Shenzi's stomach growled. 'Man, where could I find some food? I'm starving!' She thought as she wandered around the Serengeti. Meanwhile, no more than a mile away, a scientist was working on a shrinking ray. But he tripped on his own feet and accidentally activated it.

At that point, Shenzi was still looking for prey when that ray shot her, sending out a really bright light. After the blinding light went away, Shenzi noticed things looked a lot bigger than before. When she looked down, the ground was a lot closer than usual. Then she realized it; that ray had made her shrink to the size of a meerkat! She looked for a place to live until she grew back. 'Where should I go?' She thought as she walked around. 'The Pridelands? Nah! The Outlands? No. The Elephant Graveyard? No way! How would I explain this?!' Shenzi slapped her paw over her eyes in frustration. "Dang it! Where should I go?!" She yelled to practically nobody. Then she found it: The desert oasis. "Aha!" She said to herself as she headed for her new destination. When she arrived, she looked around for any sign of life. "Hello!" She yelled out. "Anybody here?!"

"Oh, I'll get you eventually!" Timon said as he was chasing a bug around. But it was too fast for him, so he had to take a break. "Phew! Man, that bug's fast!" He said to himself.

"Hello!" A female, tomboyish voice shouted out. Timon shot his head up, with a confused expression. "Anybody here?!" The voice shouted again. 'Who's there?' The meerkat thought as he got up and walked around. When he saw a trace of gray in the grass, he went to see what it was. Then he saw it was a hyena.

"Whoa! A hyena!" He freaked out, but he calmed down when he saw she was his size. "What happened to ya?" He asked, poking her nose.

"I don't know," she replied, pushing his hand away. "First, there was a blinding light, and then I'm tiny."

"Huh, that's weird." said Timon after Shenzi finished her story. "So now I have nowhere to stay. If I go to the Pride or Outlands, I'll get mauled no problem. If I go to the Elephant Graveyard, the hyenas will mistake me for a meerkat, the dimwits they are, and they'll devour me up. So this place was my only safe place." She concluded. Timon's expression went from confused to sympathy. 'Poor girl, she can't even go to her own home!' He thought.

"Well, let's see if my mom will let you stay here 'til ya grow back," He said as he put his hand on her shoulder.

"Y-you'd do that?" said Shenzi, surprised. "Even after I tried to eat you multiple times?"

"Well, Mom says, always help someone in need," Timon explained, "And it looks like you're in need of some helpin'!" Then he started laughing at what he said, but Shenzi just stared at him, so he slowly stopped."So anyway, let's go!" He grabbed her paw and ran over to the other meerkats, dragging her along with him.

Upon seeing Shenzi, one of the others gasped. "Hyena!" He shouted, making everyone else (except Timon), freak out.

"Hey, hey, HEY!" Timon shouted, and all the meerkats froze. "She won't do any harm to us! Right?" He added, glancing at her.

Shenzi didn't do anything, so Timon elbowed her side, and she said "D'oh yeah! No harm whatsoever!"

"So Ma, can she stay with us 'til she grows back?"

"It's OK with me," Timon's mom said.

"As long as she doesn't cause any damage!" Max said as he got in Shenzi's face. "I'll have my eye on you, young lady!"

Shenzi blinked, then said "OK then!" Then she walked off to explore her new temporary home.

(A/N: I made this chapter a bit longer with more details to make it a bit better)