A/N: Oh I dunno what to call this. I was in study hall, had my notebook, a pen, and my iPod. I put my iPod on shuffle, and for every song that came on, I wrote a new… drabble? I usually don't use all these terms XD 14 stories, and not once have I familiarized myself with these terms. Some of them are somewhat incomplete, but that's because I only had four or five minutes to write each one; they really did help me in breaking writer's block.

As an overall disclaimer, I don't own D. Gray-man, the songs, or the idea for the setting and character roles. Respectively, the anime/manga belongs to Katsura Hoshino, the songs to various artists, and the setting/character role idea belongs to awesomeliciousnes, and this whole thing in general is based loosely around the story "D. Grayman High" by awesomeliciousnes as well.

Just so you know, the stories aren't necessarily related directly to the song, so don't flame me :3


Above the Law—Bad Meets Evil

Overall rating: T for mentions of cutting, branding, suicide, doing drugs, and gangs

Genre: Angsty

Characters: Allen, mentions Mana

Allen Walker sometimes thought he was born as a criminal.

He was orphaned on the streets of New York, and later was adopted by a man named Mana Walker. When Allen was eight, Mana was killed in a hit and run. The case presently remained unsolved and marked cold.

Allen had joined a gang; he stole, did drugs, assaulted people—at the moment, his criminal record was a mile long.

He'd tried to kill himself. Three times. They all failed. When he found he lacked the ability to kill himself, he took to inflicting himself with knives and hot irons; he cut his wrists and branded his arms.

And, of course, when he wanted out, the gang turned on him and tore his face, his arms, and his chest.

That was the last time Allen looked at a knife.