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Three weeks later, Santana POV


"Noooo" I growled into my pillow. I took a quick glance towards my alarm clock and saw that it was 04:00 AM. It was still pitch black outside, only a light glance from the moon shining through my window. I rolled over and tried to fall back asleep. A few minutes later my phone went off again.


"What the fuck" I growled again and rolled over to grab my phone from the nightstand. It's probably Puck or Quinn who is sending me drunk texts. They went out to 'Candyman' with Tina, Mike and Rachel. I wanted to come too because Brittany had to work, but unfortunately I had to work too. I got home late and I was tired from serving all those grumpy people. Not that I was the sunshine in the house, but whatever.

I pressed at the home button from my Iphone and the bright light from the screen caused my eyes to squeeze shut. When my eyes finally got adjusted to the light I could see two new messages, one from Brittany and one from Quinn. After I slide the unlock with my thumb, I read Brittany's message first.

INCOMING BRITTANY: Honeeeeey, I ont wanna wake u up but I jwa I just want to say that u you are soo beautiful and perfect nd wish u were here party wuth me. Im dizzy now XX?OXO

I shook my head back and forth in amusement at Brittany's text. She was clearly drunk and having a good time. She had to work until 3 AM so she probably went drinking with Quinn and the rest. I don't mind waking up to a text from Brittany and the stupid grin on my face combined with the tingles proved it.

Things were going good between us lately. We were spending a lot of time together and things were getting back like it used to be, even haven't had sex though, because I don't want Brittany to freak out again afterwards and I don't want to push her into anything that she isn't ready for yet. It's hard to sleep in the same bed and don't do anything but kissing and some touching. I know she wants to, but I'm afraid of the consequences. I just wait until I have the feeling that nothing bad is going to happen afterwards, even though it starts to physically hurt not to do anything while getting all hot and bothered from her kisses. I opened the text from Quinn before answering Brittany.

INCOMING FABRAY: Brittany is completely wasted and puking in the girls bathroom right now. She's saying your name constantly so Rachel and I are taking her home to our place. Don't worry just wanted to let you know. X Q.

TO FABRAY: I'm coming to get her.

I quickly send a reply to Quinn and jumped out of my bed to get dressed. I know that Brittany is safe with Quinn and Rachel, but she's asking for me and I can't stand the thought that Brittany is puking there while I'm here in bed. I threw on a random shirt and stumbled down the stairs while pulling my sweatpants on. I placed my phone on the kitchen table and quickly put on my shoes. When I was almost ready to run out of the door, I heard my phone beeping again. I quickly reached it and unlocked the screen.


I frowned at the sight of Brittany's text because I had no idea what those letters mean. But it was enough to make me smile again. God, I'm so whipped.

INCOMING FABRAY: No need to come, we're outside waiting for a taxi. Stay home Santana!

I let out a frustrated sigh and kicked my shoes off again. Maybe I overreacted, Brittany is safe with them and they're already on their way home. I plopped down on the couch with my phone in my hand in case anything happened and texted Quinn that she better hurry up, before texting Britt.

TO BRITTANY: Baby I'm up, waiting for you to come home to me XXX

A few minutes later I felt my eyes sag in again and I had to do my best not to fall asleep. I was still exhausted from work and waking up in the middle of the night doesn't help. I grabbed a pillow and placed it next to the armrest so I could rest my head on it. I threw my legs on the couch too and let out a content sigh. This is nice. When I almost drifted into sleep, my eyes shot open at the sound of a car stopping in front of the house. I quickly got up and looked through the window. Brittany was in between Quinn and Rachel who were supporting her with their arms around her waist. I ran towards the door and opened it.

"Santanaaaa" Brittany practically yelled with a big smile when she saw me.

"Hey babe, did you have fun?" I chuckled lightly and stepped forwards.

"She is completely wasted. " Quinn sighed.

Brittany untangled herself from Rachel and Quinn when they entered the house and stumbled towards me. I quickly took a step forward to catch her and let her body fall into me. She threw her arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around her waist to hold her up.

"I missed youuuu" Brittany mumbled vaguely against the skin in my neck, leaving goose bumps all over my arm. I smelled the strong wave of alcohol, but the sweet scent of her shampoo overpowered it.

"I missed you too Britt, let's get you to bed" I said while squeezing her tighter against me. She said something again, but it was too vague to understand what she said.

"How come that she's so drunk? " I asked Rachel while rubbing my hand up and down Brittany's back.

"Puck was buying her drinks after she got off from work and.. "

"And you were too busy making out with Quinn to notice." I said before she could finish her sentence.

"That's not fair Santana, Brittany just had a few drinks and got a little carried away. No need to be mad at anyone." Quinn sighed and walked towards us with a big glass of water.

"Whatever, I'm going to kick Puck's ass when he gets home. He knows how bad Britt reacts to alcohol when she hasn't eaten." I said while grabbing the glass from Quinn.

"I'm fine guys." Brittany chuckled and I felt more and more of her weight resting against me. A few more minutes and I have to carry her up the stairs.

"Let's go to bed honey" I said softly and pressed a kiss against her temple before pulling back a little to walk her up the stairs with my arm around her waist and holding the glass of water in my other hand.

"Do you need some help? " Quinn asked.

"Nah, I'll manage" I said and turned a little to look at her "Thanks for taking care of her" I said barely audible, but I saw by the smirk on Quinn and Rachel's face that they heard me.

"No problem, we're going to eat something before we go to bed too" Quinn said and grabbed Rachel's hand to pull her towards the kitchen.

"You better not have loud sex, because I don't want Britt to puke again, and I don't want to get sick either! "

I heard Quinn and Rachel laughing when I reached the end of the stairs and I bit my lip to keep from shouting something again. I'm surrounded by drunk idiots, not Brittany though, she's too damn adorable like this.

"Are we going to have loud sex too? " Brittany suddenly asked and she started peppering light kisses against my cheek and neck while we stumbled towards my bedroom.

My breath got stuck in my throat at Brittany's suggestion and I had to keep thinking straight or else I would be ripping her clothes off as soon as we enter my bedroom. Hell to the yeah I want sex with Brittany, but not when she's drunk. Here lips against my skin and the warmth of her body made it very hard for me to keep my focus, but I managed.

"We're going to sleep Britt" I smiled while holding her closer against me.

"I don't wannaaa" She said in a whiny voice, but it only made me smile wider.

"You're so damn cute when you're drunk" I chuckled and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

"Does that mean we're going to have sex? "

"No Britt'' I laughed. "we're going to sleep. "

I tried to ignore the pout that she gave me. I knew that Brittany gets a lot more in the mood with alcohol running through her body. Just thinking back at the first and only time that I saw her perfect naked body send a shiver down my spine. Shit, I really don't need to think about that now, I'm torturing myself.

We almost reached my room until Brittany suddenly stopped me from walking.

"I need to pee and brush my teeth" She blurted out and pulled me towards the bathroom.

Since last week, some of her stuff is in our bathroom too. Rachel already placed her midget stuff in it a month ago and since Brittany almost spend every night with me since things were right again, she placed some of her things there too. I helped her on the toilet seat and turned around to give her some privacy.

"I can't pee when you're here too"

I glanced through the mirror to catch Brittany's pout while I was putting some tooth paste on her brush. I turned around and tried to keep myself from smiling too big at her cuteness.

"You just did" I chuckled.

Brittany frowned and looked down through her legs when a blush started to show on her cheeks.

"How did that happen" She mumbled confused.

I shook my head in amusement and turned to give her some privacy when she got up from the toilet. I heard it flush and I turned around again to see Brittany unstable on her feet and trying to button her short again. Before she could fall over, I wrapped my arm around her waist again and gave her the tooth brush.

"Thish aste nish" She smiled while brushing her teeth. Well, more brushing her face, because the brush went all over the place.

After brushing her teeth and removing her make up, I helped her into some of my sweatpants and a tank top. I opened up my sheets and helped Brittany on my bed.

"Drink some of this before you lie down babe" I said and grabbed the glass of water from the night stand to hold it in front of her lips. She didn't open her mouth though, instead she was smiling at me with an adorable look.

"I like it when you call me that" she smiled.

"I'll keep calling you that if you drink this for me" I smiled and tried to get her to drink the water again. This time she opened her mouth and placed her hand over mine that was holding the glass. After she drank almost all of it, I placed the glass back on the night stand and walked around my bed to get on it too.

I was barely lying down when Brittany already wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me towards her. I chuckled at her eagerness and quickly threw the cover over us before wrapping my arm around hers too. Finally my body seemed to relax again with Brittany safe next to me in bed. We were lying flush against each other and I lifted my head a little to press a quick kiss against her lips. I tasted mint from the toothpaste and some of her own sweetness behind it.

"Are you feeling okay? Do you feel nauseous?" I asked softly and stroked a string of hair out of her face.

Brittany's eyes were red from the alcohol and her eyes couldn't really rest on one point. A lazy smile was plastered on her lips since the moment she walked in the house with Quinn and Rachel and I knew that there was a smile on mine too.

"No, I'm okay" She mumbled with the same loving look in her eyes.

"Good, try get some sleep babe. It's late. " I said and scooted impossible closer against her.

"I don't want to sleep" She pouted. "I want to kiss you. "

Before I knew it, her hand cupped my cheek and she leaned forward to press her lips against mine. She didn't have to lean very far because we were already practically lying with our faces against each other.

I took a deep breath in through my nose when I felt Brittany's lips caressing mine. The kiss was a little messy since her coordination was probably nowhere in sight. It didn't make the kiss any less enjoyable though and I hummed a little at the delicious feeling. Tingles were shooting straight from lips down through my whole body and the soft moan that Brittany released made me want more. We had to pull back a little to catch our breathes though and my chest was going heavily up and down from the sudden arousing feelings.

Brittany pulled me closer again and soon our lips were working together again. Hands started to roam all over each other's bodies, but I made sure that her hand didn't get lower than my stomach. No matter how horny I am now, I won't let our real first time together go like this. I interlaced Brittany's hand with mine that was trying to go lower and lower and let it rest between us. She hummed something in a disappointed tone, but I shrugged it off and kept kissing her. Her tongue stroke against my bottom lip and I quickly respond by opening my mouth to give her access. As soon as her tongues were grazing and massaging, I felt another shot of tingles shooting through my body. After a few minutes of kissing like this and enjoying how she still managed to kiss so damn good even with being completely drunk, I pulled back slightly. If I don't stop this now, I won't be able to stop my own hands and certainly not Brittany's hand too.

"Don't stop kissing" She mumbled and I could hear by her voice that she was getting nearer to a deep sleep.

I let out a soft chuckle and pulled her closer against me as I felt her lips moving lazily against mine. I released her hand so I could caress the skin on her back underneath her tank top. I know she gets sleepy when I do that. The kiss started to get more and more lazy and I felt myself slowly getting overpowered by sleep too.

"Don't fall asleep okay? " Brittany mumbled against my lips.

"You neither" I mumbled against hers and tried to focus on the kissing, but slowly but surely I felt myself drifting off.

I felt myself coming out of a deep sleep when the sun was starting to tickle my skin. I partly opened my eyes to be met with a bright light and my own dark wallpaper. A smile formed on my lips as I remember the events from last night and my whole body started to tingle from those damn butterflies again. I automatically lifted my arm up to feel the space behind me and found Brittany's warm body lying closely behind me. I grabbed her arm and swung it over my waist to press myself further against her. She was still sleeping, but her arm unconsciously pulled me even closer. With a content sigh I closed my eyes again to get some more sleep. An hour later I felt something tickling the skin in my neck and face again, but this time it wasn't the sun which caused the warm tingles.

"Wake up sleeping beauty." Brittany whispered while placing lingering kisses from my neck over my yaw line when she finally stopped to press her lips feather light against mine.

I turned around with a grin, so I was facing Brittany, but kept my eyes closed.

"It's too early" I pouted.

I heard a soft giggle coming from Brittany and I quickly peeked one eye open to see bright blue eyes smiling back at me. I'll never get tired of waking up to that. I closed them again and buried my face into the crook of her neck. The sweet scent of her invaded my nose and I pressed a kiss against the soft skin under her chin.

"Is it also too early to get a kiss from my sleeping princess? " Brittany chuckled. "You fell asleep first last night so you owe me. "

"I didn't fell asleep first!" I mumbled with a stupid grin. "but I do want a kiss."

I suddenly felt wide awake and rolled further so that I was facing Brittany completely.

"Maybe if you're sweet you'll get one" she teased and wrapped her arms around my back.

"I'm always sweet." I pouted.

Brittany can never resist it when I pout. I can't tell you how many times my pout helped me to get my way. Unfortunately, she has a pout that turns her into freaking Bambi, so she could say the same thing.

"Stop pouting!" Brittany chuckled and leaned up to kiss my cheek instead of my lips.

"I want a real kiss" I pouted again.

Suddenly her smile faded into a serious frown and she looked away with an embarrassed look in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry for last night. I must've been really annoying. " She mumbled softly.

I stroke my thumb over her cheek before lifting her chin up between my wise finger and thumb to get her to look at me.

"You don't have to apologize and you certainly weren't annoying Britt. " I smiled. "You were cute. "

The worried frown between her brows changed into a small shy smile.

"Thank you for taking care of me honey, next time you have to come with me though. " Brittany smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck to pull me towards her waiting lips. Each time before we kiss, even if it's a quick kiss goodbye when one of us is in a hurry, or a passionate kiss when we're cuddling, my heart still skips a beat. The way her eyes sparkle right before she closes her eyes or the way her fingers tickle in my neck and on my back, or the sight of her soft lips parting a little for mine to fit in perfectly, it's still as mesmerizing to me as our first kiss.

I realized that I was staring at her instead of closing the distance and Brittany opened her eyes to look at me with a confused frown.

"Everything okay?" she asked while tucking a string of my hair behind my ear.

"More than okay." I smiled and closed the little distance between us to let her feel all the love through my kiss. When we broke it up for much needed air, I licked my lips to taste Brittany on them and rested my head on her chest. She rolled a little so that she laid down on her back and I snuggled closer into her. I rested my head on her chest while resting my arm lazily on her stomach. Her arms wrapped around me and I felt a kiss pressing on top of my head. I could lie like this forever.

"How was work last night by the way?" I mumbled while stroking patterns with my fingers around her belly button.

"It was really busy." she said barely audible and I noticed that she was falling back asleep again.

A smirk crossed my lips when I thought back about why she woke me up and I raised my head to press kisses against her neck. I should provably let her sleep because it's still early and she probably has a hangover, but I couldn't help myself. And besides, she woke me up first for a kiss, so now I'm allowed to do the same right?

"Are you taking advantage of me while I'm sleeping miss Lopez." Brittany smirked while keeping her eyes closed.

"Maybe.. " I teased and kept pressing kisses against her skin before sucking lightly at her pulse point. A light moan escaped Brittany's throat and I chuckled when I noticed that she did her best to keep her eyes shut.

"Well, you better get some more sleep too, because we have a busy day ahead of us. "

I stopped my assault on her neck and looked up.

"Why, I don't have to work" I said confused. I had no idea that we had planned something.

"I know"

"I don't get it" I frowned.

"You'll see honey, go to sleep. " She smiled and pressed a quick kiss against my lips.

"Fine. " I sighed and rested my head back on her chest while stroking my hand up and down her arm.

A few minutes of silence passed by until Brittany mumbled something.

"Thank you for making me smile every morning. " She mumbled barely audible.

My heart skipped a beat and I'm sure I've never felt this loved in my life before.

"I promised you that I would" I smiled and pressed a lazy kiss against her neck. "So are you going to tell me what we're going to do today? "

I didn't get a response though so I looked up to her and I noticed that she had fallen back asleep. I shook my head in amusement and pressed a feather light kiss against her lips before closing my eyes too.

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