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Santana POV

It was Saturday night and I was lying on the couch in my apartment. I have no idea where my roommates Quinn and Puck are, but I couldn't care less right now. This weekend started out like crap. I got fired in the restaurant just because I slapped a costumer for the second time in a week. I still don't understand why that is a reason to fire me, besides that guy deserved it. He was squeezing and touching my ass every chance he got. No one gets to touch me unless I want them too.

I know I can be hard to handle sometimes, but at least I don't let people walk all over me. The only two people who I really trust are Quinn and Puck. They are my best friends and although they can be annoying like hell sometimes, I couldn't imagine my life without them. Puck is like the male version of me and Quinn was actually the opposite. She was sweet to everyone, but she trusts people way to easily. It was my job to protect her from the people that just want to take an advantage of that sweetness. Puck on the other hand is fully capable to take care of himself. He's adventurous with everything, especially with the girls. I can't tell you how many times I've had to go to dinner to meet his 'new' girlfriend.

I've known Puck almost my entire life and Quinn since she moved in with us two years ago. He always says that friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings. It sounded disgusting the first couple of times when he said it, but now it actually sounded right strangely.

Suddenly the door of the apartment opened and Quinn and Puck came walking in with a couple of bags filled with groceries.

''Whaddup Lopez'' Puck said and he kicked the door close with his foot. Quinn smiled at me and put the bags on the floor in the hall.

''My back is killing me'' Quinn sighed and plopped down next to me on the couch.

''Hey! aren't you going to help me with this stuff'' Puck shouted from the kitchen.

''You're the man of the house, you should take care of us'' Quinn chuckled and lifted up my feet to rest them on her lap.

I gave her a weak smile and turned my attention back to the TV.

''Holy shit what happened here'' Puck shouted.

Shit, he probably saw the mess I made this afternoon. I tried to bake a cake when I got home from work and there was ingredients everywhere. I never baked a cake in my life, but people do that when they get depressed right? It didn't work for me though, it tasted like crap so I just ate a Ben & Jerry instead.

''Whatever it is - I didn't do it!'' I shouted back and gave Quinn a wink who just shook her head back and forth.

''How was work?'' Quinn said and grabbed the remote control to switch the channel.

''I was watching that'' I said and snatched the remote out of her hand to put it back on Saturday night live.

''What's going on with you'' Quinn said while raising one eyebrow. God why does she always has to know how I feel.

''Ladies, dinner is served, and you Lopez, are going to do the dishes tonight.'' Puck said before I could answer Quinns question.

He came walking into the living room with three pizza boxes and handed me a pizza Hawaii, my favorite.

''Santana here is a little grumpy tonight'' Quinn chuckled and took a bite of her pizza slice.

''Okay whose ass do I have to beat?'' Puck said

''Actually I already beat them that's why I got fired'' I said and shrugged my shoulders. I acted like I didn't care, but I hate it. I don't have an income now and it sucks ass to find a job anywhere now.

Quinn looked at me with wide eyes and Puck was cheering for me.

''Why are you clapping for her Puck, that's not good at all!'' Quinn said, but couldn't hold back her laughter too.

''So why did you have to beat someone in a freakin restaurant?'' Puck asked and took a big gulp of his water.

''Some guy wasn't able to keep his hands to himself and I made it clear to him that I'm not very interested in that type of people'' I chuckled but couldn't help but feel a little frustrated about the fact that I was unemployed again. It wasn't the first time that I lost a job because of my temper.

''Don't worry, you'll find another job. Maybe in a fight club or something?'' Quinn smirked and gave me a wink.

''Whatever'' I sighed and turned my attention back to the TV.

''I think I have a good idea to get you out of this depressive mood'' Puck said after we finished our pizza.

''I'm not having sex with you''

''O-kay I'm not going to say that it didn't cross my mind, but you're like a sister to me so that would just be uhm''

''Disgusting'' Quinn said and finished his sentence.

''Yeah that would be weird. Anyway, a friend of mine told me about a night club called 'Candyman'. It's loaded with hot chicks and the drinks are awesome there'' Puck said and wiggled his eyebrows.

''Why would we be interested in hot chicks?'' Quinn asked.

Quinn and I were both single. I've dated a few guys before but it never felt right. It goes well for a couple of weeks and then I just lose interest. Mostly it's just a sexual thing and even that wasn't very satisfying. I've had sex with girls before too, but that was more experimenting. I mean everybody does that right? I'm not a lesbian or something, but some girls are just too hot not to touch. I don't know exactly why I like it, I just do.

Quinn dated a guy called Sam for a while, but that didn't work out very well. He was pretty nice, except for his humongous mouth. Puck and Quinn knew about the fact that I hooked up with girls before, Puck just thinks it's hot and Quinn doesn't talk about it. I think it makes her a little uncomfortable, but she just has to try it sometimes too, then she will understand.

''Well I think Lopez knows how to deal with that, she likes to taste both sides right'' Puck smirked and wiggled his eyebrows.

''Shut up perve'' I said and threw a left over from my pizza at him. He managed to avoid the piece of food and stuck his tongue out.

''Sometimes you two are really exhausting'' Quinn sighed and picked up the left over from the floor.

I swear if I would live with Puck alone, it would have been a fucking mess in this house.

''He started it'' I said.

Puck rolled his eyes and got up to throw the pizza boxes away.

''So are we going out tonight or what? We look like a freaking threesome married couple, hanging on the couch on a Saturday night.'' He shouted from the kitchen again.

''Fine, but you're driving! Quinn and I want to get our drinks on right Q?'' I said and threw my legs over her lap again.

''Yes you're the designated driver tonight Puck'' Quinn chuckled.

Puck came walking out of the kitchen with a pout on his face, but the pout got replaced with a smirk almost right away.

''Why are you looking like we're naked'' I asked and shut off the TV.

''Okay I'll be the designated driver tonight, if you clean up the kitchen for the rest of the week''

''Hell to the no'' I said and made a gesture with my hand to ignore his comment.

''Okay what about a bet, whoever makes out with the hottest girl tonight, can choose who cleans it'' He smirked.

''Done!'' I said and jumped off the couch.

''No way, I've never made out with a girl and I'm not planning it either'' Quinn said and shook her head back and forth.

I think it was actually a pretty fun idea. I know for a fact that I'm going to win this and that means no cleaning duties for the rest of the week. Maybe I can get Quinn out of her comfort zone for one time and throw her into the experiment zone for a night. That is going to be fucking hilarious.

I jumped on her lap and without a warning I took her cheeks in my hands and gave her a hard kiss on her lips.

''What the hell'' Quinn said and wiped her lips before pushing me off her.

''So, now you've kissed a girl'' I smirked and stood up. Puck was laughing and Quinn started laughing now too.

''Okay first of all don't ever do that again, and second, fine I'm in. I really don't want to clean that enormous mess you made in a desperate attempt to eat your depression away'' Quinn chuckled and walked towards the stairs.

''That. Was. So. Hot. And a little gay'' Puck chuckled.

I walked towards him and poked him hard in his stomach before walking up the stairs to get dressed too.

Two hours later…

''Whoew I have two hot roomies'' Puck said when we got out of the car to walk towards the club.

Puck always compliments us in between his childish behavior, but tonight he was really right. Quinn and I decided to dress sexy, because neither of us wants to lose the bet, not just because I was terrible at loosing, but we were planning to have a good night. The worries of finding another job are out of my head for tonight.

''You're so going to lose Puckerman'' I smirked and linked my arm with Quinns. Those heels I chose to wear were damn high and those bricks on this street are not making it easier to walk straight.

Quinn and I were already a little tipsy, because we decided to have a couple of shots at home. Actually Quinn decided to have a couple of shots so she was drunk enough to kiss a girl. I don't know why she makes such a big deal out of it, but I know for a fact she will like it.

''Wow this place is popular'' Quinn said when we reached the club.

The line was long to say the least, and Puck was right, it was filled with hot girls. There were a couple of handsome guys too but they were staring at every ass that walked by so they are probably just looking to get laid.

''Don't worry, my friend put us on the guest list'' Puck said and walked passed the line towards the bouncer.

''Thank god'' Quinn mumbled.

''Hey dude, we're on the list'' Puck said to the bouncer and showed him his ID. He nodded and he detached the red lint so we could enter the club. The rest of the line looked at us with a jealous look and I gave the bouncer a wink before walking in after Quinn and Puck.

The club was huge and packed with people. It wasn't that nasty packed like that you can't take a single step without getting a sweaty body pressed up against you, no this club was actually nice.

''So, see anyone you like yet?'' I said into Quinns ear so she could hear me above the loud music.

''No, let me get drunk first'' She said back and pulled me with her toward the bar. I looked back to see if Puck followed us, but he was already talking with a girl. I stood behind Quinn at the bar and I heard her ordering two shots. I could only see a string of blonde hair moving in front of Quinn behind the bar. Quinn took the drinks and gave me a shot. We swallowed it in one time and made our way towards the dance floor.

After three hours dancing and pushing sweaty guys away, who desperately tried to grind against me, I decided it was time to cool off a little.

I squeezed Quinns waist to get her attention.

''I'm going outside for a minute, it's hot in here'' I said.

''Whooew it's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothessss'' She yelled in my ear. Yup she was definitely wasted now. I shoved her playfully and walked towards the door to get some air. Actually, I stumbled towards the door because my balance was damn hard to find.

I was about to step out of the club, when my heel kept hanging behind the doorstep. I tried to grab the doorpost to keep myself from falling, but my hand slipped away. I stumbled out of the door when two strong arms caught my body before I hit the ground. I struggled to put my feet straight up again and looked up to see who caught me.

''I'm sorry, tha…'' I tried to finish my sentence, but I lost all my words at the sight in front of me. A beautiful long girl with blond hair and the most sparkling blue eyes was looking at me with a worried but amused look.

''Are you falling for me already'' She chuckled and smiled at me. Her soft voice was enough for me to lose my words again.

''I uhm..'' I breathed out and felt my cheeks burning. I let go of her, but she kept her arms around my waist.

''Don't be embarrassed, it's okay, although it doesn't happen to me every night that a beautiful girl just falls into my arms'' She said and gave me that flirty smile again. I finally snapped out of my trance and smiled back.

''Sorry, lost my balance for a second'' I said and smoothened out my dress.

She let go of me and I instantly missed her touch. I guess this would be the perfect girl to win my bet with.

''Like I said, no need to apologize. Do you want me to call a cab for you?'' She asked.

''No, my friends are inside. I just wanted to cool off a little bit, it's hot in there''

''Yeah tell me about it. I'm lucky that I get to have a break or else I would pass out'' She said and leaned her body against the wall. I saw that she was wearing a tight legging and a black low cut V shirt with the word 'Candyman' on it.

''Ow you work here?'' I asked.

''Yeah, I guess I made those shots which got you so out of balance'' She chuckled and gave me a wink.

''Well at least you saved me from hitting the damn ground''

'' So what else do you have going for besides your good looks'' She asked and her voice sounded a little raspy, probably from shouting behind the bar the whole night.

Normally when a guy would use that kind of lines on me I would just roll my eyes and walk away, but when she said it, I felt good about myself and felt no urge at all to walk away from her. I was giggling like a teenage girl and stopped it immediately when I realized how stupid I was acting. I decided to throw in a corny pick up line too, just to see how she reacts to it. If I want to kiss her tonight I have to do something about it.

''Nothing much, I've had a really bad day today, but it always makes me feel better to see a pretty girl smile'' I said and gave her a wink too.

I saw that I took her off guard with my flirting and her face turned a little pink. I guess she isn't used to girls who flirt back a little.

''Hmm, you know what makes me feel better'' She said and stepped closer towards me with a little smirk on her lips.


''Dancing'' She whispered in my ears and took my hand to pull me inside the club again. She stopped in front of the doorstep and threw her arm around my waist when I stepped over it.

''Thanks'' I said a little ashamed and she just gave me that infectious smile again.

We made our way towards the dance floor and I could hear the next song almost at the chorus, pumping out of the speakers. I looked to see if I saw Quinn or Puck, but I couldn't see them. The blonde girl began swaying her hips back and forth in front of me, moving perfectly with the beat of the song while smiling at me with those gorgeous blue eyes.

It's been a rough week
Another drink please
I'm walking the floor, that's when
You do your entrance, sexy movements
You knock me off shore

She kept her eyes on me and I sstarted to sway my hips at the same rhythm as her.

Girl it seems like you need company
I can tell by the look in your eyes
Could you possibly, exclusively
Give me just a minute of your time

This would be the perfect timing to kiss her. I slowly danced my way towards her, but she just swayed away from me the more I walked up to her. I frowned a little but she just smirked at me and started dancing more seductive. Damn, she was good.

Lady, I don't want to dance with nobody, but you
If you don't believe me
Let me just work on your body to prove
You're going to miss me when I'm gone

Suddenly she licked her lips and this time she danced towards me, she rested her hands on my waist and tried to navigate my hips so that they were swaying with hers in harmony. Just when I wanted to throw my arms around her neck and pull her closer, someone tugged on her shoulder.

''Brittany!, Break is over, we need you back at the bar!'' A tall guy said and motioned with his head that she had to go to the bar.

Hmm so her name was Brittany, it matches perfectly with her appearance.

Brittany nodded at him and leaned closer to me, still with her hands on my waist. She squeezed my waist a little and brushed her lips against my ear when she said '' Sorry, duty calls. Just want you to know, not many people can take my breath away, but you don't even had to try''

Before I could react she already made her way through the crowd towards the bar. Shit, not only am I going to lose the bet now, but strangely I missed her. The alcohol is really messing with my mind I guess.

I grabbed my phone and saw that it already was pretty late, I scanned the dance floor and suddenly I felt two arms around my waist from behind.

''Oee that was close Lopez, too bad she ditched you'' He said in my ear and I turned around to see him grinning at me.

''She didn't ditch me, she works here! Unless your name is Google,stop acting like you know everything. Besides you still didn't make out with anyone too! '' I said.

''No the girls here are hard to satisfy, that's not my fault.'' He said.

''Whatever, let's find Quinn and go home.'' I said and looked around to find her somewhere in the dancing crowd.

Puck poked my shoulder and I turned around to face him again with an frustrated frown.

''I think I found her'' He chuckled and pointed to the side.

I followed his line of sight and was a little shocked when I saw what he was pointing at. Quinn was fully making out with a short brunette in the middle of the dance floor.

''Holy shit'' I said and Puck began cheering and pumping his fist in the air.

I saw Quinn pulling back a little and I could see that she was completely wasted.

''I'll go get her, before she pukes all over that hot chick'' Puck chuckled and walked up towards Quinn.

I was still looking at her and the short girl with a shocked look. Puck dragged Quinn with his arm around her waist towards me and she was smiling like a moron.

''Santanaaaaa, I kissed a girl!'' She yelled in my ear and stumbled into my side.

''And how was it?'' I chuckled while throwing my arm around the other side of her waist, so that she was walking between me and Puck.

''I liked it woeeeew'' She screamed and gave Puck a kiss on his cheek before she said ''You're going to clean the house this week baby''

Before we walked out of the exit, I turned around so that I could see Brittany behind the bar, but she wasn't there. I'd rather stay for a little while longer and dance with her again, but Quinn was on the edge of breaking down and puke all over the place. I was disappointed that I didn't see Brittany, but I guess if she works here, I will be seeing her much more often. With that prospect in my mind, I stumbled towards the car with Quinn and Puck and the image of Brittany dancing against me.

I guess It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.

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