I hear Sean say, "She's may have seduced me, but if I didn't really like her I wouln't have had sex with her. I don't care about her being seven years younger then me, that's not the reason why I'm with her. Its because I like her a lot."

Valeria says, "What about you and me? What about the babies we could have had together? Why do you think I changed the study to a nursery while you were away?"

Sean says, "There is no you and me anymore Valeria, there hasn't been for a long after you cheated on me and we never discussed actually having children. So it was quite an unexpected shock to find that room like that, so you can take all that baby stuff with you. I'm putting it back the way it was. Bye Valeria its time you left with your things and your fathers helping you so you don't need my help."

I hear Valeria crying and Sean says, "Come on Valeria when I was upset over you cheating you didn't give a damn. Now the tables have turned I see."

Valeria says half crying, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was such a bitch, but I love you. She doesn't love you, you don't love her!"

Sean says, "Its too late Valeria, just go. And by the way you're wrong I do love her."

Valeria asks, "What?"

Sean says, "You heard me."

Valeria sniffs then says, "Bye Sean."

Sean says, "Bye Valeria."

Then I hear stuff being carried out and then the door slams shut.

Sean comes into the lounge room and sits beside me, then says, "I'm sorry you had to hear that. She was supposed to pick her stuff up earlier today, but she chose not to."

I say, "I'm sorry you had go through that because of me."

Sean pulls me close and looks at me, then says, "Cecilia didn't you hear. I love you."

I look at him and say, "I heard you. You meant then?"

Sean says, "Definitely Cecilia."

I say, "Then there's something I have to tell you.-"

He interrupts and says, "What is it Cecilia, tell me now before it hurts me worse than it could later on."

I say, "It won't hurt you me opening up and telling you." I come close to his face and say, "I love you Sean." Then he smiles and kisses me, while we kiss he holds me close and I hold him.

When we finish kissing after a while and he says, "Next time just tell me, don't tell you've got something to tell. You had me worried there, I thought you might have been in love with someone else."

I say, "Okay sorry."

He looks me up and down and says, "By the way you look beautiful in that dress."

I say, "Thank you."

Sean says, "Your welcome, lets go to this nice restuant I've booked for us."

He takes me to his dinning table that is nicely laid out and says, "Take a seat ma'm."

He pulls out a seat for me and sit down, I smile up at him and say, "Thankyou Sean."

He smiles down at me and says, "You're welcome Cecilia."

It does look beautiful all Japanese style by candle light. He serves up Japanese food with white wine.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # ## # # # # # # ## # # # # # # # # # ## # # # #

Almost a year later just four days until my birthday Sean asks me while eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream and watching a horror movie, "How about you and your cat Hugo move in with me Cecilia?"

I ask, "You want me to move in with you?"

Sean says, "Yes, Cecilia that's why I'm asking."

I say, "If you want, but after my birthday okay. Last year I didn't get to celebrate and this year I'm turning thirty."

Sean says, "How about we move you in tomorrow, so we can be together on your birthday."

I say, "Okay."

The next day we move most of my stuff in and give the rest of the stuff to charity, by lunch time we've finished. So I take a seat on the couch and say. "Phew done at last."

Sean, Thomas, Snake-eyes, Shana, my brother John and dad look at me and laugh. Sean says, "Yeah thanks for your help Cecilia. We did most of the work."

I look at them and smile then say, "Well thanks guys." I look at Sean and ask, "What should we have for lunch?"

Sean says, "How about beers all round and Chinese take away."

Everyone agrees on that except me, I say, "What about Thai?"

Sean says, "Everyone wants Chinese. Come on, you know you like fried rice and spring rolls."

I say, "Yeah okay."

Then we drink beers and have Chinese.