Trusting Haruka
Chapter 6

Haruka stood just behind the curtain, watching her love Michiru as she was nearing the end of her reunion concert. It had been nearly a year since the incident, Michiru still sported the scars of then. Nasty little reminders of how depressed she had allowed herself to get.

Michiru had moved in with Haruka when she was released from the hospital. Michiru was amazed at the size of Haruka's home, which she lived in, alone. Haruka had explained about her doing Semi-pro stock car racing, and had used the winnings to purchase the house and her Farrari.

Michiru bowed to the crowd of people in the audiance as she finished her last song. She enjoyed the work that she did, allowing the fame to have a positive effect on her.

She smiled out to her adoring fans as the curtains closed in front of her. She moved off to the side of the stage, and into the arms of Haruka.

The only thing she didn't know, Haruka was taking her out to dinner that night...

And proposing to her.