Isabella's character Hata Futter Parade (based on Hungary's)

In my right hand are shopping bags, in my left hand, cookies!

Another day with Phineas in the invention Parade-o!

Towards the happy summer, welcome!

I'll take my hands with Phineas and it's the spinning Earth.

A day with him makes my day perfect!

Verde, Blanco, Rojo makes my Tricolor.

I am both Mexican and Jewish! Phineas and Ferb!

"No matter what is my nationality

What matters most is that I feel something for Phineas, so girls, this maybe our only chance!"

Another day with Phineas in the invention Parade-o!

Sound all the instruments, will march with him!

If everyone in the ensemble plays together on the signal,

This one and only song will be complete!

Playing the flute is me, Isabella!

"Thru this, I hope Phineas would notice me!"

Helping Phineas during his projects.

Makes my soul feel very complete with him!

Together with the Fireside troops, we will work for a wonderful summer!

(Watcha you doin'?)

(Watcha you doin'?)

(Watcha you doin'?) My way of saying

(Watcha you doin'?) My love for my beloved Phineas

(Watcha you doin'?) I hope he'll notice me!

(Watcha you doin'?)

"Phineas, I'll declare my love for you thru this song!

Because this is what I really feel for you!"

Another day with Phineas in the invention Parade-o!

This is the melody that rings my heart!

Phineas, I'll tell you that I really, really like you!

Oh I really hope you will notice me!

This is the words I want to tell to you!

"Phineas, I really, really love you!"

The Mugen David makes the Israeli flag.

And I really love you Phineas! Phineas and Ferb!

Isabella: "Phineas, I want to tell..."

Phineas:" Good song Isabella! Maybe if time permits, we could form an album."

Isabella: "But Phineas I... Oh, never mind, he'll know in time."