"Wednesday Addams" Called Professor Mcgonagall. Wednesday walked over to the Stool, that hat was put on Her Head, it said "Wednesday Friday Addams, Very Simple You are, SLYTHERIN!" The slytherin Table erupted with excitement, she walked over and sat down. Someone, who was quite alot older that her said "I'm Millicent Bulstrode, What's Your Name?" Wednesday Said "I'm Wednesday Addams." Millicent said "Where do you Live, I live in Manchester." Wednesday said "I live at 0001 Cemetery Lane, Gravesville, Bewitched." Millicent looked shocked, what was wrong with where she lived, but Millicent said "Do You have any Brothers or Sisters? and what are your parents called?" Wednesday said "I have 2 brothers called Pugsley and Pubert, my parents are called Gomez and Morticia." Millicent then said "Do You have any Hobbys?" Wednesday was afraid to say this, but she said it anyway "Inflicting Harm on my brothers and Raising Spiders." Millicent's reaction was really funny, but Wednesday wasn't watching because the food had just appeared. Wednesday had 1 sausage and some potatoes, she wan't hungry, she never was. When the feast was finished, Wednesday headed to the common room with the other first years, and as soon as she got there, she went to her dormatry, to find out who else was in there, there was 3 other girls called Alicia Cavenly, Jessie Harlbrough and Olive Randallicent. Olive said "Hi, I'm Olive, what's your name?" Wednesday was worried they were going to laugh at her, or be absolutely petrified, but she said "I'm Wednesday Addams." Alicia bust out "What a Weird Name, My Mum said I shouldn't talk to people with weird names." Wednesday took this as an offence, she didn't think she had a weird name, neither did Alicia and Jessie, They thought that she was nice, well as nice as Wednesday Addams could be.

Wednesday's POV

What a Day. What a Horrible girl, Olive that is. What a thing to say. I don't have a weird name, it's from the rhyme, Wednesday's Child is full of Woe. Alicia and Jessie are really nice. Well better get some sleep. Got Lessons tomorrow.

Wednesday woke up the next morning to see Olive applying makeup and doing her hair. I got dressed and did my hair in 2 plaits, she saw me just as I'd finished and she said "You're not going out with your hair like that are you?" I said "You're not going out with your face covered in all that rubbish are you?" she ran away crying, her mascara smudging. Wednesday was pleased, she'd upset someone. That was her main goal. Upset a very horrible person, and she'd done it. So she went to breakfast, she could see Olive crying. She ate her breakfast and then she had to go to her potions lesson.

Potions; With Professor Snape, her head of House, So it couldn't be too bad.

"Wednesday Addams." Said Snape quietly "Yes Sir" Said Wednesday.

"Today; We will be making a Boil Cure Potion. The Recipe is on the Board, Ingredients in the Cupboard. Go"

1 ½ hours Later

"Please bring a phial of your potion to my desk, Clear up and leave." Barked Snape. Wednesday did so and left the room.