Wild Bandicoot 1

Back at the time when Cortex was controlling Crunch, Cortex hoped that Crunch would be the strong son that he desired. But that was cut out shortly after Crash defeated Crunch and rescused him of his brainwashing. Cortex furious was cursing at Crash bandicoot that he'll have his revenge at the iceberg while he was running away from Uka Uka. While Cortex was running away Cortex felt like everything was getting slower until it froze. Time froze with Cortex being the only one still moving. Cortex wanted to know what was going on until N. Tropy (Cortex's brother) showed up and he told him that he froze time so he could give Cortex a chance to kill Crash when he was a defenseless boy. Cortex proudly accepts and Tropy tells him that killing him would be a great mistake. When Tropy said that he and Cortex have gone back in time where Crash was five years and that was when he was getting better from being sick. Cortex saw Crash sleeping and Cortex raise his gun at him knowing that this will be the ultimate revenge. Then he heard Crash coughing was holding his toy really tight. Cortex shed a tear and he said that he couldn't for even though Crash rebelled against him but Crash was still his proud and strong son. Then he heard his past self comeing to the room to give him his medicine. Cortex hid and he watched his younger self taking care of Crash. Cortex tells Tropy to send him back for he knows that it is wrong to kill his son just because he wanted to show Cortex the light. Tropy sends him back and Cortex and Uka are frozen until Twinsanity. After Twinsanity Cortex becomes good and joins his son and his family in Crash's house on N. Sanity Beach.