-Slow Burn-

Her muscles ache, her eyes stream; the fibres of her being are ripped, frayed at the edges. After a night's rest they will knit together, entwining like snakes and winding her ever tighter, the drawstring of Cupid's bow. Pinkie meets her when she lands, full of energy, of innocence. She doesn't know about flight, the mad folly of the fall.

It would be so easy to just let herself go, to collapse into her friend and steal that innocence for herself. This time, she doesn't.

But her muscles ache, her eyes stream; sooner or later, something will come crashing down.

Pinkie is not known for her patience. The world blurs by, and she cannot bear to miss it. Yet, she waits each day to watch Dash's practice, to take in the blurs of colour Dash leaves behind as she carves through the sky. She wants to share that feeling, and knows she cannot.

But, somewhere in the hurried doodles of her mind, Pinkie knows that there's more than one way to fly. So what patience she has, she gives away freely; and when her friend staggers, exhausted, to her side, she smiles. Some things, she thinks, are worth waiting for.

A/N: As usual, the rub: this is going to be a Rainbow Pie collection, but with a slight difference from the previous drabble collections I've contributed to the fandom thus far. Firstly, it's going to be ongoing, so more than ten chapters for y'all this time. Secondly, I'm going to use it as a little experimental pit for when I want to test stuff out; about once every 10 chapters or so I'll change format or focus or something.

For this battery of ten, I'm going to be 'droubling'; that is, each entry will be exactly 200 words (or as close as my worthless word count will allow). However, instead of one long drouble, I shall break it down into two 200 word chunks, looking at the prompt from both character focuses if I can. Even if it doesn't work (I have my doubts about the concept) it ought to be interesting.

Oh, and I'm looking to take a lighter touch (at least for now) on this collection whilst I work out some of the kinks in characterisation. Expect sudden comedy.