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Born of hate

Here in district 1 we have been trained, trained depopulate, trained to be ruthless and merciless killers and trained to reduce the amount of citizens in district 12.

I was born for the sole purpose of destruction under the orders of the Capitol, to be enrolled once aged 16 into the Depo, head of militant population control, to train in combat and the art of heartlessness, to be used as a weapon in the Capitols new offensive to clear and weed out the nations of Panem of those deemed weak, mal nourished and under privileged to make room for the capitols ever growing population. After all who wants to be stuck trying to help people, whose lives will never get better, never even get close to what the Capitol deem as normal?

I was born out of a program set up by the Capitol, to produce young men who would not hesitate to hold an innocent life at gunpoint, who wouldn't hesitate to obey orders, and who would show no emotions during and after completing whatever brutal deed the commander had ordered. I was born out of hate, out of the hate of the Capitol leaders had for those below what they saw as fit and in their way of their "perfect" plan. I have never been shown kindness, love, pity or care, just pushed and pulled and shaped into what others wanted of me, I could not object I had no choice in the matter; "no escape" is what the others around me said. I was part of their hate game. My name is Peeta Mellark, officer 108, squadran 4; I am directly to target a section of district 12 known as the Seam. And it was this Seam that split my life in two.

Glancing down at my wrist, my automated watch depicted my next station of duty, damn; I have to trek down to head quarters to receive new order. It's always a drag being summoned and on the move but the sergeant always said it was good for the mind, whatever that means. Pushing the door open, I'm standing in a white box reeking of disinfectant, the only decoration around is the frames LIST on the white washed wall. The list states the names of the households we soldiers here in 12 have to clear out, yes, remove people, load them on trucks where they are headed for examination and an extermination unit depending on the results. An echoing band brought round my attention, as the door opposite me swung open a tall, clean shaven man, Major Flint, with his ice blue eyes and huge stature; he had me intimidated without even trying. " your orders soldier, you will travel accompanied, as you are aware to the Seam, and clear out the residents of the households I give you, any objectors are to be disposed of. Understood?" Flint boomed. It wasn't really a question though; I had no choice in it, it was an order the one I had been born to carry out.

"Yes sir yes" I reply uniformly, standing upright and to attention, just as I have been trained to. "good" he says as he shuffles through the pile of papers in his hands and pulls out a piece of pristine white card and hands it to me.

I reach out and take it from the calloused meaty hand. I can feel his eyes burning a hole into my skull as he watches me glance over the details on the front, it reads like this:

Household: Everdeen

Occupants: one adult female, two female minors aged between12-16.

These are my targets. Its small but this is my first field mission, I will be working with an offhand supervisor and will be expected to do display everything I have been taught and have learnt throughout my training. Despite my whole year's worth of preparation and a life time of being hand sculpted for the job, I feel the acidic bubble of anticipation. I take this as I sign of my impatience to get started. Although there is one slight set back, any mercy shown, I'm dead, any pity, dead, well you get the picture...

I nod and he turns and strides back through the door he came from, leaving me alone again. I take this as my order to get down to business.

I enter my cell, (my home) after the short trip back from head quarters, I look quickly over myself in the small mirror I have in the basic bathroom. Wearing a dark combat uniform and red armband my ashy blonde hair stands out, urg. I run a comb through to attempt to tame the curls but as always I fail, well let's just hope my supervisor isn't too judgemental on appearances. I grab my knife from the side table and stuff it through the waistband of my trouser, and double knot the laces of my black combats. I'm ready.

Riding in the jeep over the badly treated roads is not my favourite pastime if I'm being honest, it gives me time to think, which is unusual, the only time we usually get to ourselves in this unit of work is when the officer in charge declares that we "minors" should sleep until our wakeup call at 5 in the morning.

Driving the jeep is my supervisor, he told me he was known as Wolf in his old unit and informed me I should do the same. Wolf is in his mid thirties and is well built, the stocky muscles of his forearms stick out, he also owns a large defining scar down the side of his neck, i haven't had the guts to ask about that yet, wondering if it would be out of line to do so..

We arrive and jumping out of the jeep he swings open my door adn shoves a machine gun in my arms. I take it without questioning him. I know what its for and how to use one. They're mainly a protocol for intimidation, but when things get out of handour orders are to shot to kill. The acidic feeling is back in my stomach and I gulp it down, and follow behind hime until we reach a large etal fence.

"its meant to be electrified he states."I feel like that should mean something to me but it doesn't, have I missed the point of something or was it really just a random statement? He then answers my thoughts by explain that this could be a potentiall problem for me as some of my targets may try adn escap, and the dense woodland behind the fence seems like the prefect getaway. Great, now I have added pressure of possibly escapies, not so good.

This is where Wolf leaves me. I have to find my own way round if I'm to make an impression; I walk down a couple of alley trying to follow the red line showing on my watch. The streets are dry and empty, my footfalls echo, bouncing off the grey walls. The only people who are out are the stall holders, some scowl at me, some frown, and others show fear I stride past them, their fear makes me smile. I'm in command. It's nice to be free of the crushing gaze of my commanders, now I'm the one with the superiority.

Finally I find it located just behind area the locals call the Hob. Its damp and depressing really compared to the brightly coloured buildings I'm used to in district 1.

This is where the Everdeen's live.

I knock loudly on the door. Not surprisingly there is no answer. I'm told this is usual; people don't answer their door to guys with guns. I sigh; time to put my training into action. I slam my boot against the wooden door, it splinters but doesn't budge, i repeat the action and am rewarded with the door swinging off its hinges. Inside its plainly decorated and its evident there is no heating. I call out "anyone here?" There is no reply. I walk into what must be the kitchen area, a small Square, with a wooden basket in the corner filled with fire wood, a table, 3 chairs, an ancient stove up against the wall, and a wooden bow propped up against it. I feel a prickly on the back of my neck, I'm being watched. And I spin round finding I'm staring at a manky looking cat, its huge yellow eyes glaring at me. It looks feral and watches my every move unblinking with its yellow orbs. I call out again, the cat hisses and arches its back. I ignore it and move on to the next room, again empty, nothing, I spot the staircase and make my way up it slowly, the boards creaking under my weight. I find at the top that there is only one room, and from it I hear a whimper.

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