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Today was a special day for the little ponies- of all things out of the ordinary, Princess Luna was stopping by for a visit. After a talk with her sister about social skills (Princess Celestia had meant to teach Luna the new ways, but had forgotten) Luna had gotten a tad better, but she still wasn't fully secure, so she was coming back to Ponyville with Twilight to learn more about the Magic of Friendship. Despite the fact that it was the middle of the day, Celestia insisted Luna spend some time enjoying her sun.

As they walked through the streets, with Luna wearing a large, dark brown bulky cloak over her so as not to cause a ruckus like last time, despite Twilight's protests that she wouldn't need it, Twilight talked to her mentor's younger sister.

"I'm so glad you decided to drop by, Princess Luna. I really don't think you need the cloak, though," Twilight pointed out again.

"But we must. 'Tis not Nightmare Night and we do not wish to disturb or frighten our subjects. We believe thy friends will understand us, but we are uncertain of the other ponies," Luna said taking a sharp look around town. Her cloak was drawing some attention to herself, but no one was fleeing in terror. That was a good sign at least.

Things were going fine until Pinkie Pie saw them. Gasping, she dashed over to them. "Twilight, there you are! I have something super amazing to show you! Come on!"

Normally, Twilight would dismiss Pinkie and carry on with what she was doing, but to show Luna a good time she had to take whatever opportune social activity was being given to her. And so, for once, she was more than willing to see what Pinkie Pie was up to. "Come on Princess Luna. I'm sure Pinkie Pie has something really fun planned."

"If thou sayest so," Luna was hesitant. As she recalled, Pinkie had made things difficult for her. Even though her subjects desired to be scared, that was not her original intent. She simply wished to be seen as a normal princess, like her sister.

Pinkie Pie, however strange it might have seemed, knew better, since today was only a normal Tuesday. Encouraging both unicorns to follow her, she led them to the edge of Sweet Apple Acres. There, Pinkie Pie had pushed into the middle of the street a gigantic machine, bigger than the Flim Flam brother's Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. In fact, the ponies were in the same exact spot where said incident occurred. The machine was big and bulky, like a gigantic slot machine, and there were reels with the silhouette of an earth pony, a pegasus, and a unicorn on display. The machine was painted the same shade of blue as Luna's own coat. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Applejack were already present.

"Hey girls, look who I brought!" Pinkie Pie announced as she bounced into the air, legs flailing with delight as Twilight and the cloaked Luna trotted up the street.

"Well would you lookie here, Princess Luna," Applejack approached the princess unafraid. "How ya been? Uh, your highness."

"You do not fear us?" Luna asked.

Applejack looked down at the ground. "We treated ya pretty dang awful back on Nightmare Night, even nearly got ya ta cancel the whole event."

Rainbow Dash walked towards Applejack to address Luna as well, but didn't make eye contact and instead glanced ashamedly at Applejack, who shared her expression and guilt. "Yeah we wanted to apologize. Twilight talked to us about it the next day. Sorry we didn't treat you as fairly."

"That is quite all right," Luna said lifting a hoof, "We understand now that our subjects are still not used to our return, and may not forgive us for a while," Luna put her hoof down, "nor see us for who we truly are."

Fluttershy, despite also having been told the whole story still cowered behind Pinkie's machine, whimpering, afraid to approach the cloaked princess.

"Where's Rarity?" Twilight asked. "Is she coming?"

"She said she was finishing up a dress and she'd be right over. Oooh I can't wait to tell you guys all about this machine!" Pinkie said cheerfully.

"Where did you get this thing anyway?" Twilight asked, eyeing the machine with curious eyes.

Pinkie pointed a hoof to the sky, "Draconichero21 gave it to me!"

Everyone looked up and saw nothing, "Pinkie, there's nothing up there but clouds," Twilight said, now even more confused.

Luna was still looking up. "We are confused. What is it we are supposed to be looking at?"

"Nothing," Twilight said, putting slight pressure on Luna's neck, indicating she could lower her head, "That's just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie."

"I'm here!" The all too familiar fabulous voice of Rarity could be heard as she trotted down the road. "What is it I had to come see, Pinkie Pie?" Rarity asked and then saw the machine. "And just what is this?"

"Feast your eyes on this, everypony! This is the super fantabulous Super Adventurifier 9001!" Pinkie exclaimed, throwing her hooves out wide as she appeared at the top left side of the tall machine.

"And what does it do, exactly?" Luna asked, finally pulling off her cloak. Twilight's friends seemed to be unperturbed by her presence, and the cloak was rather warm.

"I don't know!" Pinkie said. "But it has the word 'adventure' in it. It must be lots of fun!"

"Well, here's a switch," Rainbow indicated pointing to the lever on the opposite side of the machine. "Let's yank it. Maybe something cool will happen."

"I don't know about this, you guys. We shouldn't tamper with things we do not understand," Twilight said apprehensively.

"But there is a good chance it causes 'fun', yes?" Luna inquired.

"Absolutely!" Pinkie exclaimed.

Excited, Luna declared, "WE SAYEST: GO FOR IT, PINK ONE!"

"Okie doki loki!" Jumping on top of the machine, Pinkie then waltzed over to its far side and jumped onto the lever before dangling from it by her front hooves and pulling the lever down. Instantly, the reels began to spin. Jack in the box music began to play, but as it did the machine began to bounce and sputter, and produced a multitude of loud noises, scaring poor Fluttershy who took cover behind Rainbow Dash.

Suddenly a weird black and white swirl began to emerge from the center of the machine and flow outwards. Weird bursts of lightning began blasting out from the top, as it burst off and the machine began to go out of control. The ground began to shake.

"P-i-i-i-i-inkie P-i-i-i-i-ie," Dash said, her voice trembling from the tremors. "Wha-a-a-t's going o-o-o-on?"

"I don't know, but isn't this lots of fun?" Pinkie said. Miraculously, her voice was unaffected by the quake.

"We need to shut this off!" Twilight exclaimed as the rumbling turned into simple wobbling that bent and twisted the very fabric of reality like particularly wobbly jelly. Using her horn, Twilight tried to pull the lever again, but the moment she did the bottom of the machine opened and revealed a glowing green portal. The portal began to suck with a forceful gale that even Rainbow Dash would be unable to escape. Twilight tried to deactivate the machine, but that only made the machine pull harder.
Things went from bad to worse when Fluttershy was yanked from the ground by the wind, pulled towards the portal. Her body was long enough that she was able to put her hooves in between the sides of the opened bottom and not get pulled in, but her wings were tugged on from their tucked in position, pulling her in.

"Don't worry Fluttershy, I'm coming!" Rainbow Dash darted towards her friend at quick speeds, but Rainbow Dash's landing was not secure and she crashed head first into Fluttershy's stomach, both of them falling into the portal.

"Rainbow Dash! Fluttershy!" Applejack darted forward towards the portal and charged straight into the entrance.

"Applejack!" Twilight called to her, but the young earth pony's mind was made up. She was not about to leave Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to their fates.

"Whee! This must be how the adventure starts! Geronimo!" Pinkie exclaimed and tucked her hind hooves up towards her body and wrapped her forehooves around her, willfully letting her get sucked in.

"Princess, what do we do?" Twilight shouted over the wind, fighting the inrush as she and Rarity took cover behind the much larger, more powerful Princess Luna.

"We haven't the faintest idea! We were about to ask thee that very same question!" Luna answered.

"We have to do something!" Rarity complained, "This wind is ruining my mane. And that machine took our friends!"

"Princess Luna!" Twilight shouted, "Do you think you can pull the lever again with your magic? I'm not strong enough!"

"We shall try!" Luna exclaimed. She tried, but found herself unable; the swirs of magic were too powerful, and entirely out of control. "The contraption appears to be stationary, and it does not bend to our will, Twilight Sparkle!"

"Try harder!" Twilight pleaded.

"But what if she breaks it?" Rarity asked.

"We can't just abandon our friends to their fates!" Twilight told her.

"But if the machine breaks, what if we're unable to get them back?" Rarity asked her, only for a twig to clonk her in the face and send her spiraling into the portal.

"Rarity!" Twilight shouted.

"Of all the things that could happen, this is the WORST POSSIBLE THING!"

"Princess Luna, what do we do now?"

Luna looked at Twilight, then around the chaotic area and then straight into the portal. "In times of crisis, sometimes it is best for one to strike the problem at its source!"

"Are you saying we should go into the portal after our friends?" Twilight asked.

"That is precisely what we are suggesting!" Princess Luna shouted. Using her teeth, she picked Twilight up, tossed her onto her back and dashed towards the machine- only to realize she was just as tall as the machine itself. She crouched down to examine the portal. She was too big to fit through it. She stood up and gestured at the small portal with her hoof. "NOW SEE HERE!" Luna exclaimed at the machine as though it were a real thing. "WE ARE A ROYAL PRINCESS OF CANTERLOT, AND YOU SHALL MAKE THIS ENTRANCE WIDE ENOUGH FOR US!"

Suddenly, the machine imploded upon itself making the entire portal as big as the previously sturdy machine.

"Um… I guess that works," Twilight stated as she and Luna were sucked in. They tumbled through the green and black abyss separated, from the forceful winds. Their destination and destiny were unknown, but one thing could be for certain. Twilight was about to take a journey that would teach her many values about the magic of friendship. Elsewhere in the abyss Pinkie Pie sang as she tumbled through it.

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was / To learn about friends is my test, to be one is my cause / I will travel across the land searching far and wide / Each Pokemon to understand the friendship that's inside / POKEMON (friendship is magic) / It's you and me / Our friendship is destiny / POKEMON / Oh we all are friends / And we will get home again / POKEMON (friendship is magic) / Our hearts so true / Our friendship will pull us through / You teach me and I'll teach you / PO-KE-MON (friendship is magic) / Friendship is magic / Yeaah / Every challenge along the way with courage I will go / I will battle every day if it means going home / Come with me the time is right we must stay as one / No matter what we all are friends and have a lot of fun / POKEMON (friendship is magic) / It's you and me / Our friendship is destiny / POKEMON / Oh we all are friends / And we will get home again / POKEMON (friendship is magic) / Our hearts so true / Our friendship will pull us through / You teach me and I'll teach you / PO-KE-MON (friendship is magic) / Friendship is magic / Friendship is magic / Friendship is MAGIC! / Friendship is Magic, YEAH! / POKEMON (friendship is magic) / It's you and me / Our friendship is destiny / POKEMON / Oh we all are friends / And we will get home again / POKEMON (friendship is magic) / Our hearts so true / Our friendship will pull us through / You teach me and I'll teach you / PO-KE-MON (friendship is magic) / Friendship is magic / Pokemon

First, her coat of fur disappeared, leaving her skin bare. Her tail had vanished, with no traces that it had ever been there. Her hooves followed suit, splitting into fingers and toes, her legs changing into long, thin arms and legs. A strange sensation went through her as her bone structure and innards magically restructured themselves; it felt like being turned inside out. She was turning human. The sensations overwhelming her, Twilight drifted into unconsciousness.

When she finally woke up, she swore she could hear Applejack calling her name. "Twilight! Hey! Wake up, Sugarcube."

Twilight slowly opened her eyes as she lay on her back in soft grass. The sun was right in her eyes, but she couldn't mistake that blonde mane anywhere. However, as her eyes adjusted, Twilight noticed that Applejack didn't quite look like Applejack. She had no fur, and was wearing strange clothes. Panicking, Twilight backed away.

"Wh-what happened to you?" Suddenly she bolted up onto her hind legs, only to notice she was on two legs- not four. She looked at herself, seeing her five fingered, tan hands and her feet covered by shoes with dark purple denim pants over her legs. "More importantly, what happened to me?"

"Calm down there, Twi'. I reckon the same thing happened to everypony else." Applejack said soothingly.

"What are we, though?" Twilight stated. "Why do we look like this? And," she grabbed at her B-cup chest, covered by a dark blue sweater vest and a white button down shirt, "what these things growing out of my chest?"

"Probably the same things growing out of mine," Applejack said pushing hers together, which were bigger than Twilight's, a small size C. The farm pony was wearing an orange t-shirt, with her cutie mark on it in the center. She was still wearing her hat and her hair was still blonde and now tied into a single braid. She was wearing blue jeans, with the cuffs rolled up a bit and spurred boots. Though they were hidden by her pants, her thick muscular legs were still intact and she had some muscle on her arms as well.

"They're human breasts, and human is what we've all become." A mature voice resonated from behind Twilight and Applejack. Both turned their heads to see a creature exactly like them, but looking much more mature than either of them. The creature was wearing long black satin gloves, a sleeveless, long lilac dress, and blue high heeled shoes with lilac stockings. She had had light blue, wavy hair that covered her right eye. She had bigger 'human breasts' as she called them than Applejack: Double Ds.

Twilight could only make a guess. "Princess Luna?"

"Tis us, Twilight Sparkle." she answered.

"What did you just say we were? Hu-man?" Applejack asked.

"We shall save our explanations for the moment till all of our subjects are before us. Where art the Pink one, Miss Rarity, the Rainbow one and Miss Fluttershy?" Luna asked.

As if on cue, all four transformed ponies appeared on the grass lying on their backs. Fluttershy, with her pink hair unchanged, was wearing a bulky yellow sweater, tight black leggings and gray boots. Her breasts were almost as big Luna's.

Pinkie Pie was wearing a dark pink shirt with her cute mark on it, just like Applejack. She was wearing it over a sleeveless solid color light pink undershirt, along with a short pink skirt and high blue and yellow socks with slip on shoes. Her breasts were almost as big as Fluttershy's, but notably smaller.

Rainbow Dash's ridiculously colored mane had lost none of its outlandishness; it was as multicolored as always. She was wearing a dark blue racing jacket with a hood. It was unzipped, and she had a gray shirt underneath it, her cutie mark on her shirt as well. She was wearing teal blue denim pants and red sneakers. She was slightly more well-endowed than Applejack, but only by a little; the size was noticeable, but not as much as the difference between Pinkie and Fluttershy.

Rarity's hair was still purple, and came down to her mid-back. She was wearing a white button down shirt, like Twilight, and black bell bottom jeans. She was wearing nice black shoes, but not high heels like Luna and she was the only member of the group with painted nails. Her breasts were bigger than Rainbow Dash's, but smaller than Pinkie Pie's.

After the initial wake up and panic Luna was able to order everyone to calm down with a mighty: "WE ORDER THEE TO LINE UP AND LET US EXPLAIN OUR PREDICAMENT!" All of the transformed ponies lined up. In order from left to right: Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy on the end. "Listen up, our little ponies!" Luna said, as she began to pace back and forth, "We doth not know how it came to pass, but we have all been turned into humans and transported into this strange land." Luna pointed to a mountain far off in the distance with a single finger. "Look yonder! That mountain is unfamiliar to our eyes!" she pointed to the town below the high hill the transformed ponies were on. "And that town down there is not Ponyville."

"So what's going on exactly?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Pinkie Pie, what did you do?" Twilight asked.

"I took us on an adventure!" Pinkie pie jumped out of line.

"Yes pink one, adventure we have found, but at a very bizarre price," Luna stated.

"How do you know about humans, Luna? I've heard the term, but I had no idea they looked like this," Twilight stated.

"You spend a thousand years on the moon and you gain a certain perspective on things." Luna said and picked up her volume. "Equestria is but one of many worlds. In our world, humans are mythical. Here, we presume, they are not."

"What are humans, exactly?" Dash said, flexing her arms. "I mean, I don't even have any wings! This sucks!"

"Humans are a race of primates." Luna nodded sagely. "As a species, they are frail of body- so much weaker than a pony, and devoid of magic- but they are clever and inventive. When they saw they had no wings, they eventually built things that did. When they saw they had no magic, they invented "science" instead."

"Prima-what-now?" Applejack said, sounding confused.

"Primates." Twilight explained. "It's a sort of ape."

"We're monkeys?" Dash exclaimed?

"Apes." Twilight corrected her. "There's a difference."

"Indeed," Luna nodded sagely. "These humans are weak, but they are numerous and clever- I am told. I saw many worlds from the moon, and in my experience the humans seem capable of doing great good and great evil alike."

"Walkin' on two legs, that just don't seem right to me." Applejack grumbled.

"Tis the situation with which we all must cope," Luna said. "No amount of grumbling will help."

Fluttershy whimpered, and Dash put an arm around her shoulder. "Take it easy, all right?" She said sweetly. "We're still ponies on the inside. We'll get out of this, you'll see."

"These humans have the... strangest forms," Rarity said, viewing her body with skepticism. "My flank is just... so much smaller. I'll never be able to attract the colt of my dreams with such a pitiful shape- oh, of all the worst things that could happen, this was-"

"Not now, element of generosity!" Luna snapped, interrupting Rarity before she could throw a fit. "Now then, as Twilight so inquired early as to these mounds upon our chests. These are called breasts," Luna pointed at her cleavage, "Though you may find them referred to by different terms by other humans. They are used to feed their young, among other things. They are also used in human mating rituals."

"Ugh, we have udders?" Rainbow Dash groaned.

"They are a symbol of femininity in the human species, and are a result of what humans refer to as something called puberty." All the former ponies looked confused. "It's quite all right. I barely understand it myself. I suppose you could say instead of obtaining cutie marks that humans go through this phase called puberty." Rarity raised her hand. "Yes, Miss Rarity?"

"Why are all our breasts different sizes?" she asked.

"Human growth varies from person to person as the term used to describe each other is used. Males of this species are attracted to these two objects for some reason or another and for some reason they are attracted to larger breasts. The bigger yours are, the more likely you are to attract male- or occasionally female- attention." Luna informed.

Starting with Twilight, all of the former ponies looked down the row to notice Fluttershy's rather large chest. The former pony covered herself as if it were instinct in embarrassment.

"So if we're humans now," Rainbow Dash raised her hand, "How is it we're able to function like humans so easily?"

"Oh, that's 'cause it would be awkward if we had to spend two or three chapters getting used to becoming humans instead of jumping right into becoming Pokemon trainers!" Pinkie jumped out of line again.

"We do not know what you mean by chapters, pink one, but it does appear as if our brains have been properly altered to respond to human instincts and motion," Luna stated.

"It must've happened while we were in the portal," Twilight deduced.

"I have another question," Rarity raised her hand. "Must we wear these clothes at all times? I feel a little uncomfortable without my fur."

"It is human custom to keep ones clothes on at all times. It is also in most cases considered socially unacceptable for a female to walk around with her breasts uncovered by clothing." Luna informed, "and yet despite that, males are aroused when a female has her breasts or genitals exposed."

"I am never taking my clothes off!" Fluttershy squeaked, holding her arms even tighter around her body, blushing.

"So... what was that you said about 'mating rituals', Princess Luna?" Twilight inquired, sounding shy.

"It's a funny thing about humans- from what I've seen, their mating rituals never end."

"What do you mean?"

"For whatever reason, humans mate all the time, even when they do not need to. Some of the younger ones mate several times a day."

"Several times? Every day?" Twilight said, sounding baffled.

"Some of them, at least. I suspect this is why there are so many of them. It usually decreases drastically when they marry, though."

"Every day, huh?" Rainbow Dash said, smirking. "You don't say..."

"Say Pinkie Pie, what was that you said earlier about something you called Pokemon?" Applejack asked her.

"Applejack, are you really going to trust what Pinkie Pie says?" Twilight was confused. "Princess Luna seems to know a lot more about what's going on."

"Pinkie was right about the Parasprites, remember?" Applejack reminded her. Twilight dropped the argument, but wordlessly looked to Luna.

"We are unfamiliar with the pink one's terminology. Tell us, pink one, about these Pokemon as you called them!" Luna requested earnestly.

Pinkie dashed away instantly and came back with a chalkboard and a shopping cart. In the shopping cart there were two brown leather belt pouches, two brown leather shoulder bags, a green backpack, a white purse, a black purse and a rectangular cardboard box. Pinkie handed the purses to Luna and Rarity, and the belt pouches to Twilight and Apple Jack. She gave the backpack to Rainbow Dash, handed one shoulder bag to Fluttershy and put on the other one herself. She then set the box down on the ground and kicked the cart away as it wheeled down the mountain until it crashed.

Pinkie then put on a scholar's cap, took out a baton and pointed to the chalkboard. "We now exist in a world of Pokemon," Pinkie said gesturing to the chalk drawing of a weird mouse thing with a jagged tail, "Pokemon are critters that live in this land and do a variety of things. There are people called Pokemon trainers that go out and adventure with Pokemon," Pinkie gestured to the ball on the chalkboard, "These capsules called Pokeballs can capture wild Pokemon and befriend them to make them docile pets. And that's what we're about to do!" She tossed the chalkboard up into the air, and it sailed away without a trace. No one was going to comment on the lack of sense that made; it was just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie. Pinkie then tore open the cardboard box. "Here everypo… everybody!" Pinkie said, adapting to the human language. "There's Pokemon in here for each of you. We can carry up to six, the rest are in storage, and we can exchange our current Pokemon parties at Pokemon centers." Pinkie tossed three or four Pokeballs to each of her friends and then tossed a small mechanical device to them.

"What's this?" Twilight asked.

"That's called a Pokedex. With it you can learn about any Pokemon in existence. Right now there are six-hundred and forty-nine Pokemon in the known universe, but that number is bound to increase." Pinkie looked through the computer screen of the brony reading this tale. "Isn't that right, Nintendo?"

Luna looked in the direction Pinkie Pie was looking, saw naught but the horizon and just shook her head.

I suppose I'll have to take some time to learn about all the Pokemon I can when there's time. Twilight thought to herself.

"So uh, what's in these fancy things?" Applejack asked looking at one.

"Oh you don't need to worry about that. Draconichero21 will stick that into your brain in between this chapter and the next and no matter what capsule you pick you'll always pick the Pokemon you want that's on your team," Pinkie stated.

"Uh… right," Applejack didn't want to try and figure Pinkie out and just put the balls away in her pouch.

"Tell us, pink one, since you know so much," Luna stated, "What is the objective of this adventure? How do we return to our fair homeland of Equestria?"

Pinkie shrugged. "I don't know," but then beamed up with, "But isn't this exciting? We get to be Pokemon trainers!" She jumped up and down.

"But what do we do then? Where are we supposed to go? If you can't tell us, who can?" Twilight asked.

"I can help you with that," a dark, deep voice exuded over the soon-to-be trainer's heads.

"That voice… but there's no way." Twilight looked up at the sky.

Suddenly in a flash of green smoke, all of the soon-to-be trainers looked to see a male human standing before them. He was dressed in a brown suit with a yellow button down shirt and a red tie. He had white hair combed back with a goatee and had two black stripes running through his hair. He had red irises, but his sclera was yellow. Luna recognized him immediately simply from his voice. "Discord." she said, contempt in her voice.

"But that's impossible!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Yeah! We turned you to stone!" Rainbow Dash scowled.

"Oh relax, my little ponies. Or should I say my little Pokemon Trainers? I've simply been brought back to be allowed to fulfill the much needed antagonist role of your adventure." Discord rotated his wrist, "Much to my dismay, once this adventure is over I will unfortunately go back to being stone." He folded his arms behind his back and grinned at the trainers. "That is, if you can eventually beat me."

"We will stop you!" Twilight exclaimed with a frown.

"Oh Twilight, you don't have the ability to contend with me yet," Discord told her, "If you want to have any chance of defeating me and return to your world, you have to play out this adventure the way it's supposed to be played out."

"And just how do we do that?" Applejack asked.

"Simple. You'll wander through all the towns in this region, the Chowa Region, and collect eight gym badges from gym leaders across the land. Defeat all eight and you can enter the Pokemon League and take on the Elite Four," Discord smiled impishly, "beat all of them and you have rights to face the champion, the most powerful trainer in all of the Chowa Region."

"And I presume that would be you." Twilight scowled.

"Perhaps, perhaps not. Who can say?" Discord chuckled.

"How can we expect you to play fair?" Rainbow Dash accused.

"How ironic, Rainbow Dash, that you would accuse someone of not playing fair," Discord said and rubbed his thumb and forefinger together. "Nevertheless, after I leave you my power will be restricted as well. There is a greater force at hand here, controlling this world."

"Oh that would be Draconichero21, the creator of the Adventurizer 9001!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Yes… of course, that's it." Discord chuckled finding Pinkie's outlandish statements just as awkward as all the others. "Now then," Discord looked up at the sun, "I believe it's time for me to take my leave. See you later, my little Pokemon Trainers. Do try to catch as many as you can," Discord then disappeared.

"Well, everypony," Twilight began.

"Body," Pinkie corrected.

"Right… body," Twilight felt so awkward, "It looks like we've got ourselves into a new journey. I don't know how much we can trust Discord, but he always sticks to his rules in the end. Come on." She pointed to the town below the hill the ponies were standing on, "Let's head into town."

And just like that, a new journey began. The ponies from Equestria became the Pokemon Trainers of the Chowa Region. What excitement would await them? What hazards would befall them? The adventures were just beginning.

End of Chapter 1

(A/N: And that'll just about do it for chapter 1. Next chapter, now that the ponies have been established as humans I'll be switching to human terminology and I'll be handwaving how they suddenly become accustomed to being humans. Since I made the Adventurizer 9001 as Pinkie pointed out I control everything so if I want to handwave that the ponies have become accustomed and understanding of their situation then that's what I'll do. Since this is a crack fic you can expect a lot of flimsy explanations that you're just supposed to chalk up to the craziness of the situation. Also everybrony, since this is a kid's story I didn't make the ponies human for less than noble reasons if you catch my drift. I just, as did my beta Greatkingrat88, thought that ponies training other creatures would present… problems. Two off the top of my head. Scenario 1: If they're just seven ponies in a human world some trainers might mistake them for actual Pokemon. Scenario 2: Rapidash and Ponyta are pony pokemon. Imagine if one of them had a Ponyta or Rapidash and it was male. There's your second problem and that includes every Pokemon in the Field Egg group. We certainly don't need a horny Raticate, Tauros or Donphan doing naughty things to the Mane Six or Luna and having any of the ponies carrying their eggs. Well anyway, more stuff in the next chapter. Sorry no Pinkie Pie here, she's helping the others understand what's going on more).