I hoped you enjoyed this story :) This was the hardest to write out of all of them. Thank you Jasmine for giving me a little inspiration for the ending. Cameron stabbing Chris worked out great and will be another open can of worms for the next story. I'm planning on writing a third and last story to this series. I'm not excatly sure when it'll be posted. I haven't even got started on it yet, but I can tell you this: It has to do with baby Chase and Cameron's pregnancy, a possible Hameron friendship, Cameron trying to deal with stabbing Chris, Dana might have breast cancer, the wedding, and Cameron gets to meet Chase's step family. I don't know when it'll be up, but its going to take a while so be patient and keep me on story alert. Love you guys!


Everything was a blur for Cameron once Chase put her in the ambulance. He held her hand and never once left her side until she was wheeled into the ER. Cuddy made him go in the waiting room as she and the ER attending resouchered her shoulder wound and made sure her concussion wasn't worse than it already was. The moment his hand fell from hers she felt intense panic, but Cuddy was quick to calm her and before she knew it she had fallen into darkness once more. Once she was stabled Cuddy had her moved to a private room. The dull ache in her head and body wasn't the only thing she was aware of as she slowly woke up. The TV was on low and there was a slight pressure on the side of her bed. Through half opened eyes she watched as House watched general hospital while munching on a bag of chips. He had his feet up on the bed and even though he was being rude, she can see the worry in his weary face.

"You're getting crumbs on me," she mumbled weakly, getting his attention. The moment he heard her voice he focused his ice blue eyes on her and took out his penlight. She winced as he shined them in her eyes. He turned it off and held up two fingers.

"How many?" he asked.

"Two," she whispered. Satisfied she was ok; he resumed his earlier position and started eating his chips. "What happened? Where's Chase?"

"You passed out in the ER and Chase is at the police station taking care of this whole mess," he replied. Cameron nodded.

"You found me..." she stated weakly. "I heard Chase telling Cuddy on the phone before he put me on the gurney. You practically saved me House. Thank you."

"It was nothing," he half grumbled, averting his gaze to his show. She gave him a small smile and didn't push him. She knew he was uncomfortable enough already and if she kept bothering him he'll just snap.

"Is the baby ok?" she asked changing the subject.

"The fetus is fine," he said, putting emphasis on fetus. "Chip?" he asked, holding out the bag to her.

"No thanks," she said as he took a chip out of the bag for himself.

"More for me," he said sarcastically as he threw it in the air and caught it in his mouth. It was a comfortable silence as they watched the TV. She wasn't really watching it. All that was on her mind was the trauma that happened. She couldn't believe Chris had tried to kill her, that she ended up... Oh god! she realized as she remembered what she had done.

"House," her voice was shaking in terror. "I just killed a man." Tears of panic streamed down her cheeks and her breaths became rapid. He turned off the TV and removed his legs from the bed. He scooted his chair closer to her.

"It wasn't out of cold blood. You had to do it to protect yourself."

"That still doesn't make it right," she cried.

"What about saving your baby? Doesn't that make it right?" he asked. She looked up at him, tears silently flowing down her cheeks. He didn't wait to hear her answer as he got up and limped out of the room without another word. She thought about his words, but still stood for what she believed. What she did had no excuse. It was wrong. She could've just injured him, not take his life.

No, she thought. It still doesn't make it right.