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Deidara was leaning back against a weeping willow, sitting in the still moist grass due to the morning dew. His eyes we closed and he enjoyed the little breeze that blew softly in his face. He had gotten up early today feeling like training, but as soon as he had reached the river, he felt too tired. Hidan and he had been on the road for a few days now and they've only been walking. Deidara hadn't seen any real water in days except for little fountains or wells. Like that really was the same? The water bender really needed to feel water time to time. His body almost trembled in anticipation when it got near the river. It was so natural for him to actually bend the water, make it do as he pleased. But his body also felt weak being away from water for so long.

Blue eyes opened slowly and through the long branches with the small leaves he looked at the water. It looked a lot greyer than the water he had known for so long. Kisame really did keep his water clean, making it easier to bend. Deidara lifted his arm and guided a drop of water towards his hand. He let the drop glide over his finger, towards his wrist and then back up to his thumb. At last he flicked it away, too tired to do more than that. For now he would just sit there and let the water refill his body with energy.

Another soft breeze came his way and he smelled roasted fish. Hidan must be making them breakfast then. He didn't expect the wind bender to be awake already. Hidan usually woke up when they were about to go and ate something on the way and Deidara did get up rather early today, earlier than he normally did. He had seen the sun rise. It reminded him of Itachi and how the fire bender would slowly open his eyes to reveal their red color. They were as scary as they were captivating. Every time Itachi had looked at him, he felt his body tremble.

He sighed, the thoughts of the raven making him rather sad. He missed Itachi and he missed Sasori as well. The feeling of being loved had made him feel so warm inside and now he just felt cold. He understood why they had left, but he was still angry about it and sad and whatever you could feel about it. Mostly he felt alone. Hidan was of course great company, but it was not the same. Hidan was just a friend and not a lover. The wind bender didn't make him feel all tingly inside or confused about what he really was supposed to feel.

Still Deidara knew he needed to choose. He couldn't have them both. He wished he could, but at some point one of them would get hurt. Sharing is too difficult, especially when Sasori and Itachi didn't have feelings for each other, but both just for Deidara. Maybe if the fire bender and the earth bender would actually like each other, then it could all have worked out. Now Deidara just had to make the hardest decision in his life. Who would he rather be with?

He let his fingers caress the soft grass next to him, the dew drops falling off, making the ground extra wet again. Hidan would certainly laugh when he got to see Deidara's wet butt. The thought alone made the blonde smile as well and he felt a little better already. Hidan did know how to cheer him up, even when he wasn't there.

Deciding he should at least enjoy the water while they were here, Deidara stripped himself of his clothes and stepped into the river. The bottom was covered in black pebbles, their surface rather smooth. It made the floor slippery and Deidara had to use his bending skills to stay up right. When he found himself far enough, he sat down on the ground and let the water hit his chin. Soft waves splashed against him, but he didn't mind.

Hidan had been cooking the fish above a little campfire. It was hell getting it lit without a fire bender close by, but he managed and now the fish was done. This was the first time he had actually made breakfast for the both of them. Hidan felt like doing something nice for his companion. It was really nice having someone to travel with and he always did like Deidara's company. He was just such a sweet strong boy and he couldn't do anything wrong.

After waiting a few minutes more Hidan decided to go look for the water bender. Hidan assumed the blonde would be close to the river since this was the first time they came across water. He knew how badly benders needed to be close to their element. He didn't really have the problem since wind was always around him. Sometimes when he stayed too long inside he would get all fidgety, but he just had to step outside, take a deep breath and it was all over again. The only benders that could go long without their element were fire benders since fire wasn't something you stumbled upon very fast. They needed to create it first, but that was their advantage. They could create it themselves. A reason why some of the fire benders felt superior to the other benders. The rivalry was sad and Hidan had seen a lot of it already. Somewhere he hoped that it would all work out for Deidara and the other benders and that they would show how well benders really could get along.

He could smell the water before he even saw it. A weeping willow was in his way and he swept the long branches away, some leaves falling off. He saw a bundle of clothing lying at the base of the tree and knew that Deidara had gone for a swim. He stepped through the branches again on the other side and was right at the water sight.

Hidan's eyes fell on the small tanned body sitting in the water. The long blond hair was drifting beside it and it looked so beautiful. The wind bender always thought Deidara had a certain beauty about him and had understood very well why Itachi and Sasori had both fallen for him. Even Hidan's heart raced when Deidara only smiled at him. He would never admit it, but Hidan also had a bit of a crush on him.

Hidan decided to join Deidara for a moment and started taking off his own clothes as well. The fish could wait a little while longer. A relaxing swim is always nice and their bodies could use some relaxing after all the walking they had done.

As soon as Hidan stepped in the water, Deidara knew he was there. The water let off a certain rippling, notifying that Deidara was not alone anymore. The blonde also knew that there wasn't anyone around besides Hidan, so he wasn't worried at all.

'Morning,' Deidara said as soon as Hidan sat down beside him. The water started hitting him a little harder in the face, so he closed his eyes and guided the water away from his mouth and nose. He needed to breathe still, you know.

Hidan had tripped a few times before he actually got to Deidara. He had grumbled a lot and cursed the black pebbles adorning the bottom of the river. He didn't want to look like a fool in front of his student. At least Deidara hadn't turned around before he got there, because he would have laughed in the wind bender's face. 'Morning,' he grumbled back when he finally sat down comfortable. What you could call comfortable. These stupid pebbles were sticking up place he didn't like. How could Deidara even sit here normally and not shift the whole time?

They sat in silence for a while. Deidara was just enjoying the peaceful scenery and Hidan was still not happy with where he was sitting. This river was just crap and the wind bender wanted to get out as soon as possible.

'I got breakfast ready,' Hidan said, hoping Deidara would get the hint and get out of the river fast. Hidan knew he needed help to actually get to the shore again.

Deidara hummed softly under his breath. 'Can we just sit here a little longer? My muscles are really starting to relax right now,' he responded. What Hidan didn't know was that Deidara was actually bending the water a certain way around him, putting pressure on certain achy muscles. A lovely massage it was.

But Deidara was a nice guy and before Hidan could protest, he had begun massaging his friend as well. He had to adjust his movements a little since Hidan was a lot bigger than he was. The wind bender was so muscular and Deidara always wondered how that had happened. Secretly Hidan must train somewhere. The blonde had actually never thought about it before, but Hidan was actually rather attractive. He might as well admit it since Deidara already knew he liked guys. He could tell when a guy was attractive and when he was not.

He turned his head a little and looked at Hidan. The purple-grey eyes were closed and he was leaning back against the beams of his water bending. A small smile was on his face. 'Enjoying yourself?' he asked, looking back at the water again.

Suddenly a pair of arms was wrapped around him and he was pulled back against a broad chest. 'Very much,' Hidan whispered in his ear and Deidara gave him an annoyed push against his shoulder.

Hidan kept his firm grip around Deidara's waist and the blonde just gave up his fight and leaned back against the muscular body. He was still bending the water, massaging Hidan's muscles and sometimes he heard an approving groan. It made him smile a little, knowing he was doing a good job.

After a while sitting like that, Hidan started to caress Deidara's arms. The blonde wasn't sure what it all meant, but he did know that he liked it. His skin started to feel all tingly and he shivered when the hands went down to his legs. His blue eyes were closed, so he couldn't see Hidan watching his body from above his shoulder. Hidan knew exactly where he placed his hand and he was waiting for something else to happen.

Deidara shifted against Hidan's body, suddenly not so comfortable anymore. What was that poking him in the back? That hadn't been there a moment ago… Wait, he had gotten in naked, maybe Hidan was also naked and that was his… Blue eyes snapped open and he tried wrestling himself out of the strong arms, but Hidan kept him down.

'Calm down, Deidara. Everything is alright,' Hidan said soothingly and somehow Deidara believed him. He again leaned back against Hidan and laid his head on the broad shoulder. He now looked up at the wind bender and saw how the purple-grey eyes were fixed on his body. It turned him on a little, knowing how much Hidan liked his body.

Fingers brushed over a nipple and a soft moan left Deidara's lips. Hidan's eyes snapped back to Deidara's face and now they were staring at each other. Deidara whimpered softly as Hidan's face came closer and closer to his. Was this really going to happen? They were just friends, right? But somehow acting like this on pure lust felt okay.

Their lips met in a soft kiss and as soon as Hidan felt that Deidara pushed back a little, he deepened the kiss. His arms wrapped around the thin body and he pulled Deidara as close as possible. His tongue ran across a plump pink lip and Deidara opened his mouth with a soft moan. Hidan let his tongue roam through the wet cavern, enjoying the taste of the blonde.

Suddenly Deidara's arms came up and he wrapped them around Hidan's neck, embracing the kiss fully. He turned around in Hidan's lap and was now facing the wind bender. Hidan's arms now had the freedom to roam over Deidara's body and squeeze his little ass. They were alone in the water and enjoyed each other's bodies to the fullest.

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