There is a land of once where when

The seasons change to beat of sin;

When old man winter shows his grin

Even wolves flee the fray.

A place of gods both bright and drowned

Whose kings and queens fight to be crowned,

And when the war horns all do sound

Their heroes kneel to pray.

The crows play heed to every blunder

As lupine clans are torn asunder

And lions fill the sky with thunder

As dragons bide their time.

Those friends who seem the most devout

Are those who pray at slightest doubt

To bring their king's downfall about

Yet stand blind to their crimes.

There's no true evil nor true good

In those who rule or those that should

For they all paid with what that could-

They paid with blood and bones.

And bones are bones as blood is blood

It doesn't matter in the mud

Whether their lives brought drought or flood,

They fought the game of thrones.