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Okay, this is going to be my first ever fanfic uploaded on . It's NOT my first story but I wanna make it the first ever uploaded story. ^^ The title practically gave you an idea about what the story's going to be about, all that's left is the contents~ Don't worry, nothing explicit is in there since…I wrote it in school. SCHOOL, of all places is a place you must never write porn. = = ….Well then, let's just continue…


Inazuma Eleven!


GouenjiXEndou, FudouXKidou


Fluff and Romance


I DO NOT, and will NEVER own this piece of wonderful animation. Especially the characters in it…..(Oh, how I WISH everyday I can own them!)

Pocky Day 11-11

"Gouenji~" Endou smiled brightly at the boy sitting in front of him. The spiked-hair male put down his school bag and turned around facing his friend.

"What is it, Endou?" asked the male. Endou plopped his elbows on the table and cocked his head to the side. "Do you know what day it is today?" Gouenji thought for a moment and shook his head in defiance. "…The 11th of November?"

Endou pouted at the boring reply and decided to bring out a packet of chocolate-flavoured pocky sticks from his bag. "It's Pocky Day!" The soccer-freak smiled brightly and his eyes gleamed in anticipation.

"I…see…Happy Pocky Day." Gouenji, still slightly confused turned back around and took a book out of his bag. He swiftly handed it to the goggled-eye male on his left. "Here's the book you asked for Kidou." Kidou nodded and took the book in to his hands. "Thanks, Gouenji."

Endou glared at the two in front of him and groaned. "Geez!" He got up from his seat and paced in front of his two best friends. He crossed his arms and puffed his cheeks out as a sign of anger, but it only showed signs of cuteness. "I want to celebrate Pocky Day with BOTH of you!" Endou cried out loudly.

Both Gouenji and Kidou was taken aback by their captain's outburst and stood there for a couple of seconds frozen solid. "Celebrate..." Kidou started, a little embarrassed. "...Pocky Day with the both of us?" Gouenji finished their question in one go, flushing the most. Endou was clueless as to why their faces were red but decided to brush it off and answered them. "Well, of course! It's my first Pocky Day celebration after Aki introduced it to me just yesterday." Endou smiled wearily and scratched his cheeks. "And, Aki said it should be celebrated with your most important person. And, my important persons are you guys."

The ace striker of Raimon and the genius playmaker both blushed a bright crimson. They hid their faces behind their hands as to calm their ever-rising heartbeat and temperature. "E-Endou, thank you...for thinking of me as your mosr important...person..." Kidou stuttered and placed a reassuring hand on Endou's shoulder. Gouenji was too speechless for any gratitude comeback and just gave his captain a pat on the back, nodding.

The captain of Raimon Eleven smiled at his best friends and giggled a little. He then held out the packet of pocky and smiled even widely. "Then, let's eat pocky together!" Little did the ever-so-innocent goalkeeeper knew the hidden(?) meaning behind his naive little request.

The ace striker and genius strategist both blushed yet again. "W-What?" flushing, they asked in unison, eyes never leaving the innocent-looking boy in front of them. Endou nodded enthusiastically and took out a stick, shoving it in front of his two best friends. "Come on! Let's eat pocky together!" Endou's eyes were filled with sheer happiness and maybe a hint of determination, making Gouenji and Kidou both merciless under their beloved captain.

"Geez, do you even know what you're asking?" Kidou sighed and took off his goggles, revealing his deep crimson eyes. "You're such an idiot, Endou..." Gouenji nodded in approval before he helped himself to a pocky stick. "Well, this IS Endou we're talking about, isn't it?" Gouenji eyed Kidou and a small smirk played itself across the stirker's lips.

"You got yourself a point there," Kidou mumbled while turning to Endou's direction who looked slightly confused at the conversation going on before his eyes. Just then, Kidou took the pocky stick out of Endou's grasp. "But," continued Kidou, positioning himself infront of the goalkeeper closely. Gouenji caught up to the game strategist's little scheme and smirked even wider. He too leaned in toward his beloved captain and asked seductively. "Who would you go for first?"

"H-Huh?" Totally dumbfound and slightly taken aback, Endou blinked and muttered unconsciously. Being overly naive, the soccer-freak had not a single clue of what his best friends' intention was. Gouenji, already knew that this would occur, decided to take one step further ahead.