Ordinary Life-Love

Author: StarMoon Cat

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Mika Kawamura is an epic genius for making this manga. By the way, this is my first fanfic ever. Hope you will enjoy! Thank You.. ;))


An Ordinary Night

First Day at school.. 7:45PM

"Ok, where is our professor? We've been waiting here for like an eternity," Miyu complained to Nanami and Aya who ignored her because they were busy reading manga.

They were in the classroom for forty-five minutes already.

Still, their professor was nowhere to be found.

"Hey, are you two even listening to me? You are always holding those kinds of things, what do you get from those?" Either of them didn't answer because they were so drowned to the manga they were reading.

"Ok, now I'm talking to myself," she said to herself.

It's already late and she didn't have her dinner yet.

Good thing she always have her biscuit in her bag.

"I can't take this anymore, my stomach is whining," as she was about to put biscuit in her mouth, the classroom door opened revealing a very handsome man in his sky blue long sleeve polo and black slack pants holding a long folder in his arms.

Miyu's mouth stayed open with the biscuit near it as she watched the good-looking man go to the front desk.

Some of her girl classmates were whispering and giggling to each other.

"Good evening, I'm sorry I'm late class. I met a traffic jam going here," said to them calmly.

"Since this is our first meeting, and obviously I will introduce myself. I am Kanata Saionji and will be your professor for this semester," said the young lecturer while the whole class was attentively listening to him.

This was not his first time to teach that's why he knew already what to do.

He started his teaching career when he was twenty-eight years old and it was now his seventh year in this school.

He was described as a cool, attractive and mysterious man by the students.

Unlike her two friends who were still focus in the manga they were reading while their professor was talking, Miyu was now really staring at their professor like she was in the outer space.

One could say that she was attracted to this guy. Love at first sight probably. But there was something wrong with it.

"Before we start our lesson proper, please get a piece of paper. Write your full name, contact #, address, and your motto if you want to. Then at the back, write what you expect from this subject or anything you want to," Kanata said to his students.

The students followed and each began to scribble on his/her paper.

Thirty minutes had passed, the students were still writing and Kanata began to clear his throat. "Class, this is not a quiz, so don't take it too seriously. I don't need to read a novel," Kanata chuckled.

Miyu, on the other hand, was busy writing on the paper like she was pouring her heart in every word she was writing.

After some minutes, "Pass the papers class," Kanata said impatiently.

He really didn't know why he became a teacher since he didn't have enough patience to wait for something.

After Kanata received the papers, he discussed to his students that the subject will not be that easy but if they will do their best, they'll going to make it.

Kanata dismissed his students early because first meetings were usually giving an introduction and orientation about the subject.

While driving, he was thinking. There were lots of things in his mind that he was too tired, and wanted to go home and have a good sleep.

Ever since she entered college, she rented a bed space in a ladies' dormitory near to the school.

It was a ten minute walk from school to her place. It was 8:30 in the evening and she was now walking home alone, thinking of their new professor.

She was walking alone since her friends' houses and her dorm have different paths to take.

"Maybe it was ordinary for a girl like me to like someone like him," Miyu thought. "But why there is a feeling that I also hate him?" Weird.

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