Chapter 4

A few hours after I laid down for my nap Alice was at my door beating on it trying to wake me up. I groaned and rolled over sitting up in the bed. I crawled out of the bed and fumbled my way to the door. I open the door to a very excited Alice and Rose. The pair walks past me into the room. Alice turns and looks at me and says, someone obviously had a very good night judging by the after sex glow I'm seeing. I hear Rose cough to cover her snicker at Alice's words. Alice grabs my hand and drags me to the bed we all sit and they turn to me and say at the same time, spill we want the details. I shouldn't be shocked at this I tell them how he bought me a drink. We went to his room and had sex and our amazing morning shower sex. By the time I'm done Alice is bouncing up and down on my bed all excited. I ask Rose if she let Alice have any caffeine or sugar this morning. Rose laughs and shakes her head no.

Alice's phone chimes while we're talking she reads the text from Jasper. After she reads the text she tells me that she has been given a message to pass along to me. Jasper is at rehearsal and Edward saw him and asked if he could get a message to you seeing as he never got your number this morning. Any way he has made arrangements for us to go backstage before and after the show. Edward apparently really wants to see you. She is smiling from ear to ear while I'm blushing like crazy. She jumps up and tells me to get a shower and that she and Rose will be back in an hour to get me ready. I try to argue with her that I'm capable of getting myself ready, but Alice won't hear of it. I sigh in defeat and mumble "damn Pixie" as they are on their way out the door. Alice turns and says I heard that, I replied, good I meant for you to. She and Rose leave, I get in the shower and wait for them to return and the torture known as Bella Barbie to begin.

Alice and Rose come in and the torture begins. What seems like hours later I'm allowed to see myself. When I look at myself I can't believe my eyes. I look sexy, but with Alice and Rose in charge of Barbie Bella I shouldn't be shocked at the end result. Alice claps and says ok ladies we have a show to get to, shall we? Rose and I look at each other and nod. Alice tells me as we get in the elevator, "Oh Bella I forgot to tell you Edward told Jazz he was sending a car for us." When we reach the lobby the doorman tells us our car is waiting for us. He ushers us outside and what we see makes our mouths drop, there in front of us is a stretch limo. When we get in there's a bottle of wine chilling in the bucket waiting for us. Alice wastes no time pouring us some and toasts to a great night of music and fun.

When we get to the arena we are taken to the side stage door entrance where we were met by a security guy. He smiled and greeted us and led us down a hallway. There were people everywhere with all kinds of musical equipment. He stops at a door and turns to Alice and Rose telling them it's Jasper's dressing room, they go inside. Alice tells me she'll see me later. We go a little further down the hall to Edward's dressing room. He shows me the door and tells me this is the room. I enter, but don't see Edward anywhere so I decide to be a little nosey. As I'm snooping around I feel a set of strong arms circle my waist from behind and someone kissing me down my neck and bringing one hand up to my breast.

I know it's Edward so I decide to have a little fun with him. I leaned into his chest while letting out a sexy moan and moving my neck so he had better access. I told him that feels good, but we'd have to be quick before Edward comes back. He let out a growl and spun me in his to face him and give me deep kiss. We break apart panting and he asks who I was expecting. I couldn't help but laugh at him I said Edward silly I knew it was you and I was having a little fun. He gives me that sexy smirk and leans in for another kiss he picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He walks us to the dressing table where he sets me down. He attacks my neck with kisses while his hands are roaming all over me. He looks into my eyes and tells me he loves the small dress I have on tonight and can't wait to get me out of it and devour me.

I can't help but shudder in anticipation of the night ahead. He runs his hand up my inner thigh til he reaches my hot wet center. He looks at me a little surprised and says "well, Ms. Swan what do we have here, commando?" Did you do that for little ole me? I giggle and kiss him before saying "of course I did." He wastes no time sliding a finger into my hot core. I groan as he slides another one in and starts pumping in and out of me while curling those magical fingers hitting the spot I need him at. He looks in my eyes and asks if that's what I want? I tell him I need him inside me now. He says "your wish is my command dear" before ramming his hard cock into me. We both groan at the same time because it feels so good. He moves me leg a little higher on his hip so he can get a little deeper, OMG! That feels so good. I scream "Harder Edward I'm close" he says he wants me to come on his dick. I feel my walls start to tighten around him and I'm starting to see spots I can tell this is going to be an intense orgasm. As I let myself go I can feel him slam into one more time and he hits his release at the same time. I milk him of every drop he has to give me.

We are both gasping for breath as we recover from our explosive orgasms. He leans in and kisses me and says, "Wow that was intense." I laugh and say "yeah it was." As we start kissing again there's a banging on the door and we hear from the other side, "Yo Eddie boy if you're done fucking that hot piece of ass we gotta show to put on." I hear Edward growl (really growl) as he helps me off the counter back on my feet. He says as he's opening the door "Emmett I'm gonna kick your fucking ass if you EVER call her that again and don't call me Eddie!" Anyway how do you know we weren't just in here talking. Emmett just laughs and says "dude everybody in the hall heard you two, especially little Bella Boo there she wasn't very quiet as she yelled "Harder Edward I'm close." I am soooo embarrassed I bury my face in Edward's chest. I hear laughing behind Emmett and look up from Edward's chest to see my two friends. Alice is bouncing in place excited and giving me a smile and Rose is smirking.

Edward tells Emmett he'll be there in just a sec. he turns to me and kisses me again asking if I'm watching the show or do I want to stay back here. I look at him like he's crazy; of course I want to see his show, Duh. He grabs my hand as we walk out of the room we're going down a hall toward the stage as we get near side stage I hear Jasper's band still performing. Edward turns and looks at the security guy from when I first got here and told him to make sure we get great seats out there and nothing happens to us. We are to be led right back after the show too. The guy tells Edward not to worry that we're in good hands. Edward turns and grabs my face with both of his hands and leans in and gives a kiss. He tells me to enjoy the show and he'll see me after in his dressing room. As we turn to follow the security guy he smacks my butt and laughs. I jump a little startled and told him he better behave or I might have to punish him, he laughs and says promises promises. The security guy takes us to front row seats for the show.

Jasper's band was finishing up their last song when we got there. After the song ended Jazz thanked everyone and introduced Edward and his band the crowd went crazy. Edward came out and started singing Let's Go Higher (by Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block) as he's singing he looks at me and winks. After his last song the security guy comes and gets us to take us back stage. Alice and Rose go to where Jazz and his guys are backstage we hug each other and Alice reminds me of our plans the next day for the spa and shopping before we leave the day after that. Alice laughs and tells me to have fun tonight and not do anything she wouldn't.

I go on down the hall to Edward's dressing room, when I get there I notice the door is ajar as I push it open I can't believe what I'm seeing before my eyes. I'm frozen in shock as I look at Edward and a very busty strawberry blonde locked in a passionate kiss. I didn't realize I was crying until I heard the strangled sound coming from my throat. Edward heard me and looked up to see me standing there he jumped back from busty and said "Bella baby it's not what it looked like." I shook my head no and turned and ran as fast as I could from them both. I could hear my name being called but I wasn't paying attention to who was calling my name. I was so intent on getting out of there that I didn't realize I ran past my friends on my way out. I hailed the first cab I could and jumped in and went back to my hotel room to pack and get the hell out of there as soon as I could. Little did I know all hell was breaking loose backstage at the concert.

Edward was yelling at Tanya "what the hell was that shit you just pulled?" She looked at him and tried to slide her arms around his neck he grabbed her arms and was trying to step away from her when his door slammed open he saw something or someone fly past him and next thing he knows Tanya's screaming like a banshee. As I turn my head I feel a fist connect with my jaw and my head is swung around. I stumble back and yelled "what the hell?" I look around and I see Jasper pulling Alice off Tanya and Em holding Rose off me. Security came running up trying to figure out what was going on. I tell Tanya she's caused more than enough trouble for one night and she needs to leave here and leave me the hell alone I tell security she needs to go. After she's gone out of the room I turn and look at the four angry faces that are looking back at me. Emmett's the first to speak and asks what in hell happened? I see Alice on her phone I'm assuming she's trying to get hold of Bella and she's not answering. I tell them that when I came in here after the show Tanya ambushed me she grabbed me and was kissing me I was in the process of pushing her off when Bella came to the door and ran before I could explain.

Em says that skank don't know how to take no for an answer she's obsessed with me and I don't want her period. I'm surprised that Bella's friends believe what happened I want to rush to her and beg her to listen to me but Alice and Rose tell me there's no way I'll be getting thru to her tonight. I give them my number and stuff to please call me if they can get thru to her for me. I agree to let her have the rest of the night to cool down. The girls agree to work on her tomorrow while they're having their spa and shopping day with her. I defeatedly go back to my room and spend the rest of the night making plans to get Bella's forgiveness in this big misunderstanding. Little did I know it was all going to be in vain because she was gone home.