"Stop thinking about what I want, what he wants, what your parents would have wanted. You can't always play the saint Elena. What do you want? You can't save everyone."

Chapter 1Damon

She was an awfully strange creature. She was kind, selfless and pure. Everything he wasn't. She put everyone and anyone before herself; she was willing to die for those who meant most to her. Something he would never ever consider. She inflicted the strangest of feelings upon him. She made him feel…humane. She made him feeling like his ever-prolonging unnatural existence had a meaning. She made him want to try. Yes, Elena Gilbert was most definitely one of the strangest creatures he had ever come in contact with.

Damon glanced to his left where he saw Elena sleeping. She had fallen asleep around 12am, four hours before they set off for the unmentionable long road trip to find Damon's brother, Stefan, who had gone missing god knows where. They pulled up at a gas station a few hours ago to re-gas where she mentioned she was cold. He immediately offered her his jacket, which she graciously denied. After his profound nagging for her to take it she reluctantly took it with a thankful smile. It was only at that point that Damon realised he would do anything for this girl, anything she required. As soon as they begun driving again Elena dozed off. He smiled at her for an eighth of a second before refocusing his attention on the road. Even her mere presence made him feel like a better person.

He drove in silence for the next few hours, content with soundtrack of Elena's deep breathing. It was dawn, and the sun was rising and the birds were playing their bird song. Usually he never heard birds, they tended to steer away from him given his current dead status, but with Elena around they came in hundreds willingly. He was surprised birds hadn't of landed of the car bonnet. She attracted everyone, even the wildlife. He shaked his head whilst laughing to himself in amusement.

"Share the joke." He turned his head to find Elena, in the exact same position as she was when she was sleeping, smiling. He smiled back at her and shook his head; she wouldn't understand he thought internally. Elena sat up straight and groaned, stretching her limbs and crinking her neck. That groan, Damon thought, the things I wish I could do to her…Damon looked at Elena out of one eye, there was no point denying that she wasn't attractive. She was a very attractive young woman. She had a pretty face with a slender body with beautiful features. The amount of hours he'd spent daydreaming having his way with her…Damon shook his head before his mind begun one of their fantasies about Elena and before something else of his awoke.

"How was your sleep?" Damon decided to occupy his mind before his overbearing thoughts of Elena took over. They had been driving down a straight road for about the past hour, Damon could only estimate the road would continue to stay relatively straight for the foreseeable future.

"It was adequate. A bit uncomfortable."

Damon laughed shortly, "Well, you did sleep on the side of the door." He waited for Elena's response, when he didn't receive one he looked over at her. She was rubbing her neck with a pained expression on her face. His face softened as he realised she was in pain. "Are you okay? Do you want me to pull over?" He reached out with one hand and placed it on her free hand, gently squeezing it.

She stopped rubbing her neck and looked down at her hand, which was being held by his and then back up at him. He heard her heartbeat increase when she glanced at her hand, which he held. She smiled, her eyes full of gratitude. "I'll be ok. I've survived worse." This wasn't just a figure of speech like most people used it, no; Elena Gilbert had survived the worst of the worst. Damon smiled at her response, mainly because he was glad she had survived. He hated to think of life without her presence. Elena sat up in her seat and glanced around. The confused look on her face made it sure she was unfamiliar with the current surroundings. "Where on earth are we?" She asked, with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"About twenty miles off New York." Damon glanced over to see Elena's reaction and smirked when he saw her shocked face.

"…New York?" Damon smirked again and nodded. "Why on earth would Stefan be interested in New York? The capital city of America? The highly populated city of America?"

Damon shook his head. He didn't have an answer to Elena's question. He didn't know why his brother would be interested in New York; he didn't really know his brother anymore. This stage was a lot different to his usual Ripper stages. He didn't seem to care about anything lately, not even Elena, his one true love. All he seemed to care about was destroying Klaus, and by doing that he's destroyed everything else and left Damon to pick up the pieces. Not that he complained, Damon was more than happy to help Elena. Maybe one day she'd realise his level of care and adoration he has for her. Maybe one day she'll start to love him like he loves her. "I don't know Elena, Stefan has never been like this before in all of his existence. I honestly don't know what to do." Damon was worried; despite everything he loved his brother. He was sick with worry over what his crazed brother might do next.

Elena noticed his concern. "Don't worry," she said as she placed her hand lightly on his arm, "we'll find him" Damon looked down at where Elena's hand was placed. He loved being in contact with her; it made him feel alive, human. Something he rarely felt. Damon sighed and nodded. Elena again noticed he wasn't comforted. This time she gently squeezed his arm. "We'll find him Damon. Everything's going to be okay. Look, there's New York in the distance." She pointed to the rows on rows of lights. Damon could no longer hear the birdcall but the distant sound of New York City. That and Elena's comforting gave him some reassurance. Damon nodded. He noticed Elena's hand lingered on his arm a few second after he reassured her. He smiled quietly to himself. He allowed him one quick glance at Elena. He quickly reverted his eyes to the road once he realised she was already staring at him. Did she notice him noticing her staring at him? He didn't know. He didn't know a lot lately.

It wasn't long until they entered New York City. Damon decided in Elena's best interests that they ought to check into a hotel and allow Elena to rest before they start their quest to find Stefan. It wasn't long until Elena collapsed on the giant double bed. She quickly fell asleep. Damon smiled as he sat opposite her, staring at the unfathomable beauty that would never be his, but his brothers.