Even though the last chapter was technically the final one, I just wanted to tell this last little bit of epilogue.

The two lizards that Zim had poured coffee onto eventually started their own journey to the employment office, ending up as extras on the newly restarted Rocko's Modern Life.

The beetle that Patrick had half-saved from sprouting got a bit in Halloween toons, since a partially dismembered body is always kind of scary.

Lola went through a good deal of psychotherapy before she was deemed normal again. She is now happily back to work on her flowers and career on Catdog, but whenever she sees something that looks even remotely like a gun, she panics.

The Gatekeeper (AKA the Brain) stopped talking all weird just to sound mysterious. Pinky, who had not been around during Zim's adventures, was still a big idiot. He plays with the Yetis every chance he gets.

Pugsy and Bibi got jobs on Angry Beavers as new birds. They are happy and stay away from enclosed places and ravens every chance they get.

Chepito is an extra on Spongebob Squarepants (of course). He appears randomly and always yells about his eyebrows whenever he appears.

Raoul the waiter guy had quit his job after the pantry incident and made a journey to the Employment Office, enjoying the sea air and wide open spaces. He realized he didn't care much about being a star, and ended up captaining a ship. He is very happy that he no longer has to go anywhere near a walk-in pantry.

Toto hasn't changed a bit. He's still a grumpy tattoo and scrimshaw artist.

Naranja was unhappy that he lost his job on the Macarena. Surprisingly, he ended up becoming Toto's assistant. Hey, he needed a job didn't he?

Membrillo the coroner went insane from being surrounded by dead bodies and jumped off the big bridge in Speedo Bottom, dying in the waters below.

Mick Virago had indeed been on the train Zim had seen going into the swirling portal. Mick was now some random protoform drifting in the mind of his creator.

Maximino is dead. Olivia dumped him months ago, then killed him.

Lope stopped her career in cloakrooms and took up a new hobby: swimming in water!

Velasco is still the Dockmaster in Speedo Bottom. Nothing will ever make him leave the docks he loves so much.

Bog and Dib are down in Hell, being tortured by the demons for their numerous horrible sins. Good for them.

All of the Martians were fired from their jobs and forced out onto the streets, where they eventually starved to death. Yay! Oh, and the guy who made B.U.M. in the first place was fired from Nickelodeon and now wanders the alleyways, begging for computers.

Chowchilla Charlie was finally arrested for his numerous scams. He's going to be in toon jail for a looooooooong time.

Chief Bogen is no longer chief of police in Speedo Bottom. When it was taken over by Bog, he was killed.

Terry Malloy didn't stop his work with fixing the Seabees condition. He became a cartoon Martin Luther King jr. of sorts, reforming the Maritime Union and other discriminatory establishments.

Sandy mourned Patrick's death, but respected his last wishes and continued to run the LTA. Since their revolutionary work is done, the alliance is now the star of their very own show, in which they undermine evil organizations and stuff. It's quite popular.

The Meadow was burned, destroying all the flowers and corpses. The greenhouse and remains of Bog were disintegrated. In their place now lies a great field of monuments, dedicated to all the toons and LTA agents that had fallen to the Sproutella bullet and Bog. There is a special monument set aside for Patrick Star, the greatest of revolutionaries, who had truly sacrificed the most for the cause. Zim placed the words on Patrick's monument himself. They read: "To Patrick Star, a great actor, a great soldier, a great starfish, and a great friend. May you enjoy the delights of the afterlife, for you surely deserved to go there."

Gir and Doomy got married. It was a wonderful wedding, and many were touched by the love one robot can have for his car.

Zim and Rana were married as well. Zim is still president/owner/CEO of Nickelodeon, and nobody could be happier. The fans of his show almost had a heart attack when they heard he was finally back on the air, after an entire year of absence. The Dib fans were angry the Dib Membrane Show had been cancelled, but they forgot their anger thanks to the Robo-Dib used to replace the original Dib. He acts exactly like the original Dib, but a tad more annoying and with a slightly bigger head. Thanks to the fixed shows and new episodes of old ones, the channel got more and more fans. None of the shows are as good as Zim's of course, but they were better than they used to be. With the introduction of Doomy and Rana to the cast, ratings are skyrocketing and the fans are constantly speculating on the implied romances in the show and writing about them, causing Fanfiction.net to become one of the most popular sites on the net. As leaders of Nick, Zim and Rana's might is unchallenged, and everyone likes it that way. And so all of the good characters and fans lived happily ever after, their financial and social futures completely secure.