E/O Challenge: Remote – to be used twice in 100-word drabble.

A/N: This may be my last drabble for a couple of weeks. I am moving (yay!) and wont' be able to post as much for a while. I hope you enjoy this week's drabble!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural or its characters.

"Sam, I can't believe you!" Dean shouted as he slammed the car door and skulked to the trunk. "I told you to watch out for all that crap in the road!"

"We're on a mountain road, Dean! A flat tire isn't remotely close to the damage that could have happened had I swerved into that ditch."

Dean pulled open the compartment that held his spare tire, only to find that it, too, was flat.

"That's just great!" He slammed the trunk. "Spare tire isn't remotely usable. Now what, genius?"

"I could always call Bobby," Sam offered. "He may not kill us.."