An unspeakable Secret

"You're letting me leave this place?" Kai asked in a confused voice, Voltaire's words had caught him off guard. He was sitting in Voltaire's office; Boris was there too, as well as two security guards and a middle aged man with a balding head.

"Yes, you are free to go," Voltaire said with a malevolent smile. "All you have to do is, listen to Mr. Dickinson here."

Voltaire gestured towards the balding man, who gave Kai an earnest smile. Kai responded by giving the man a suspicious look, anyone that Voltaire knew, was not to be trusted. Kai then turned from Mr. Dickinson to Voltaire and gave him an appalling expression.

Voltaire glared at his grandson. "You can live your life as you please, you will go back home. All you are going to have to do is participate in Beyblading tournaments; Mr. Dickinson is in charge of a beyblading organization, and he just needs new bladers."

Kai was unsure of what to do, there was a chance for him to get out of the hell hole that was Balkov abbey, but he didn't know what Voltaire, and this man's intentions were.

A few minutes passed as Kai considered the aspects of the situation. Why was Voltaire just letting him go? What was he planning to make him do?

"Kai," Boris said in an aggressive voice, speaking for the first time since Kai entered the room. "You don't have a choice here. You are leaving, it has been decided."

Kai looked up at Boris and gave him an indifferent look.

"Now, now," Mr. Dickinson said in a calm voice. "No need to be harsh with the boy, he can come with me if he wants, if he wants to stay here with his friends, then he can, you can just find me some other blader."

Voltaire gave Mr. Dickinson a scathing look, is if he thought that Mr. Dickinson was a naive man who didn't understand what an abomination the lad in front of them was; he was not affected at all by his right hand man's harsh behavior towards his grandson, but approved of it. Kai was glaring at his grandfather after his last comment and was determinedly not responding. Mr. Dickinson noticed how Voltaire looked at his grandson, in a disappointed, demeaning manner, as if he was thinking of every possible aspect in which Kai was a failure to him.

"Mr. Hiwatari," Mr. Dickinson addressed, "How about I speak to Kai alone?"

"As you wish," Voltaire agreed; he then turned to Kai, "Accompany Mr. Dickinson outside."

Kai grunted in response and got up from his seat and walked out of the room. Mr. Dickinson bid Voltaire and Boris a farewell and followed suit.

"Kai," Mr. Dickinson said in a gently voice catching up to the dual haired boy. "Why are you against the idea of leaving this place?"

"I don't know what you and Voltaire are planning on making me do out there, so no, I am fine here." Kai told Mr. Dickinson.

"Kai, all I want is a blader. I am unaware of what your Grandfather might want, but I just want you to blade in my tournaments." Mr. Dickinson explained to Kai who was leaning against a wall with his arms folded.

"Okay, so you might not be involved, but I'm not taking any chances. If you are not involved, then you don't know what goes on in here, you don't know what the risk is going out there alone." Kai finished expressing his thoughts and began to walk off.

Mr. Dickinson shook his head and sighed. "I'm trying to help you, and the other children, I know what goes on in here. The only reason I want someone from here to beyblade for me is, to try and put a stop to this organization."

Kai was genuinely shocked; this was not what he was expecting. Even if this guy didn't work for Voltaire, he had expected that he would be some guy, really wanting a blader, which Voltaire was using as an opportunity to send one of his pawns in the real world, to do his dirty work. Someone trying to bring down Voltaire was not, what Kai expected this bald and old man, to be.

"Fine, I'll come with you." Kai said unfolding his arms. "Is there any chance that you might convince Voltaire to let four more people go?"

"Your friends?" Mr. Dickinson raised his eye brows.

"I've known them from when I started here." Kai said in a defensive voice.

Mr. Dickinson smiled sympathetically. "I'm sorry, my boy, Voltaire didn't want to let go of anyone, I convinced him to let one of his, uh, students go, he won't budge for another."

Kai's eyebrows furrowed. "Fine, when do we leave?"

"As soon as you get your stuff, we can leave." Mr. Dickinson said cheerfully. "You can return to where you lived before you came here. I am sorry about your friends."

"Its fine," Kai said in an apathetic voice. He began walking away towards his quarters, but stopped in his tracks. "Thank you," He said without turning around.

"You're welcome, Kai," Mr. Dickinson said with a swell of pride, maybe the boy wasn't as bad as Voltaire and his worker had stated.

You're old enough to know the difference between right and wrong; always make the right choice no matter how hard.

Kai winced as the words of his father echoed through his mind. Tala, Bryan, Spencer and Ian weren't his duty, he was in no sense obliged to them, he had the opportunity to leave, he would take it; they would do the same thing.

Still there was a part of him that was repentant for the choice he had made, and felt ashamed of his decision, so, he decided to not tell them that he had a choice to stay; that was one secret he was going to keep with him.


After taking the small amount of property he claimed as his own, his precious Dranzer, Kai left his quarters, bidding his friends a subtle goodbye. As he exited the room, before he completely shut the door, he heard Tala say to Bryan, "Of course he'd stay, if he had the choice, he'd never abandon us." And at that moment Kai wished that the ground would just open up and swallow him whole, he would never let them know he had a choice, if they found out he would never be able to look himself in the mirror. He was going to take this reprehensible secret, to his grave.

He took in a deep breath and made his way towards the doors of the abbey, towards a freedom that tasted more bitter at the moment than the confinement of the abbey.

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