, ashamed and already full of regret Charles stammered.

"I, I…"

"We're done here." Erik stood up, tucked himself back into his shorts, wrapped his gown around himself and started towards what Charles assumed must be a bathroom. "You may go back to your room now. Tomorrow you work only in the morning, after lunch you will come to my office for another lesson. Is that clear?"

"Yes E… Yes Sir."

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