Gargoyles: One Night With you…

I do not own the Gargoyles…Disney does…this is my own little what if story and though it is short is complete. I am and have been a huge Gargoyles fan for six years… and I just dabbled a little bit with the story… I was sorry to see the series go! Let me know what you think… thanks!


Chapter One: Gift or Curse?

The sunset was a spectacular wash of oranges, reds, and purples, lighting a backdrop of thin clouds across the horizon. The sun seemed to flare once before disappearing as if unwilling to relinquish its hold of the Earth. It was beautiful.

Elisa smiled as she neared the towering structure belonging to David Xanatos. It was an odd building, a traditional skyscraper taller than anything in Manhattan, topped with a castle Xanatos moved from Scotland at great expense. The glass exposing the castle's lower levels reflected the glare of the fading sun.

As Elisa pulled into the underground garage of the Xanatos building, remembering how she used to love the long summer days and the very short nights. The same was no longer true, however, eight hours of darkness gave her little time to spend with her friends, Goliath and his Clan of Gargoyles.

Goliath was the Clan leader and the largest among them, towering over Elisa by nearly two heads. He was colored like the shadows, dusky purple with darker wing leathers. His long thick hair was a very dark brown and often looked black a night. His skin tone allowed him to blend into the night sky, and he was easily missed if you did not know what you were looking for. Goliath was fiercely proud, extremely passionate in his beliefs, and highly intelligent. His one flaw was that he tended, when angered, to overrule reason.

Hudson was the eldest of the group and the former Clan leader. He had turned the mantle over to Goliath just ten years before the fall of Castle Wyvern to the Vikings, and the slaughter of the rest of their Clan. Goliath still looked to Hudson for advice and council. Hudson was portly and paternal, colored in tan hues, his hair was white with age and one eye was scared from a battle Elisa had not yet been told of. He was still a very effective warrior despite his age and favored the sword he carried at all times in his belt.

Brooklyn was Goliath's newly elected second-in-command, for his obvious leadership ability and level head in most situations. That only went out the window when Demona was involved. Brooklyn had never forgiven Goliath's former mate for tricking him into drawing Goliath into a trap. Brooklyn was of smaller stature than most of the Clan, standing about human height. His white mane sharply contrasted the deep orange hue of his skin.

Broadway's green frame was nearly as big as Hudson's. His favorite thing to do was eat, and that meant anything. His wide girth lapped over his loincloth. For all his sloth appearance he was not a force to trifle with in a fight, for he used his weight to great advantage.

Lexington was the youngest and most diminutive in the bunch. He distinguished himself as a whiz when it came to electronics or machinery of any kind. He had managed to put together a wrecked helicopter and make it fly again. He was just shy of Brooklyn's height and was a dusty green color.

Bronx was their watchdog, though he might as well have been a small blue bear for his size and physique. He was highly protective of those he trusted and liked.

Their newest member of the Manhattan Clan was Angela. Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx had found her and the rest of the Clan's descendants on the mystic island of Avalon, a place nearly frozen in time. During their quest in Avalon's service it was determined that Angela was Goliath's biological daughter, and therefore Demona's as well. She looked like Demona in some ways, mostly in the shape of her face and her physique. But, her coloring, hair, and disposition made her, her father's daughter.

It was nearly eight-thirty now and the sun came up near four thirty in the morning. She was running late tonight and knew that she had missed the Clan's awakening. She never tired of watching them return to flesh as the darkness overcame the light, breaking their stony skins, and stretching in the brisk wind of the heights.

Elisa moved through the lobby quickly wanting to reach the castle before much more time was lost. The guard barely glanced up at her, used as he was to her comings and goings, she practically lived here at night, after all. As she exited onto the castle grounds she was greeted by Zanatos' top aid, Owen. He conveyed his usual compulsory greeting, and she nodded in return moving away. She was never very comfortable with Owen's cardboard stiff mannerisms.

It still surprised her the turn of events that had led to the alliance between Goliath's Clan and the billionaire businessman. Xanatos had awakened them from a thousand years sleep in the form of a spell cast in the year 994 A.D., only to deceive and betray them, for his own gain. Goliath had turned out to be the honorable one when, despite his feelings, he and the Clan helped stop Lord Oberon from taking Xanatos' and Fox's son to Avalon.

David Xanatos promised Goliath when it was all done, that he would make right all the wrongs done to the Clan. Elisa had not believed it possible, but Zanatos kept his word, saving the Gargoyles from incarceration and possibly death. On top of that he had reinstated them to the castle, their only tie to their ancient history. The two parties now shared a truce, one that became shaky at times but had managed to hold for nearly a year.

She crossed the grounds, heading for the small room where the Television had been placed. The device was entertainment for nearly all the Gargoyles. The only exception was Goliath, who seemed uninterested in the `picture box', preferring instead to pass the time reading from the castle's extensive library of books. But even he tended to keep company with the rest of the clan in that room while he read. Expecting to see them all, Elisa was surprised when she only encountered Hudson, Lexington, and Bronx, "Hi guys," she greeted them, "Where is everyone?"

"Ah, good evenin', Lass," Hudson returned in his paternal way, "Broadway is in the kitchen getting breakfast before his favorite program comes on."

"Why am I not surprised?" Elisa commented, flipping an errant strand of hair out of her face again.

"And Angela and Brooklyn have gone sightseeing again," He continued.

"Those two have taken well to each other, haven't they?" Elisa said with a smile.

"Aye, that they have. Still... I don' know that her father'd approve," he said sarcastically, "He's rather protective of Angela's interests."

"That's a bit of an understatement," Elisa laughed.

"Still, I think it be a good thing."

"Speaking of Goliath... I haven't seen him."

"He has nae come down from the tower since waking, Lass. It be my thought that something weighs heavy on his mind."

"Hm," Elisa sounded absently, "Thanks Hudson. Goodnight Lex... Bronx."

"Goodnight Elisa," Lexington returned, not taking his eyes off the television. Bronx barked affectionately his goodbye.

As she walked out Hudson shook his head, muttering, "Ah, I don't know what those two are going to do."

"About what?" Lexington asked.

"Ye ha'not seen the way they look at each other?"

"Yeah, so?"

"I don't think you will see any two people more in love."

"Goliath and Eilsa?" Lexington asked in shock.

Hudson shook his head again, "Ye'll understand when the time comes, Lad." Lexington shrugged, even more confused, and returned his attention to the TV.

Elisa moved up the well-worn steps leading to the tower. She stepped out into the biting wind, moving across the weather smoothed stones trying to fight the urge to tame her dark hair, in her face yet again. She found Goliath sitting atop his parapet, in profile to where she was standing. His closed eyes were dark under his heavy brows, and his chin was rested on one large fist. He had wrapped his muscular body tightly in his wings, and his tail curled around his perch as if to keep him from slipping over the edge. He was sitting on one folded leg with the other drawn up to provide his elbow a place to rest. The stiff wind whipped through his nearly black hair and pulled at his wing leathers. He seemed to notice neither that nor her arrival, lost in thoughts Elisa could only guess at.

Elisa stopped clearing her throat to draw him out of his contemplation. His eyes flashed open quickly, glancing her direction. Seeing her, his head came up, "Elisa," he said drawing out the 's'. He gave her a small smile.

She smiled broadly walking to his resting-place. Without invitation she vaulted onto the cornice and seated herself on his long folded leg, "Is this seat taken?" she asked playfully.

"No," he said as if not the least bit surprised, "Not at all," He smiled down at her as he wrapped her in the embrace of one arm. She heard and felt him sigh, "It's quiet tonight."

"Yes it is," she answered, then paused, "Hudson said you hadn't been down yet... is something troubling you?"

"I... was just... thinking," he said slowly, looking out over the spires of the city, "Has it really been three years? Three years since we awoke to this time and place," he let out a short laugh, ruffling Elisa's hair further, "Sometimes it seem so much longer than that."

"You've all been through a lot," Elisa said, "Three changes in residence, The Avalon Quest, The Quarrymen. You've weathered it all very well."

"You have shared much of our hardship Elisa, and our joys," Goliath said, "You are as much a member of the Clan as any of us gargoyles."

"So..." Elisa tried to lead him, only to receive feigned ignorance, "C'mon Goliath, something's bothering you. I've known you too long, to not notice."

There was a silence punctuated by the mournful tone of the wind, "You...," He started, and Elisa knew it was serious, for Goliath normally had little problem speaking his mind, "You mean a great deal to me, Elisa Maza."

"I know," She started to agree.

"No," he ran a hand through his hair, looking frustrated, "I am not sure you understand the extent of my affection for you. I would like to think I am... in love," he paused again waiting for some reaction, when she remained silent he continued, "I have been, I think, from the day we met. I knew we both felt the attraction, especially upon our return from Avalon. I did not... could not, acknowledge it until that day at the dam. I thought I had lost you... and any chance I may have had to tell you of my feelings."

The words shocked her, even though they had both hinted around their true feelings for a very long time. But she did not miss the uncertainty in his voice, "But..?"

He went silent again and she saw his jaw working as he tried to put his thoughts into the proper words, "What future is there for us, Elisa?" he sounded heartbroken, "Our relationship is special, and dear to me, but where do we go from this point?"

"Goliath," Elisa said softly turning in his lap to face him, "What we are shouldn't dictate how we feel."

He nodded looking down, "But, I cannot be seen with you."

"That's not true," Elisa countered, "The populace of the city has seen all of you for what you truly are... heroes, noble and honorable beings. You're safe now, I don't think anyone is going to bother you."

"It is not my safety I worry about," Goliath said, "What of the remaining Quarrymen?" he shook his head, "I cannot risk making you their target, on account of me."

"I thought you understood by now that I'm a big girl?"

"Aye," he smiled, "I did not dispute that. But I thought you understood that I cannot stop being protective of you."

They both smiled then and Elisa settled back into Goliath's warm embrace, "Must be what I fell in love with…My guardian angel in the night. I feel completely safe when I'm with you... that's a first."

She felt his smile on her cheek as he rested his chin on one thin shoulder, whispering, "And I never thought that I could trust my heart to another after Demona's treachery. For that change I am grateful. I just wish, sometimes..."

"I know," she said so he did not finish the sentence. She understood, "Me too."

A brilliant light flared near the two, and Goliath shifted instinctively to mantle over Elisa in the face of a presumed threat, "Such sentiment!" a familiar voice said.

Goliath drew a shocked breath as the light faded to reveal their visitor, "Lady Tatana!" he said rising slowly to his full height.

"I would have thought you had learned the folly of such vain hopes by now," she chuckled.

Goliath hopped down from the precipice moving toward the sorceress, "M'lady, I do not presume to question my place nor my purpose. I only ask for one night, a night for us to be together," he motioned toward Elisa, "Away from the castle and amongst the human populace. With no worries of attack or the stares of those who do not understand," he looked down shaking his head, "It has been too long since I have had my own measure of happiness."

"You are sure this would make you happy?" Tatana teased, "To be human and with your love for a night?"

"Yes," He stated without hesitation.

"Are you certain?"

Elisa stepped up beside Goliath, "Can she do that?"

Goliath looked down into Elisa's eyes, "You know her power as well as I. She has done it before," He said his voice hardening, "To teach me a lesson," his voice and expression softened again, "I want this. But I will not do this thing if you do not approve," his eyes hopefully searched her face, looking for some sign of approval.

After several moments Elisa shrugged non-commitally, "I've got two nights off, and I could stand some company," Goliath smiled reading through her casual comment. He then looked up at the Lady of Avalon and nodded solemnly.

Smiling slyly, Tatana began her incantation. As the magic built, her words resonated in the air and through their very beings. Elisa stepped back in shock as the spell began its work painfully on Goliath's body. He roared in agony, and fell to his hands and knees. Before Elisa's eyes, Goliath's wings and tail shrank and disappeared, and his feet became shorter. His toes and fingers split to make up five digits each, and his face began taking on more human characteristics, though much was hidden by his long dark hair. His purple shading faded turning to a tan. When the spell was complete Goliath was trembling at Tatana's feet, in all outward appearances a human.

"And something more suitable for the occasion," Tatana added. Out of the air, and around Goliath's body, formed an outfit. She clothed him in a dark red button down shirt and dark grey jeans casing his muscular legs. She had provided him with leather boots, a dark brown jacket, and bound his hair at the nape of his neck in a simple gold band.

Goliath was staring in amazement at his hands moving them slowly to trace the features of his transformed face. He moved slowly to stand, glancing at Lady Tatana before looking at Elisa. His eyes searched Elisa's face for some kind of reaction.

There was a look of shock on her face when she burst, "Whoa, this is going to take some getting used to."

"Is that bad?" Goliath asked looking concerned.

"No!" She added shaking her head sharply, "You look...well, like you, without a tail or wings. You lost some of your height, too," His face flushed slightly, as if unsure of what he had done to himself.

"I will be generous," Lady Tatana inserted, "You will remain in this form until sunset tomorrow, at which time you revert to the form you were born to."

Goliath looked to her, "Thank you, M'Lady."

She only laughed, "You may end up cursing me gargoyle," and then disappeared in another flash of blinding light.

They both stared at where she had stood for long moments before returning attention to each other, "Well," Elisa sighed looking him over approvingly, "Shall we?" She slipped an arm around one of his.

He smiled down at her bowing slightly, "Let's."

"Looks like we'll be taking the long way down tonight."

"Ah, but in your company, that is naught but pleasure," Elisa smiled warmly at his eloquence, "So, where are we going?"

"I know the perfect spot."