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"Sebastian!" Draco yelled as the toddler crawled quickly away from his room.

Harry moved aside the gate that guarded the top of the stairs and picked up the giggling little boy. "Potty!" the spirited eleven-month old exclaimed.

Draco stifled a laugh. "I did not teach him that," he swore.

The raven haired man smirked. "You also didn't teach him that he needs to wear pants when going out," he retorted, tickling the boy who looked exactly like his father. "Seb, what do you say we get you dressed?"

"Mama?" he asked, looking from his godfather to his father.

Draco took him from Harry's arms and carried him back to the nursery. "And Ana too," he promised. Their vow renewal was only an hour away, and Draco feared he wouldn't make it on time.

A hand landed on his shoulder. "Go get dressed," Harry said. "I'll get Seb ready. Hermione will kill you if you're late. And I'm pretty sure she won't let you claim that you didn't remember."

He shot his friend a relieved smile and left the nursery as Harry took over. Twenty minutes later, the trio left for the ceremony. His memories had returned the day his son was born, and he had a feeling his wife's "true love's kiss" theory had something to do with it. After Sebastian's birth, as Hermione held her newborn son, Draco proposed. The couple spent months planning their renewal ceremony, insisting they do it themselves despite the number of times Molly Weasley offered to help.

And now, the day had arrived. His stomach felt alive with a thousand tiny butterflies, but he wasn't nervous. As the minutes wound down, he grew more and more excited. Theo and Harry stood by his side holding Ana and Sebastian respectively. Ana scowled, kicking Theo as she complained about her shoes.

"Drake, do something about your daughter before the entire right side of my body is bruised," he complained.

The blond laughed and removed Ana's shoes. "Some godfather you are," he remarked, handing him the small, white Mary Jane's.

Theo slipped them into his back pocket and frowned at his best friend. "Lucky me," he replied before turning his attention to the little girl in his arms. "You're lucky I love you, Nugget."

Ana giggled and ceased her kicking. "No, you're my Nugget," she responded, kissing his cheek. Draco cleared his throat, and she turned her head to face her father. He flashed her a look of warning, letting her know there was something else she needed to say. "Sorry, Uncle Theo, for kicking you."

Soft music began to play as Robert Granger led Hermione to the flowered arch under which he stood with the minister who would perform the ceremony. Robert kissed Hermione's cheek and placed her hand in Draco's. She smiled lovingly, first at her newly returned parents, then her children, and finally her husband.

"You're beautiful," Draco whispered, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

"You said the same thing to me the first time we got married," she replied.

Draco's smile grew. "I know."

"Welcome," the minister started, "to family, to friends, to all those who have loved and stood by the happy couple. Marriage is a sacred bond in our world, one not meant to be taken lightly. Today, Draco and Hermione stand before you to re-pledge themselves to one another for eternity.

"Draco, will you continue to love, honor, and cherish Hermione, your wife, until the end of your days?" the minister asked, holding his hand over their joined hands. "Do you promise to remain faithful to both your wife and the family that has been the product of your love for one another?"

"I will," he replied.

The same was asked of Hermione, and through tears of happiness, she replied, "I will."

Theo handed Draco two simple silver bands. He kept one and handed the other to Hermione. "These rings are a symbol of your recommitment to one another," the minister continued. "Draco and Hermione, please place the ring on your spouse's finger." They did as they were told, placing them on their right hands. The minister whispered an incantation over them and they glowed with a vibrant gold light.

"Friends and family, it is my honor to once more present to you Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy," the minister exclaimed.

The happy couple kissed and made their way back up the aisle. Theo and Harry followed and returned the children to their parents before finding their own spouses. "Pretty," Sebastian said, playing with the simple pearl necklace that hung around his mother's neck.

Hermione fingered the delicate pearl and looked at Draco expectantly. "It belonged to my mother," he said. "My father gave it to her as a wedding gift, and she wore it the day they married. Then when Mummy and I got married, my mum gave it to her. And one day, Miss Ana, you'll wear it too."

Hermione's parents and Molly and Arthur Weasley joined the family while the other guests moved to the reception tent. Molly took Sebastian from her arms so she could hug her mother. "I'm so happy we could be here," she murmured, holding tightly to her daughter who looked so much like her.

"I"m sorry it took so long to reverse your memories," Hermione said, looking back and forth between her parents. "If it hadn't been for Draco-"

"You would have found another way," he insisted, placing a hand on her lower back. "I'm just happy that it worked."

Helen touched his arm and conveyed her gratitude for his hard work. Robert wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulder and smiled. "You know, Hermione often talked about you when the two of you were in school," he commented. "Horrible things about the mean little boy who teased her and called her names. I had a feeling the two of you would end up together some day."

"Funny, so did my mother," Draco replied. "Something about always been mean to the people you really like."

Hermione smirked. "You must have really liked me," she teased.

Draco shook his head. "No, you - I love."

The End