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Annabeth slumped next to me; the knife's would was deep. I couldn't get the vision of the deep green ring around the wound out of my head, so it was stuck there, and probably would be forever, in the center of my mind.

She was mumbling about how she'd need to be better soon for the "big fight, the real one." and how she "won't let me go in alone." I rolled my eyes, wondering if she would be better in time for any battle, if I'd let her ever go out on the field ever again. I was scared that she'd go out and get hurt again.

The Hermes cabin seemed sure that if we fed her enough nectar, she'd be fine. Me, on the other hand, I wasn't too sure. She was still shivering real bad. I leaned down and pressed my lips to her forehead; the fever was still apparent.

"We should move her to a room," Travis said as he passed by, bandaging one of the kids from the Athena cabin.

"Sure," I replied as I eyed Annabeth again. She wouldn't sleep anytime soon, but didn't look comfortable in the lobby's couch that probably couldn't fit more than two people sitting.

I uncovered her, "Hey!" she groaned, "You could leave me here, I'm fine, Percy."

"Annabeth, you were stabbed. With a poison knife. Any other normal mortal would die, which you're half. C'mon," I said as I hoisted her sickingly warm and light body into my arms, feeling her's wrap behind my neck.

"Don't.. Don't d-drop me!" she cried, her perception probably off. It probably looked like she was on top of Olympus.

I chuckled as I carried her to the elevator, and punched the 2nd floor button. I could feel her chest moving up and down slowly. I thought back to when I came home from Calypso's cave. How Annabeth sobbed about how I was the bravest person she'd known.


"Percy had been the bravest person I knew. He was.. He was.. one of my best friends. He was a huge Seaweed Brain, but I didn't even care. All I can say is, Percy, I miss you already."

Chiron patted her back, then led her down the aisle that had been created, like it was set up for a wedding, people on each side in fold up chairs watching people talk about me.

Just then, Annabeth and I locked eye contact. I motioned for her to come behind the docks with me. She looked shocked, but excused herself and ran out to find me.

"It's an illusion, I know it is. I'm in grieving. I'm probably seeing him because I can't process the fact that he's gone," She murmured, but when I caught her arm, she immeadiately wrapped her arms around me, and I watched as one tear ran down her red cheek. She squeezed me to her, and I held her for about fifteen seconds before she spoke again, way too early for me.

"You're dead. And me, I'm dreaming. I don't care, this works, too."

"You're not dreaming at all, I'm not dead. I'm perfectly fine."

She gave me a surprised look, her bright gray eyes rimmed with red.

"No.. Iris couldn't reach you. Our prayers weren't going through.. This isn't logical.."

I laughed. Typical Annabeth would try to come up with a good explanation. I didn't want to tell her about my thing with Calypso. I frowned at the thought, she'd murder me with her knife. Or worse, she'd actually be hurt by it. I imagined her calling me an ilithios while she yelled at me, lecturing me on how dangerous and reckless I was.

Instead, she hugged me tigher as I told her. "I'm glad your back. And nobody knows about what happened just now. Or I will murder you."

I smiled, "Go back. I'll let them know I'm not dead in about thirty seconds."

End of Flashback

I wondered if Annabeth knew I'd come back, or believed I was gone forever. I wondered what she felt when she held the sky. When she first met me and Grover. I wondered what went on inside her head, period.

The elevator made a ding, and I proceeded inside the first room across the hallway. She looked like energy had been sucked out of her, leaving her weak and small. Her head layed against my chest, making my adrenaline pump throughout my body.

I layed her on the bed, then looked outside; it was bad. Thalia and the Hunters were outside fighting a huge Chimera. I pulled Riptide, and took another glance at Annabeth's pleading eyes.

"Be careful, Seaweed Brain. I'm fine here. Kick back, eat some nectar. Watch a little movie," she said jokingly. "But honestly, I'll probably sleep and be back on my feet tomorrow." I took another good look at her, as if it would be my last.

"I promise I'll be back in no time. An hour."

She nodded, and I was gone.


Percy leapt from the window, and I pondered what was going on. Why he had to leave, and if it was something so dangerous that he had to promise to be back.

Oh, well. Percy's fine, he's not stupid enough to get killed. Or get stabbed by the only knife that would happen to have poison lined on it.

I slipped my eyes shut, but felt the pounding of blood in my infected wound. There would be an ugly scar, for sure. I didn't care about that. It was the whole recovery period I was worried about. I wanted desperately to help everyone I could.

I felt some of the woozieness kick in. I watched ever so slowly as everything began to tilt sideways, and I felt my breath hitch.

Sinking, I was. Underwater, hearing the Siren's song. Percy wasn't there to save my butt this time. My lungs filled with water, and as soon as they did, I was out cold.

"Annabeth?" A clouded voice asked. Travis? Silena? Percy? I didn't know. It didn't have a tone to it's voice.

I was fine, but lost alot of blood. Hallucinations were normal at this point, I guessed.

"She's asleep." A different voice said. I recgonized this one as Rachel Dare, the one I wasn't really crazy about.

"She's breathing awfully slow.."

"Calm your jets. She needs the sleep."

They both stopped, and I went back to being in the blue.

I snapped awake with a jolt, my arm pulsing a bit. "What time is it?" I asked, looking around the dark room, but only finding the outline of Rachel.

"About eleven PM. Percy's out battling."

"Still?" I asked, rubbing my head with my good arm, feeling that my fever was gone.

"No. You were out for about two days, which isn't surprising. And your fever sweat itself out. We had to change your blankets because you were sweating."

I stood up, swaying a bit, but still fine. Heading to the bathroom, I turned the light on and looked at myself.

My hair more of a wreck than it normally was. My eyes were still red. I wore a red cami, and gray pajama shorts. I must've been pretty warm. Knowing Percy, he panicked. He wasn't around sick people that often.

I'd missed too much. I looked at my still scabby arm, the nectar was not working as fast as they expected. As I expected. The green was gone, but it still looked like I'd taken a good hit. After bandaging it back up, I walked back into the main room of the hotel bedroom.

"Rachel, what did I miss?"

"Nothing, really. Nobody's winning. But we're taking a huge hit. Ares cabin came to help out."

"If I went out to help.." I began, trailing off.

"Percy would personally kill me. He made me stay just to make sure you didn't try to go out and 'help'," Rachel confirmed.

I sighed. As much as I didn't like the idea, they were right. I was still too easy of a target. Maybe tomorrow I'd be able to. Maybe.

I shivered and took a look at the air conditioner. It was below fifty degrees. I turned it up, being generous with the heat.

"You're cold?" I heard Percy's voice whisper. "Rachel, can you give us a second?" I saw the shadow of the door open, then close, leaving us in the dark again.

"You want to help," Percy guessed.

"I do. But I know I can't so you don't need to try something stupid to stop me."

I couldn't see Percy's outline, but knew he was still in the room. It was silent except for the groaning sound the air conditioner made.

"At least, not tonight," I added. "I can carry my own weight."

"Annabeth -,"

"Percy," I mocked.

"You need to give your body time to heal." Where was this coming from? Normally, Percy would make some kind of a joke about how he'd push me in front of a bus to show me that I'm weak and need more time to get better. Not to give my body time to heal. It was just weird for Percy, of all people.

No, he decides to be sincere and sweet now.

I crawled to the middle of the bed, only to feel Percy's weight occupy the other half. We both sat cross-legged, facing one another.

"I can help," I insisted, almost pleading. No, I couldn't plead with Percy. He wasn't the boss of me. Just because his father is of the Big Three, does not mean that he is above me. I've been fighting a hell of alot longer than he has.

"Annabeth, heres the thing. I don't want to see you get hurt again. I almost had a heart attack last time."

"But I didn't get stabbed by some freak accident. If I didn't take that knife, you would have died - and that would have been worse for me."

He sighed, obviously frustrated. "Go back to sleep, I need to go."

I grabbed his hand when he stood up. "No, stay. Please."

He sat back down, still holding my hand. "Just until morning. Until then, we should make the best of tonight."

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