Chapter 3: lost

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After tackling the wailing Prim and the silent to the on
call collection van, I'm left alone once again. I look up and around
and all i see is the depressingly grey sky and the overhanging
greenery. Green, I hate green, I'm used to white and plastic not the
outdoors. Even the air is alien to me it has a sharper taste to it
than the air vented out in the training centre. Scratching my head I
have to decide my next move. Glancing up I'm met with the large and
imposing metal "electric" fence Wolf showed me earlier this morning. I
walk over to it and crouch down and spot the pretty obvious gap
between the fence and the ground, just big enough I'm guessing for a
body. Great. Trying to squeeze through sharp metal fences is not an
area i have been trained in, but then again shouldn't be too hard. I
take it back, just managing to wiggle my hips through I make it under,
and through to the other side. I'm already left with numerous
scratches from the "shouldn't be too hard to fit through gap," i swipe
my face with my sleeve. Wondering what the guys will have to say about
me getting marked by a fence. Damn this girl must be skinny to get
through that without a scratch. It's good really whoever was in charge
of the design of our regulation uniform must have thought of
everything, blood doesn't show up on black.

After a short walk, I'm now much father into the
woods; I can't even see the fence. And now it dawns on me how stupid I
really am. What did you expect Peeta? That she would be walking around
the woods and you two would bump into each other? She'll be hiding you
douche and now you've got yourself lost. Whilst having an internal
telling off by my inner superior i let my eyes travel round my
surrounding. My eyes pick up on the little clues that a normal guy
might have over looked, like the light shaving of bark at the base of
a tree and the faint impression of a footprint left in the small
section of damp earth. I stoop down for the second time today and let
the soft soil run through my fingers, it's funny really when I'm inside
training I'd never had the time or to be honest want to really look at
small things like this. These are the things we are kept away from. I
stand up and brush the earth from my hands and continue my aimless
walk father into the depths of this wood. Darkness is creeping up on
the sky leaving me in the fading twilight; I reach to my back pack
which wolf had flung at me earlier, and pull it off my back, hoping
that there is something in there to fight of the darkness, like a
torch. Even better a pair of dark glasses, which just happen to be
night vision goggles, I slip them over my eyes and the night is
transformed from dark green and blacks in amplified colour, artificial
and takes a while to adjust. As I finish zipping up my back pack I
freeze, the hair on the back of my neck standing up. It's the primal
instinct that cannot be coached or trained into a person, it's just
there. The feeling that tells you that someone is watching you. I
slowly raise my head and am about to rise from my spot on the ground
when I hear that suspicions are correct. Hand whips to my knife in my
boots as i twist to face what is creating the movement in the leaves.

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