Chapter 3


On the other hand, Kidou watched the two with anger and frustration. "Damn you Gouenji, taking the upper-hand first. How dare you!" Kidou gritted under his breath. Just then, Fudou noticed the genius strategist's jealous expression and decided to "play" with him a little.

"Ki~dou-kun." The ruby-orbs male flinched as a pair of strong and gentle arms came and wrapped around his waist from behind. The boy did not even turn around to see who it was.

"What are you trying to do, Fudou?" sighed Kidou in exasperation, he had enough to deal with already. The mentioned boy smiled smugly, his eyes gleaming like a Cheshire cat. "I'm just trying to relief you off your jealousy, that's all~ Nothing else~"

Kidou blushed a bright red. He was not aware that his feelings were expressed so clearly on his facial features. He tried to push the other guy away from him but Fudou had quick reflexes. In a blink of an eye, he had stolen the pocky stick away from Kidou.

"G-Give that back!" angry, Kidou snarled like an offended cat. Unfortunately, his anger soon diminished and a bright pink crept up his face instead. The midfielder turned away, blushing madly with a hand covering his mouth. "F-Fudou, what are you…" Kidou took a glance at the said boy, taking in the image before him.

Fudou had his eyes closed and the stolen pocky stick was in Fudou's lips, the chocolate-y end facing Kidou, as if the tease was inviting the genius playmaker to play the "Pocky Game" with him. Kidou gulped, gathering his remaining courage he slowly leaned in and bit softly on the other end of the stick.

Sensing that the other male had taken his bait, Fudou grinned and started to chew on the confectionary at a rather fast pace. Kidou, on the other hand, snapped his eyes open upon hearing the past-pace-chewing noises. "W-Wait, isn't he going a bit too fast?"

Before Kidou could open his mouth and protest, Fudou was already face to face with the genius strategist. As if his train-of-thought got cut off, Kidou stared at the other male, his breathing suddenly came to a halt, he could not think.

Fudou took the chance and landed his lips rather roughly on the other male. He guided his hands and wrapped them around Kidou's slim waist, pulling his teammate in to an embrace. As if by magic, the kiss got Kidou back in to reality, making him realize that Fudou was KISSING him.

Blushing for the umpteenth time that morning, Kidou squeezed his eyes shut and stood there as straight as a twig. "What is he DOING?" thought the midfielder who was panicking yet found himself to be slightly enjoying it.

The kiss was rough, yet gentle at the same time. It lasted for not more than a minute when Fudou finally decided to pull over. "So, how was it, Kidou-kun?" smirking, Fudou asked. Trying with all his willpower to avoid the other male's strong grip around his waist, Kidou glared at Fudou. "You PERVERT."

"You think so? But that blush on your face tells me otherwise~" Fudou teased yet again, making Kidou blushed even harder. The genius playmaker was about to retort when he heard the school bell chime. He growled lowly and stole a quick and harsh kiss from Fudou before pushing him away. "I'll make sure to get even with you after class, Akio."

Fudou, slightly shell-shocked at the sudden kiss felt his face heat up moderately. He smirked yet again when he heard those words from the usually calm and collected game strategist. "Then, I'll be waiting, Kidou-kun~" And he grinned all the way back to his seat, leaving a quite pissed-off and embarrassed Kidou behind.