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…Chapter One - Temptation…

It was another of Apollo's nightly visits to Percy's cabin, every night since the start of the summer Apollo would come to see Percy, he enjoyed the demigod's company so much more than he would ever admit. Percy seemed to enjoy his too, he listened intently to everything the boy said, he was happy they could have this, talking freely without restraint and with him not trembling with fear at the threat of being incinerated. He was so at ease, yet Apollo dared not to cross the line, his heart ached but just being with Percy would have to satisfy him, until this night, it had started like any other previous to it, but it sparked off everyday after.

Percy was exhausted, he greeted the god before he all but collapsed onto his bunk.

Apollo walked over the the demigod and sat down beside him. "Rough day?" Percy smiled at his concern, his drew one knee up and rested his head, facing sideways to the god.

"Long day." Apollo felt butterflies flutter in his stomach at his smile, though in his current exhausted state he looked quite dopey and sleepy, Apollo just thought it was cute. He smiled back before his staring grew to seem weird.

Percy watched him, they sat in companionable silence for a while, his heart started beating a little faster as he thought of how much he wanted to get closer to him, breathe in the scent that was purely Apollo, it was a definite smell of man mixed with the air of the morning sun. The god looked about the same age as Percy, maybe a year older at the most, he wore dark jeans that hung enticingly on his hips and a barely buttoned up white shirt that promised a smooth muscular chest beneath. Whereas there was Percy in his usual camp t-shirt and combat trousers, compared to him he thought the god practically glowed. Maybe he actually did.

He wanted to feel the warmth that he could see radiating from him, he wanted to feel it now, his heart was in his mouth as he leaned over and nuzzled the gods shoulder, sliding his arm around his chest. His breath caught in his throat as he felt the warmth of his skin through the soft fabric, he felt high from his heavenly fragrance. Apollo leaned back on the bed and wrapped an arm around the youngers back, butterflies attacking his stomach as he was so delicately touched. Why did he feel like this, he was a god, he'd had countless lovers in his immortal life, so few had drawn this reaction from him, he liked all his lovers sure, but Percy is special, he'd just wanted to spend time with him, no matter what their standing, now here they were, so close, so very close. He'd fallen for him. Hard.

Percy let out a shaky breath as he moved closer to the sun god, leaning his body against him, it felt so right, he felt safe. His hand traced over Apollo's heart, he could feel its quick and strong beats. He nuzzled the soft skin of the god's neck, they both practically whimpered at the long awaited skin on skin contact. Percy closed his eyes, savoring the sensation, Apollo could feel the light brush of his eyelashes under his jaw.

"Percy..." The demigod all but jumped back to where he was sat previously, fearing he'd way overstepped the mark, to make a move on a god. Apollo however, was confused at Percy's reaction.

"I didn't mean to startle you... It's okay..." Apollo reached out and stroked Percy's cheek, he leaned forward to kiss him, mesmerized by the soft lips that awaited him. When their faces were just inches apart Apollo stopped and withdrew. He stood up from the bed and looked down at Percy, a soft smile on his face. "You should go to sleep, it's late." Percy glanced at his clock, it was nearly midnight. They'd stayed up later than this before, but he chose not to argue the point.

"Okay..." he stood up in front of the god who cast him a small grin. Apollo took hold of Percy's hands and placed them firmly over the boy's eyes. They shared a smirk before there was a bright light and Apollo was gone, leaving Percy alone in his cabin.

Apollo planned to take him out the next night, to a spot he hoped he would love, a cliff top overlooking the ocean, no sign of any civilization for miles. Apollo thought Percy was special and deserved to be treated as such. So he'd decided to go to a more romantic place than Percy's cabin at camp half blood, he was a god, he could do better than that.

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