I've taken a step back out of my comfort zone. There is no point of view in this story and I find it very difficult.

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I'm also not sure who I should put together. I could go with ItaDei, but there is also a redheaded. I'm not going to say who it is, 'cause there are a lot of redheads in Naruto. So I could also go with ItaRed, DeiRed or ItaDeiRed for the dirty ones among us, or maybe you have a different idea, just let me know.

If I continue this, it will be rated M. I like a bit of sexytime between our boys.


A boy, maybe a man, but barely, sat on an old worn out wooden bench. His long black hair tied in ponytail. He wore an expressionless face, looking at nothing in particular. His face looked tired do to the long lines beneath his eyes. He was quite handsome, but there was something frightening about him. His eyes held the truth. They were as red as blood. Everyone knew what it meant. This boy or man was a fire bender. He could create fire and make it move by his hand.

The raven wasn't really happy with his red eyes. Of course he liked the fact he was a fire bender, but the way his eyes betrayed him was something entirely different. He could not blend in with the crowd, always being noticed by the people.

That was the trouble with fire benders. Of course there were other element benders, like water and wind, but there eye colors didn't stand out. Water benders would have blue eyes, coming in different shades. Wind belonged to the grey eyed, which could appear almost white or black. They could easily blend in with the crowd. Normal humans could have these eye colors, but red, red was just for the fire benders. Never was a human seen with this particular color. The raven was jealous of them, all of them. He wanted to blend in like them, just for ones not being stared at.

The gaze of the raven landed on a boy, not yet a man, with the longest blonde hair he had ever seen on a man. The part that stood out for the raven were his bright blue eyes, or he assumed it were two blue eyes, one being covered by a blonde bang. The blonde wore a long white robe, it dragging along the path. He carried a wooden basket filled with laundry. A smile was present on his face the entire time. The raven wondered if he would be one of them, but dismissed the thought. No bender would ever smile like that. They always watched their back, afraid of an attack by another bender.

The blondes eyes glided towards the raven. He was looking at the ground, acting like he had never seen the blonde. Our blonde water bender noticed the red eyes and knew he had to get out of there. Water benders and fire benders had never been the greatest friends and he didn't need to get into trouble today. He quickened his pace a bit, but made sure the raven didn't notice. He got out of there in time.

The raven didn't look up again. His search for other benders had been futile and he wouldn't just ran into one today.

'Itachi, we have a room in the inn.' The raven stood up, never looking up at his nephew, Shisui, and went inside the inn. He needed rest. They had been on the road for a long time. A rumor had spread that a lot of benders stayed right here in this village. And not just one element, but several. Itachi was determined now. He would find other benders here, in Konoha.

Deidara got back home. He was still a bit on edge by the fire bender. Never had Deidara seen one in real life, but his father always said to stay out of their way. Fire benders saw themselves as something higher, almost godlike. Of course it was not true, but if they believed it you better not disagree. Deidara's father wore a big scar on his face for insulting a fire bender. Deidara appreciated his face too much to get into trouble with one.

The blonde walked through his house, taking the basket of laundry with him. It was now washed and dried and could be put back into the drawers. Everything was neatly folded and Deidara smiled happily at his work. He had been productive today, washing loads of laundry in the river. He did not only wash his own, but washed clothes for a living. With his water bending everything went a lot faster.

Even though a fire bender was present in his beautiful town, he could not be truly afraid. He was a strong water bender and knew exactly how to blend in. In town they knew Deidara was a water bender, but none were dumb enough to talk. There were a lot of element benders around here. They could live in peace around each other. That was the reason why Deidara had come here, among another. A famous water bender lived here and Deidara had been his student for a while now. The blonde had learned a lot from Kisame.

The blonde went into the kitchen and started cooking. It would be a quiet night, no worries on his mind.

A dark figure stood on the outside of the inn, his back pressed against the wall. Carefully he bended towards the window, taking a peek inside. He watched the two fire benders exchange words. No emotions played on their faces, but the dark figure had that trait in common.

One of the black haired benders looked up, out of the window. The only thing he saw, was a flash of red hair disappear in the night.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto