Wake up, its timeā€¦

Celes woke from her dreams. Nightmares many people would call them, her mind replayed the horrors she had witnessed, in all their gory detail. But the Order had taught her that to name something gives it power, and to call her dreams "nightmares" would only allow the horror of them to become more dominant.

She had been eager to help Leah search for her uncle, Deckard Cain. However she knew better then to simply rush off into the wildness of Old Tristram, without first gathering more information about the horrors that had risen within the area, and they had decided to set out tomorrow with the rising sun.

While Celes prepared her gear, a task she performed every morning, and one that was as familiar to her as breathing, she allowed her mind to wonder.

The voice had been absent for a long time, she did not mind of course, but it unnerved her, no good would come of its silence, or its constant whisperings, but at least she was familiar with them.

She quickly dismissed the voice from her thoughts; she needed the focus on the undead. The voice would return, or it would not, it mattered little which.

She once more went through the information Leah had given her about the falling star, and the undead that had arisen since its falling. What most disturbed her was that not only had the undead risen, but other undead creatures seemed to have moved into Tristram, horrors that couldn't possibly come from simply dead bodies.

She finished her preparations, and made her way to the Slaughtered Calf Inn, her mind pondering the idea that there were other forces at work here than simply those of the fallen star.

Leah already prepared breakfast for the two of them, when Celes arrived. As they broke their fast together Leah told Celes their first task.

"We'll need to open the cathedral first.' She told Celes. 'The guards lock it up before they were ambushed. Rumford told me they fought their way back to Adria's hut. The key must still be there."

Celes nodded her agreement. They ate in silence afterward, mentally preparing themselves for what was to come next.

Once they had finished eating, the two of them headed back into Old Tristram, it was there that they would find the road that lead to Adria's hut.

Celes lead the way, as she followed the path that Leah had told her would take them to the hut, she came upon a gate. The lock on the gate seemed impressive, and it would take some time for Celes to break it.

'Here,' Leah said as she moved past Celes. 'Let me open the gate.' Pulling a key out of her pocket, Leah fit it into the lock, and the chains fell away from the door.

How Leah had come upon the key Celes had no idea, but their path was now open to them, and she didn't give it a second thought.

They walked farther along the Old Tristram road; Celes could clearly see the corruption that had taken place within. The trees themselves had been twisted into monstrous shapes; their branches hung low like claws, ready to tear at the cloths of anyone who passed beneath them. Someone or something had even gone to the trouble of strapping skulls upon the trunk of the trees, the dark orbs of the skulls that had once held eyes made Celes feel like she was being watched consistently.

'Adria was my mother,' Leah told Celes. She too had become nerves within this place of evil, and now wished to fill the darkness pressing in on them. 'But I don't know much about her. She died when I was very young. I was raised by Uncle Deckard.'

'What of your father?' Celes asked, eager to keep Leah calm.

'I'm told her was a great warrior who was lost when Tristram fell to the demons.'

Celes was going to ask about the demon attack upon Tristram, but just then they came to a decrepit hut, however strangely enough only time and nature seemed to have had their effect upon it. While a dead body lay within the centre of the room, there were no signs of battle and very little disturbance showed within.

The door had disappeared altogether, and the walls had started to decay and rot away. A table and shelves made up most of the interior. Bottles and booked were spread throughout the small room. A broken down fire, with a pot on it lay outside the house, the only thing that seemed to keep the hut from falling was the stone foundation.

The two of them searched the hut for any signs of the key.

'Look!' Leah gasped. 'A hidden cellar, follow me!'

Celes turned to see that Leah had found a hidden trap down in one of the corners of the room. Leah had flipped the trap door open, and was already descending into the darkness below before Celes could stop her.

Celes quickly followed after Leah, and found herself within a whole room beneath the earth, it was even greater than the hut above.

'Your mother had her secrets.' She told Leah.

'People said she was a witch,' she gasped. 'But I never believed.'

Celes thought it strange that Leah would assume from this that the rumours of her mother were true, but she kept her peace, as the searched the room below.

In the centre of the room a fire still burned, a huge black cauldron sat upon stones, above the fire. Celes could not even begin to fathom who had started the fire.

Without warning the group a few metres away from began to crack, as creatures that were once human began to rise from the earth.

'Captain Daltyn?' Leah gasped.

Celes decided not to find out, and she unleashed a deadly flurry of bolts into the risen death.

With the last of the zombies taken care of, Leah busied herself at a table, which had been pushed to one side of the room. Celes could tell she was desperately trying to keep her mind from wondering upon what they had just faced.

'Here's the key,' she called to Celes. 'And my mother's journal. What I've seen of it is disturbing. I want to know more about her, but that can wait. We need to save Uncle Deckard first!'

Celes took the key from her, and her mother's journal. Why she would want the journal however Celes could not even begin to image, but Leah seemed determined to focus on finding her uncle, without the distraction that her mother's journal held. However Celes could see that Leah was deeply disturbed by what she had uncovered with her mother's journal and Celes would rather have Leah see her uncle dead, if that is his fate.

'I will go.' Celes tells Leah. 'Stay here and learn what you can.'

'Thank you.'

Celes climbed back up into Adria's hut, hoping Leah would be okay. No sooner had she climbed out of the trap door, when the far wall of the hut exploded. Splinted wood filled the hut. Celes dropped down, as bits and pieces flew over her head.

Undead had surrounded the hut, and began pouring through the door way, and the shattered wall. However, even with their dramatic entrance, the undead proved extremely easy to deal with, and Celes once more continued to search for Deckard Cain.

Celes continued to follow the constantly twisting Old Tristram road. There were undead spotted along its path, but all were easily dealt with.

'The infamous Tristram Cathedral.' She looked up at the great building that rose out of the earth. 'I am close to the fallen star now.'

Using the key Leah had given her she opened the Cathedral doors, even within the majestic building undead had found their way inside. Celes put them down once more, as she stepped toward the centre of the room. A huge creator had been made within the room, a pale blue light shone through the hold. Celes leaned over the edge to see what was causing the light, but the ground beneath her gave way, and she fell into the depths below.