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My name is Cecilia Velasquez born 1983 in Detroit Michigan, I work as a reporter for ABC news Australia. I'm 5'8, size ten with F cup breasts and a big butt, I'm Latino. My mother was from Santiago Chili, native Chilean not white Chilean. My mother's name was Estelle Velasquez Wilkinson and my father was Lonzo Wilkinson. My mother died from bleeding a day after I was born and my father died the same day fighting overseas as a Special Forces. I have three siblings from them, all older then me that I've never met. My Uncle Jesus Velasquez took me in as a baby and then I got taken by DOCS in Australia, because my Uncle was running a drug lab in Nimbin. I was adopted by a family called the Hamilton's and I had their name till I was eighteen. I met my Uncle, Grandparents, Auntie Annie and cousin Ezra when he found me at age eighteen. I learnt Spanish when I stayed there for 2 months in the Chilean summer. So I now have a part Chilean accent. My Uncle makes sure I visit every year for the summer. The most recent summer he took me out to a party for a first time with him and Ezra. Ezra's like a Latino Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton. My Uncle is rich thanks to illegal mining industry and drugs, his cover is he runs a textile business.

Today I'm 28, its September 1st. Almost my birthday. I just got back from visiting my Uncle. As I'm getting off the lift with my ipad in hand, with all my research for my latest story. I bump into a American guy, with brown hair and blue eyes, Muscular build.

I say, "Sorry."

He looks at me and says, "That's alright M'am."

I walk on down the hallway and halfway down, I get a hand on my shoulder and I turn around. He says, "Miss?"


He puts out his hand and says, "Hi I'm Ryan Wren."

I shake hands with him and say, "Cecilia Valesquez. How may I help you? Are you looking for someone?"

Ryan says, " I am here for work, but I wondered if you might have dinner with me?"

I look at him and say, "Sure. How about Friday night at 'The Three Wise Monkeys' we meet for a drink first. Say Seven?"

He says, "How about tonight? And can I get your number?"

I say, "Sure, sure. Tonight and my numbers -."

He puts it in his phone and says, "Okay got it, I'll see you tonight. Bye."

I say, "Bye."

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I dress nice but a casual, blue dress with a blue small jacket over the top and my Gucci bag. I'm there at quarter to seven, I go to get a beer at the bar and wait, then he's there near me and says, "Hi."

I say, "Hi."

He dressed nice, but casual as well.

He says, "Would like to just go and get something to eat? Is There a Sushi train near here?"

I say, "How about a Japanese restaurant nearby its not too expensive but it serves more than sashimi? Just I don't like Sashimi myself."

He says, "Sure lets go there."

We go there and it's a nice fancy restaurant and actually not cheap.

I look at the menu and say, "Sorry its not actually as cheap as I thought. I just looked it up online recently and like the look of it."

He shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't mind."

We order, I get Spicy chicken hot pot and a cold Japanese beer. He get Sushami and cold Japanese beer. Then he asks, "So are you a research assistant at ABC Australia?"

I say, "No, I'm actually a reporter now I was research assistant but I was promoted."

He says, "Oh, where do you think you be going?"

I say, "I should be going to Afghanistan on Friday."

He says, "You reporters don't need training for that right?"

I say, "No, besides I've been there before anyway. What do you do?"

He says, "Oh, I work in security."

We get our food and beers, we start eating. He asks, "Have you ever been to Chili for work?"

I say, "No not for work for holidays to visit my family. Why have you?"

He says, "Yeah recently. I noticed stuff there is run by a drug lord. Did you notice that?"

I say, "No. But I barely notice what goes on in Shady places, I stick to the nice areas."

He coughs and says, "Really I meant its going on in even the nice areas."

I say, " Oh well I'm hopeless at noticing things like, guess that makes me a bad reporter with my rose coloured glasses on."

I smile at him.

He smiles back and says, "Yeah I guess so."

Then we continue to eat and we talk about Sydney and other things, laughing and just having a all around good time. Then we finish up and go to pay when the bill comes but he takes it and says, "I'll pay."

I smile and say, "Thank you."

He nods and goes and pays with his card, then he comes back and we go to walk outside I say, "I need to go to the ladies, but bye anyway. Thanks for tonight. It was lovely."

He strokes his hair and then says, "How about I wait outside for you and we talk about what we'll do then."

I smile and say, "If you want, I'll just be a sec."

He nods and walks outside and I go to the ladies, in there is beautiful fifty something redhead doing her make up she smiles at me, I smile back then go to the toilet. When I'm finished and I wash my hands she's still there, she asks, "That young man you're with he seems nice, are you having a good time?"

I shrug my shoulders and smile saying, "Yeah I guess."

I dry my hands then I go out to the front of the restaurant and hes still waiting for me, I say, "Hope I didn't take too long?"

He says, "No not at all."

I ask, "Well, so what do you want to do now?"

He says, "How about we take a cab back to my place?"

I look around uncertain, thinking and then I smile at him and say, "Yeah sure."

He says, "Good lets go."

He hails a cab and we get in, He says, "Balmain - please."

The cab takes us to a nice house in a rich neighborhood and Ryan opens the gates with a automatic buzzer. Then when the cab stops at the front he pays and we get out.