"Okay, thank you Sheriff Forbes, ill get in contact again when I know more about the situation." Damon whispered quietly into the phone receiver and then abruptly put the phone down. He sighed. What had his crazy, stupid, reckless brother gotten himself into this time? Damon sighed again, as he was unable to answer the question.

"Damon?" Damon looked up to see Elena. Beautiful, pure, honest Elena, who was looking particularly worried. Her eyebrows were buried in an adorably concern fashion and her plump pink mouth was slightly open. Damon wanted to comfort her, tell her everything was going to be okay and that she didn't have to worry, but he couldn't give her false hope or empty promises. Even with everything going on Damon could still imagine his mouth upon hers, kissing, being together…

Stop it, Damon ordered himself. You have bigger things to worry about that making out with your brothers girlfriend. He tried to get himself to stop thinking of her, but he simply couldn't. Damon Salvatore could not stop thinking about Elena Gilbert, it was a fact. He thought about her constantly, day and night. Everything reminded him of her; the sun, the sky, the air, everything. She kept him sane, well, sane enough to not kill everyone in town. Elena was the only reason Damon was still in Mystic Falls. He hated that goddamned town, he always did and he always will. That town attracted trouble, but seeing as it held resident to Elena it also attracted him, and many other supernatural beings, many who didn't hold the same thoughts as he did. Most wanted to use Elena for her doppelganger traits, use her until she was of no use anymore. They didn't care for her well being at all, not like Damon did. Damon would do anything for her, anything to make her happy and safe.

"Damon...?" Elena repeated as she took a step forward towards him. Damon had completely forgotten she had even said his name in the first place; he was too consumed with his radical thoughts of her. Elena looked even more concerned than she did before, this was probably due to the fact he didn't answer her in the first place, however, it only made him want to comfort her even more. Damon hated the fact she was anything but happy. He hated the fact he couldn't do anything to change the way she felt.

"Sorry…I was…thinking." Thinking, yes, Damon was thinking. What he was thinking about would remain a closed secret to him. Elena raised her eyebrows impatiently. She was getting annoyed. Good, Damon thought, maybe if she hates me it'll make me wanting her easier. Damon sighed as he looked at the beauty in front of him. She was so strong, so vigilant for someone so young and physically weak. She represented hope in his meek, brittle, non-ending existence. She represented what he would and could never have. Pain flashed through him, not the physical kind, that was easy to deal with, that was removable. No, his heart ached in a way he couldn't ignore, his stomach regulated around inside of him like he was about to throw up. He wanted her; he wanted her to be his so badly.

Elena looked up and saw Damon's forehead creased with worry, his eyes full of regret, and his eyes full of sadness. Her heart reached out to him, she wanted to comfort him. She wanted to cradle his head on her lap and rhymically brush her fingers through his hair and whisper words of comfort to him. She wanted to take his pain away and burden it on herself. But she couldn't. She couldn't comfort him, she couldn't promise him comfort that she couldn't present and she couldn't take his pain away. She was useless. She couldn't do anything, and the worse thing is so many people have died for her. Her loved ones died for something that would probably be joining them on the other side very shortly. They died for a lost cause. Elena could see on Damon's face he was dying for a lost cause. She should have died when she was born.

Elena stepped towards Damon, her hands reaching out to him, as if to try to catch his sadness and throw it away. "Damon," her voice was soft and her eyes were full of compassion. She stopped when she was about an arms length away from him. Damon looked up, his eyes stricken with grief and hate and despair. Surely Stefan alone couldn't have done this?

"Elena." He copied her in a monotonic voice. Elena winced in reply to his coldness, why was he being like this? Damon, for a split second felt uncontrollably angry for upsetting Elena, but he quickly shut off that feeling. Damon shut off all feelings. That's one of the perks of being a vampire; you can shut off your humanity in a split second.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

Damon didn't look her in the face when he answered; he knew when he saw those adorable brown eyes fill with water he'd crack, "Its Stefan. He's gone crazy; he's killing all of Klaus's hybrids…and anyone or anything that gets in his way for some reason. He wants something, I just don't know what it is." He heard Elena stop breathing; he then heard her heartbeat slowly decrease to a minimum thud. He then heard her take shaky, unsteady breaths that were accompanied by sniffles. Yep, she was crying. Even though he didn't actually see her crying he still felt sorry for her. The most painful thing ever is to watch someone you love cry over someone they love. Damon almost couldn't take the pain, the anger of Elena not being his. Why did life have to treat him so badly? Why was it always Stefan, no matter how badly he acted, always got what he wanted? Doesn't he deserve a chance at happiness for once in his sad, lonely existence?

"I'm going to find him," Damon sighed as he met Elena's watery eyes. He'd cracked. He couldn't take her misery one second longer, "There's no need to be upset."

Elena sniffled as she rubbed her eyes free from tears and nodded, she suddenly stopped. "Wait…I'm? Don't you mean we?" Elena spluttered, her eyes wide with rejection and shock.

Damon's stare was hard and cold, Elena noticed the emotion, and the sadness wasn't present anymore. Nothing was there anymore. His eyes were empty. He was empty, "No Elena." He said, his voice as harsh as his stare was, "I'm going. You're going home, to Mystic Falls."

Elena laughed sarcastically, her eyes turned from empathy to fury, "You're? No Damon. You said we were in this together, you said I could help."

Damon internally sighed for the bitterness he was about to present to Elena, "No Elena, you were allowed to come when we thought Stefan had just gone on a little bend, but its different. It's bigger this time. You're just human, Elena. You can't help. You're useless. And anyway Elena, why do you still care about Stefan? He left you, he left you alone. He doesn't care about you." Damon saw the pain he inflicted on Elena through her eyes, the pain was like a boomerang, it hit Elena and hit him right back, ten times worse.

Elena's anger was quickly dropped from her façade, she didn't suit hate. Her fury was then replaced with sadness. Her whole body drooped, like she had given up on everything she had been fighting for. Damon spotted her bottom lip trembling, like she was about to cry. Don't cry, Elena internally told herself; don't give him the satisfaction of seeing you cry.

"You're right." Elena whispered quietly to herself. If Damon didn't possess supernatural abilities he wouldn't have been able to hear her, "I'm useless, aren't I?" Elena proclaimed as she sniffed away any tears and looked Damon in the eyes and laughed sarcastically. "All these people fighting over me…fighting for my blood…why? I should have died when my parent's car fell off Wickery Bridge. That's the way it should have been. I should have died there and then. Stefan wasn't meant to save me. He went against the natural order by saving someone who was meant to have died. And this is nature paying me back. It's paying me back for being alive by cursing me with an inevitable death."

Damon was stunned, did he plant this thought into her head or was it always there? Damon instantly regretted what he said when he saw the tears forming in her eyes. "Elena, I'm sorry." Damon said softly as he walked towards Elena. Elena shook her head. She had recomposed her face; any hint of sadness that once lingered there was gone. Elena brushed the hair out of her face and then walked towards him.

"Don't be sorry for telling the truth. That's the good thing about you Damon, you'll always tell me the truth even if it hurts me. Stefan never told me the truth; he thought I was too weak, too…human to handle the truth. But I'm not. I'm strong. I can handle the truth, and you see that Damon. Thank you." Elena was finally several inches away from Damon before she reached up and gently caressed his face. It was in that moment Damon saw the true Elena, he didn't see the pureness or the good heartedness, no, and he saw the real Elena. The girl who had suffered so much pain, so much loss; the girl who wasn't willing to loose another person from her life. He saw her determination, her strength. Damon nodded, lost for words. Elena smirked and removed her hand from his face. He missed her touch. She turned his back away from him and began walking towards the motel room. "You better get some rest, we've got a crazed vampire to find."

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