Does anyone besides me think there should be more conflict between Conor and Faro? Well, here goes...

Conor's POV~

She left. Twelve years ago. Just walked out of the house like she didn't have a care in the world. When I called her name, asked her what she was doing, she turned and stared at me like a starved puppy. "I have to go, Con. The sea... Ingo is calling me", she said. I froze; she walked off down the track without so much as a backwards glance. No! Don't let her!, my mind screamed at me and jerked me into action. I raced after her, but she was gone, nowhere to be found. Never mind she couldn't have possibly reached the cove that fast, she did.

The funeral for Sapphire was the same as it had been for Dad... not after Ervys killed him, the one before we even knew about Ingo. Ingo, that cursed place. I hate it. It was for Ingo that my father and sister left, and one of them died there.

Often, even though I don't really feel like it at times, I go down to the cove and talk to Sapphy, as if she was still here, in the human world. She never came, all this time, but I still went and told her what was going on, like when Mum and Roger decided to marry, five years after she left. When I went off to the university. When old Alice Trewhidden died and everyone freaked out when Granny Carne showed up at her burial. When I saw Rainbow, with Granny Carne standing next to her, talking to a snake. All the years went by, and all the times that Mum would get sad and cry, I would feel like diving into Ingo, finding Sapphire, and slapping her a few good ones to see if she could get her brain back. But I never did. Instead, I hugged her.

She was sitting on a rock in the mouth of the cove, staring out at the sea. I almost didn't recognize her. She looked so different, besides being older. She looked so... Mer-ish. I didn't see her until I was climbing up her rock. "Saph!", is all I can say, and it comes out sounding like I'm a choking duck. She turns and I see her face light up. I let her hug me and get her hopes up that I won't be mad at her. Just as I'm about to open my mouth to tell her off, something stops me. I'm sure that my eyes are as big as saucers, because once my sister recovers from her joy of seeing me, she raises her eyebrows, regarding me skepitcally, and says, "What?", in a rather severe manner.

"What do you mean, what? You're stomach looks like you ate a football, and you're asking me what?", I explode. If this is what I think it is... I'll kill him. Saph looks down at herself. "Oh... that."

"Yeah, that. Come on Saph, be good and tell me who your baby's father is", I try to sound convincingly cheerful, but she just stares at me. I suddenly become aware of the guilt in her expression, and completely lose my temper. "So that's why you left, wasn't it! Because of him. So now you go and become Mer, get pregnant, and can't possibly come back! No! Don't explain. This is too much Saph, too much! Do you know that Mum thinks you're dead? Do you know all the greif you've caused? Mum and Rainbow and- and... even Roger! Granny Carne and I are the only ones who know where you've really gone, but that doesn't even matter! Th-", I stop, but only because Sapphire has shifted herself on her arms and dived off the rock. She dove like one of the Mer; her tail... she has a tail... "I WISH YOU'D NEVER EVEN KNOWN HIM!", I shout after her.

If only wishes could come true.

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