Shenzi was just laying around, bored out of her mind. Normally her closest meerkat friend Timon would make her laugh by making a funny face, or recalling a silly memory.

"In fact, you're kinda sweet,"

That one sentence from the redhead's mouth kept playing in her head. It was the first time anyone ever called her sweet. She didn't even realize that she was crying until a tear rolled down her cheek.

Then Banzai and Ed came up to her with a bunch of stranger meerkat corpses in their mouths. Shenzi quickly wiped her tears away.

"Hey Shenzi, we caught some meerkats!" Banzai exclaimed with his mouth full. "You want some?" Shenzi was tempted. In the past, she loved to eat meerkats, but she had a small change of heart. Ever since her shrinking experience, she vowed never to eat another meerkat ever again, so she said

"No thanks, guys." Banzai and Ed were surprised, but Banzai broke the silence by saying

"OK then, more for us!" before he and Ed started digging in. Horrified to watch, Shenzi walked away, and watched the sun set. She thought about all the kindness she had received the previous day, and smiled. 'I'll never forget you guys!' She thought, as the sun disappeared behind the horizon,

"I don't want to make a scene, I don't want to let you down!" She sang before she started to fall asleep. But then her eyes shot open, realizing what she had forgotten. 'D'ah, I forgot to perform that song for Timon's Mom! Dagnabit!' She thought. Then she groaned and did a faceplant on the floor. 'I'm so stupid!'

The End

(A/N: Whoops! Better luck next time, Shenzi! XD There'll WILL be a sequel for this story, and it will have a lot of drama! ;))