Ordinary Life-Love

Author: StarMoon Cat

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Mika Kawamura is an epic genius for making this manga. By the way, this is my first fanfic ever. Hope you will enjoy! Thank You.. ;))

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Kanata was at Saionji Temple sitting on his desk in front of his laptop finishing a proposal for his business. It was Sunday yet he couldn't stop working. Each day was very important to him. He made an oath that he wanted his life to be exhausted and used until his last breath.

After finishing his business plan, Kanata went in the kitchen to get some snacks and go back to his room to work on some files delivered to him last night. He was obviously a workaholic. While he was checking the files, Kanata's phone rang. He quickly picked it up for it might be an important business matter.

"Hello, who's this?" Kanata spoke while still examining the files on his desk.

"Hi Sir. Uhm, this is Miyu Kouzuki, the one you saved from a bad man four nights ago," Miyu explained nervously.

Kanata was shocked to hear Miyu's voice. He was puzzled on how she was able to know his phone number.

"May I ask on how did you get my number?" Kanata asked calmly the other line.

"I...Someone had helped me to get it from the hospital," answered Miyu.

"I should not have given it," Kanata thought regretfully.

"I hope you will not be angry because I know you wanted to be anonymous. Of course, you are still unknown to me, so please do not be mad to me nor to the hospital's staff. They had nothing to do with me getting your contact. I was the one who insisted. I just really-," Miyu kept on talking.

"Ok, I understand Miyu," Kanata cut her reasoning.

"I never thought she was this talkative," Kanata thought. "

Then why did you call?" asked Kanata.

"I...just wanted to thank you for saving my life… and... my bag," Miyu answered a little embarrassed but she was sincere.

There was silence between the two for a minute.

"You're… bag?" Kanata was confused.

"Yeah. I know this sounds crazy… but… the contents of my bag are actually as important as my life at the moment. There were important things inside it that cannot be easily replaced. For instance, the books. They were really expensive and… I'm just a student. Although I work I couldn't just easily get the money everytime I needed it. And I don't want to ask money from my parents because…I just don't want to depend everything from them. I promised to myself that I will not be a burden to them," Miyu told Kanata like she was telling everything about her life.

"Whoa, are you done? I thought you called me just to thank me not to be your diary," Kanata was grasping every word Miyu was saying and realized that she wanted to talk to someone who will listen.

Kanata formed a small smile in his lips because Miyu was talking to him like they were friends although it's kind of too early to trust someone you were not really know yet.

"Oh, I'm sorry Sam. Maybe, you are getting annoyed right now. I know we are strangers to each other but I have this kind of feeling that we have some kind of connection. I'm sorry," Miyu apologized for her blabbering.

"Come again? What did you call me?" the still confused Kanata asked.

"Uhm, since you were unnamed and you don't want me to know you. I called you Sam from word Samaritan. The Good Samaritan story, are you familiar with that?" Miyu awkwardly explained.

"Yeah. I am familiar with that," Kanata began to laugh now.

"What's funny?" Miyu was the confused now. Kanata still continued to laugh to his heart content.

"That's very creative of you," Kanata was trying to stop his laughing.

"Well, how am I supposed to call you? My hero? That's kind of cheesy," Miyu defended.

"That's okay with me," Kanata replied.

"Calling you 'my hero'?" Miyu asked for that's kind of creepy to say although it was the truth.

"No. Calling me 'Sam'. It's kind of a weird name here in Japan. I believe it is an American name?" Kanata made it clear.

"Yeah. It is," Miyu smiled.

"Well, I hope I'm not disturbing you right now. Thank you so much for everything, for saving me, for taking me to the hospital, for paying the bill… everything. Thank you, Sam" Miyu said honestly from her heart.

"You're welcome Miyu," Kanata replied.

"I will hang up now," Miyu said and was satisfied from their conversation.

Holding her phone on her left hand, Miyu was so much pleased to have talked with Sam (Kanata). "I like his voice," Miyu giggled. "But it is strange... why do I have to say those things to him like I know him," said to herself and smiled with her being so honest to this guy. "I wonder who he might be," Miyu wondered as she laid her body on the bed.

Kanata hung up and smiled. It's been awhile since he laugh that so hard. "Sam, huh...?" Kanata muttered to himself still smiling. "Weird girl," Kanata couldn't help but smile.

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