Within minutes they had shifted the scene to the bedroom; where Kyouka's "mood-setting" atmosphere continued in to. The slow mellow saxophone still crooned from the living room as the two started to shed their remaining garments in the candlelight. Ichigo felt weak-kneed as Aizen's robe came off. Even with endless travel and writing the man somehow made the time to find gyms.

Ichigo turned away and hooked his thumbs into the elastic of his boxers and hesitated from finishing the job. He knew he was a bit of a prude, not even letting himself go naked in places where it made sense like the communal baths or trips to hot springs. Plus, he worked hard to keep himself fit and yet even then had a hard time showing off the results. He bit his lip a bit as the larger, warm body embraced him from behind. Gently placing kisses behind his ear Sousuke ran his fingertips down his sides, coaxing Ichigo onward. Ichigo's eyes suddenly went wide and had to suppress a sob of bliss as he felt Sousuke's bare, impossibly hard erection gently ease along the cleft of his rear. Taking a deep breath he finished pulling off his undergarment as Sousuke pressed a little harder against him. He titled his head back and their lips locked again, a little more feverish by the minute as he turned and they embraced fully, kissing and exploring each other with deliberate, eager hands, completely exposed to each other for the first time.

Ichigo couldn't believe the thrills and sensations he was experiencing. He thought the foreplay in the living room was intense. But nothing could compare to this, not in his wildest imagination. Nothing could have prepared him for the raw heat of skin against skin, or the look of pure possession in Sousuke's eyes when they locked with his. There was no turning back now. When Sousuke suddenly gripped Ichigo's ass with as strong, massaging grip, he had to resist the initial urge to jump up and wrap his legs around him.

"So how...do we do this exactly? I think I get it but..." Ichigo murmured, needing to break that intense gaze and glancing hesitantly at the bed, covered with a downy black satin comforter and black and white pillows arranged in an inviting pile.

"We will get there, no need to rush things," Aizen ran his fingers through orange, damp hair and kissed him on the forehead. He had to admit he adored how eager Ichigo was to grow and learn, rather than wanting Aizen to just take him and use him as he pleased. It was tiring with past lovers to do all the work. Of course he always enjoyed control, but giving constant directions could get dull. It was Ichigo's willingness to please him without being told that was so relieving, and his prudeness made him equally fun to tease.

The tense posture of Ichigo's hips suggested the boy was resisting the urge to grind their bodies together. Releasing an ass cheek Aizen's free hand stroked deftly up his hip then swirling down Ichigo's chest, abdomen and finally grasped the organ of his desire with light, teasing fingers. Ichigo bit his lip with a hum of approval and tilted his head back to enjoy the sensation for a moment. When he reached down to try and touch Sousuke the other man brushed his hand away and Ichigo looked down to watch his long fingers grasp their cocks together with a languid stroke.

Ichigo gasped from the sensation and his breath quickened at how overwhelmingly sensual the gesture was. He watched the large hand encircle their lengths, the tips darkening with each upward stroke. He thought he would die of embarrassment as after a few more strokes a trickle of whitish fluid spilled from his tip.

Sousuke groaned and ran his thumb over Ichigo's head to collect the wetness and smear it over both of them. It had been awhile since he had deflowered anyone, even longer since tainting more specifically such a young, strapping man. Ichigo was by far the most glorious as he slowly let go of all his inhibitions and fell head first into sexual abandon. He might have had the thickest shell of defenses to break through, but it was well worth the effort.

Ichigo let himself be eased back towards the bed until his legs touched the edge. Aizen released their members, but not after a particularly strong upward stroke that made Ichigo expel a rather loud grunt of approval. Mouth-agape and weak-kneed after the strong sensation of his hot, hard flesh slickened and flush against Aizen's Ichigo sat down at the edge of the bed. He cringed a bit at the coolness of the smooth, satin comforter before it absorbed heat from his skin.

Ichigo's cheeks flushed harder when he noticed a string of fluid had stretched and broken between his cock and Aizen's hand has they had separated. Normally he would have thought that was disgusting, but for some reason, in the moment it was just incredibly hot. He didn't have time to contemplate t long and Aizen's mouth was soon upon his again and Ichigo melted into the kiss as the older man crawled over him until Ichigo's back was flat against the bed.

Aizen pulled back and admired how nicely the boy's strong, tanned body and flaming orange hair stood out against the backdrop of black satin. All he needed now was the proverbial cherry on top. Turning to lay on his side Aizen grabbed the bowl of chocolate and gave it a quick swirl with the brush to keep it from hardening. Ichigo tried not to protest this time as the warm, smooth brush came in contact with his chest to paint a flower of some kind. He flinched and twitched a little every time it swirled over his nipples or close to his neck.

Aizen rested the brush atop the bowl and instead opted to coat two fingers in the thick substance. With them he traced another lazy pattern across Ichigo's chest and nipples. Before he could lean down to clean up his handiwork Ichigo intercepted and grabbed his hand, taking the fingers into his mouth. Aizen's breath hitched at the exquisite, tight warmth of the youth's mouth as the tongue moved all around and between his digits. His cock gave a hard twitch imagining where else that enthusiastic mouth could go. Ichigo gave a soft moan of delight around him for the succulent taste enhanced by his heightened senses. He glanced up at Sousuke and was surprised to not see a knowing smirk, but a heavy, dark grimace of pleasure on the man's features.

Ichigo released the fingers with a small pop and stammered, "Wait…that feels good?"

Sousuke broke from his little trance and smiled. "Why don't you see for yourself?" he took Ichigo's hand and guided him to smear up some of the chocolate off his body and eagerly suckled upon them. Ichigo stiffened as he experienced the strange, but pleasant suction of Sousuke's mouth.

"Yeah that…wow." Ichigo stammered; his thoughts suddenly very similar to Sousuke's. Pulling his hand back he muttered, "Can I…I mean…I wanna…um… I'm not sure how to say this…."

He was having a hard time getting the words out as Aizen went to work licking him clean again. Ichigo's hands fisted into the sheets as he stammered a little louder now, "Please…Sousuke I wanna…I…"

"You want to what, Ichigo?" The way Sousuke said his name was as dark, smooth and sultry as the chocolate on his tongue and it only made it harder for Ichigo to try and express what he wanted.

"I….I can't say it."

"Then don't you show me instead?"

Ichigo nodded slightly with a dry gulp as his chest was finally cleaned off. Gently, he pushed Sousuke onto his back and guided him to lay comfortably against the pillows at the head of the bed. As Aizen languidly spread out along the spacious bed Ichigo forgot to breathe for a few seconds. He still couldn't believe that he was at all worthy enough to be with this man, to touch him, let alone gaze upon him in his full glory. If Ichigo didn't know better he would have never guessed this handsome, golden-eyed devil was the soft-spoken, best-selling author

Feeling bold, Ichigo reached for that bowl of chocolate. Aizen watched with a hazy smirk expecting Ichigo to reach for the brush. So he was completely unprepared for when Ichigo grabbed his cock and dragged his tip right through the warm, sticky substance. Aizen gasped and watched Ichigo's expression become ravenous and scheming watching the generous helping of chocolate ooze down the shaft in his hand.

"I think you've had enough of this stuff, there's barely enough left for me." Ichigo declared and he closed his eyes and started to taste the sinful decadence of premium chocolate with a hint of another man's precum. As most of the chocolate ooze was cleared away Ichigo started cleaning the crevices beside the large veins protruding from the side. He guessed Aizen's cock was a bit above average, still not exactly sure what average size even was. It was still a heady situation to fully wrap his mind around. Here he was giving pleasure to the man he had worshipped like a god for so many years, even through childhood. He tried to shove that to the back of his mind as his mouth engulfed the smooth head and sucked in gently. Ichigo sampled pressing his tongue into the slit and trying to coax out more of the faintly salty fluids dripping from there. He would never admit it out loud, but the strange addition of the chocolate to the evening's activities had helped him get over any mental barriers he might have had before about being in the position he was in.

Aizen was delighted to see Ichigo's enthusiasm had yet to waver. He stretched one arm along the headboard and laced his other hand through Ichigo's hair, resisting forcing the boy down further on his cock. The warm, moist depths of the inexperienced mouth were plenty to keep him satisfied. However, with the way Ichigo's ass was poised up in the air, the taught, firm flesh emphasized by the flickering candlelight, Aizen's shaft throbbed a bit in anticipation. Ichigo moaned a little as he felt it and swallowed him deeper. Realizing that he took in too much at once he sat back coughing for air. Aizen handed him a glass of wine from the night stand and he drank it quickly then tried to catch his breath. Aizen started lavishing his torso with kisses, going lower and lower until Ichigo paused him with a gentle push back on the shoulder. He looked up and Ichigo looked a bit bewildered as he shook his head. "No more of that. I'm ready for the real thing."

"Are you sure?" Aizen cocked an eyebrow, concerned, but amused by Ichigo's determination.

"Yeah, right now I'm ready and the longer we wait the less sure I am that I'll stay ready." Ichigo glanced away and took another sip of wine, welcoming of its calming effect on his nerves. It was a half-truth. He was really ready to take things to the next level, but at the same time he really didn't want to see Aizen in such a subservient position. No matter how close they had become Ichigo would always see this man as beyond human intellect and worth. It wouldn't seem right to watch a god service his lowly human form in such a manner.

"Alright then, get comfortable and I'll get you prepared." Ichigo nodded and lay back on the pillow pile while Sousuke rummaged through the nightstand. He turned his head into the satin pillows and inhaled the deep, musky scent with the faintest hint of chocolate where Sousuke had lain earlier. He turned his attention back to Aizen and his eyes went wide upon seeing the strange black object in his hand.

"You are not using that on me!" Ichigo scrambled back on the bed, crossing his legs protectively. Sousuke's grin was full of scheming as he leaned over and took the boy's foot and proceeded to kiss down the length of his calf. The little, devious toy was flicked on with a faint buzz as it was dragged along the opposite leg.

"We don't have to use it if it intimidates you so. However, it's a bit more efficient and probably would be more appealing to you rather than…more primitive maneuvers." Ichigo cringed at the feeling of the tip of Aizen's middle finger now pressed lightly against his rear.

He scowled and retorted, "Says the man who's probably consumed a box worth's of chocolate off my body."

"One's exposed skin and nether rosette are quite different territories. Besides, you failed to finish your task earlier. I was looking forward to watching you drink my essence with that beautiful, voracious mouth. As payment for denying me that sight you'll just have to put up with my little friend." Aizen started swirling the thing around the head of Ichigo's cock making him cringe and dig his head back into the pillows.

Ichigo struggled for a reply. He trusted Aizen and there was no question there. And while he found this new, darker side of him emerging to be intriguing the vibe he was getting was rather Cain-like. And why wouldn't it be? This man's mind had given birth to both the virtuous, kind Abel as well as the nefarious, manipulative Cain. Characters who involved themselves with Cain usually did not meet a pleasant end. Those who could fraternize with him and come out unscathed were those who showed no fear or weakness. Ichigo could probably write a thesis on the topic were he not being toyed with his hero turned lover at the moment. Besides, the hunk of motorized plastic wasn't much bigger than his thumb. Of course, what he was getting ready for was much bigger than a thumb.

"As long as whatever you use will open me up enough for that massive cock of yours I'll put up with anything," Ichigo chided with a smirk that was faltering as the toy thrummed against his length. Aizen chuckled. Ichigo probably didn't realize how many ways there were to do that very thing and pondered if he would make him regret those words later. However, he was already making such good progress with Ichigo the sudden influx of truly naughty ideas would have to wait.

Sousuke liberally wetted the surface from a bottle on the night stand. Slinging one of Ichigo's legs over a shoulder he kissed his knee and then started swirling the slick tip of the toy around Ichigo's entrance. At first intrusion he couldn't help but wince. The tight pressure wasn't painful, just a little hard to get used to. Though it was a little easier, as the smooth object gently massaged and vibrated against his insides, gradually relaxing the tense muscles to make way for what was to come.

"Here, it will be easiest this way." Ichigo shakily followed Sousuke's guiding hand as he rested, face-down on the mattress, a couple pillows propping up his hips. The thing was still inside him and buzzing away on its highest setting, making his thighs twitch every now and then.

"Wait..I um…."

"What did I tell you about speaking up, Ichigo?" Aizen scolded with a harsh squeeze on the ass.

"The…the way I've fantasized about this moment…went more like this…" His body still shaking from the devious instrument buried in him Ichigo crawled back to the edge of the bed. He kept the pillow that propped his hips as he now had his feet on the ground, bent over the high western mattress.

The youth never failed to surprise him in the most delightful ways. "That's quite a vulnerable position you've selected. "Aizen muttered, rising from the bed and appraising the glorious view.

Ichigo gazed up from the mattress with sleepy eyes. The toy seemed to have a tip that curved out slightly because the point was vibrating deep against his prostate, the strange erotic sensation making him feel lethargic and wanton. Damn, if God didn't want men to lie together then why did it feel so good? He reached back to run a hand lightly up his thigh, around the curve of his rear and then applying gentle pressure to the toy with a soft moan. He glanced back at Aizen, wanting to mess with him a little suddenly, and muttered, "Are you just gonna watch? The toy is nice, but I bet your cock is even better."

Aizen had to quickly pinch the base of his shaft to stop himself from coming right then and there. Playtime with Ichigo was more unpredictable that he anticipated, but that only had him more pleased with himself for tracking down such a divine creature. Trying to subdue his baser urges to drive into that hole with the toy still embedded, Aizen tried to take in every part of this moment, to have it burned into his memory for all eternity.

The smooth shapely ass-checks framing that pink, twitching hole.

That tense sac hanging over a hardened shaft, the dark tip twitching pearls of fluid that marred the once immaculate black satin.

The boy's noble, but enraptured face, full of longing, curiosity and determination.

Ichigo couldn't be more ready and ripe and Aizen couldn't be more pleased that he was the one that was to pluck and devour him. Ichigo rested his head down into the bed. He could feel Aizen's presence, thick and tangible as he kissed Ichigo's lower back and kissed his way up his spine. Calloused fingers tilted Ichigo's chin to the side and his lips were caught in a slow, but intense kiss. A soft whine came from Ichigo throat as he felt the hard length grind slowly against his taint and the end of the toy.

Aizen pulled back and his eyes darkened as he swirled the thing around and around in Ichigo's hole, liberally dripping more lube into the space. He watched a shiver run Ichigo spine and tighten his shoulders, bending him like a bow. A few more twists of the toy and it was pulled from him, making Ichigo feel strangely empty.

His heart hammered away in his chest. For so long he had admired this man from afar. And now here he was, willingly giving his body to please him. He took a sharp inhale as he felt the hardened head press just a bit into him. Aizen bent over his form and tilted his chin up for a slow, gentle kiss. They might have been slinging filthy words and gestures for a while now but he wanted to show Ichigo this still meant something to him.

As they kissed Ichigo felt a hand intertwine with his and he felt a burst of longing fill his heart from the simple, comforting gesture. Resting his damp hair on sweaty arms Ichigo clenched his eyes shut and panted each breath. A lengthy, strangled sound of painful bliss came from his throat as Sousuke started making shallow thrusts into his body. Sousuke grasped his hips with a hiss. So caught up in the intensity of the moment, Ichigo didn't realize he had started involuntarily pushing himself back into the thrusts.

"You're so wonderfully tight that we won't last long if you keep that up."

Ichigo marveled at how he could reduce such a man to such sensations even when he wasn't on top. He tried to restrain himself as Aizen rocked into his body. Ichigo had just been teasing earlier, but having Aizen inside him was indeed much better than the toy. The thing had relaxed him enough so that it was nearly painless to make way for the strangely comforting feeling of fullness driving in and out of him again and again. The warm, slick skin of their legs and torsos sliding against the other, his cock grinding into the pillows that held his hips. He hadn't expected that part of sex after he research, but it was far from unwelcome.

Aizen groaned at how easily his body was accepting him and leaned in to pick up the pace. Ichigo yelped as the friction doubled making his feet start to slip from where they were planted in the carpet. Aizen kept his hips steady as he collapsed into the mattress, whining wantonly at the powerful sensations and feeling of fluids dabbling his thighs. The sudden desire to have another cock to suck on as he was being plowed formed in his mind and Ichigo tried to dismiss it but it was too late. Ichigo imagined a second Aizen on the bed and Ichigo suckled on his fingers, suppressing his pleasured cries of abandon as he came, grinding hard into the pillows until the glorious throbbing subsided. Realizing Sousuke hadn't come yet he grinned a bit to himself and squeezed the muscles of his ass tight. Almost instantly he heard an almost feral grunt and fingers nails dug into his hips. Sousuke ignored Ichigo cries as he manually snapped his hips back and forth until finally he spilled his seed deep in his core, marking the passage as his.

As Ichigo caught his breath he let his body be turned over like a ragdoll until he was on his back and he was gazing up at Aizen, still balls deep inside him. Suddenly his mouth was being attacked with a passionate kiss that made him melt back into the mattress as their tongues danced, soft and wet until they broke apart again, panting slightly and smirking at one another. Ichigo really didn't know what to say so he said nothing, in fear he would ruin the moment.

Aizen gently repositioned him until they were resting in bed together at a more normal angle. Ichigo nestled his back into the other man's chest and arms till they were aligned perfectly in a warm, sweaty embrace. He smiled a bit at the thought of waking up like this, but his smile disappeared quickly as he remembered Sousuke had somewhere else to be once again.

"Shouldn't you…get going?" There was a long pause as Aizen didn't reply at first and instead lazily caressed Ichigo's firm thigh with typing-calloused fingers.

"Yes I suppose so if I'm going to make that flight." Aizen didn't make a move to leave his position, curled against the warm contours of the younger man. Lovers had come and gone and few had stayed interested in his work or himself as time went on. Their focus often shifted to crave the lifestyle being with a wealthy celebrity could provide. A few pure-hearted individuals who had been by his side in the past cared for none of that, but turned their backs once they became aware of his true nature.

But Ichigo was truly something special. He waited these 6 long months for any indication the boy would become a slave to a life of luxury. And the more Ichigo had rejected 5 star restaurants and luxurious vacations the more he wanted to shower the boy with everything. And now that he had begun to show Ichigo his true nature and still got an incredible lay out of it there was no way Aizen would let him slip through his fingers now. Idly he stroked the head of damp orange hair, taking in the savory scent of pheromones, ponding for a moment, then exhaling a demand.

"Come with me."

"Huh? Wait-you mean-?"

"Come with me to New York. You can sleep on the jet and I'll have an assistant alert the fundraiser to set another plate and my tailor to prep your suit."

"Suit-jet-plate…what?" Ichigo's sex-fogged brain was having difficulty comprehending that Sousuke was asking him to travel internationally for the first time and then attend a formal event by his side. "How can we even be sure the suit will fit?"

Sousuke laughed and kissed along the nape of his neck. "That's your first concern? I don't think you need any further proof you might be gay. And don't worry. I had a few special made for you about a month ago just in case."

"I…I've got essays due Monday."

"I'll help you write them on the flight back. Just remember to bring your laptop."

Ichigo blushed. He realized the potential weekend could be a lot like either his English teacher or eccentric billionaire fantasies.

"That…sounds nice actually. Can I at least get a shower in first?"

"Of course."

Aizen watched as Ichigo shuffled to the bathroom and then rested back on the touseled, crumpled pillows with an expression of pure tranquility. Trying to figure out how long it would take to blow out all those candles he scanned the room and his eyes landed on a clock on the nightstand he didn't recognize. He tilted it around until he could see the recording device hidden beyond the tinted plastic in the face. With a knowing smirk he grabbed his phone out of his trousers on the floor. Pressing a speed dial he waited for Kyouka to pick up.

"Are you finished yet? The car should be waiting already."

"Well, your preparations were certainly thorough. I'll need a hard and digital copy of that by the time I get back from New York."

"A hard copy? My my someone isn't keeping up with the times."

"I have a 72" screen and nothing to watch on it. Though make sure the disk is labeled with something inconspicuous like User Setup Guide rather than Ichigo's First Fuck."

"You got it. Anything else while we're at it?"

"I've decided Ichigo will be joining me for the NYC trip. I trust you can iron out the details?"

"Ah so things are moving forward in the relationship? Does he know what an egotistical, maniacal, nefarious bastard you are?"

Aizen glanced at a framed watercolor a notable Norwegian artist had sent him portraying Cain and Abel during their battle in Nero's gladiatorial arena from volume two of Infinity Mirror.

"Yes, I think he's beginning to understand."

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